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’24: Live Another Day’ Premiere Recap: Jack Uncovers A Shocking Plan

Mon, May 5, 2014 10:01pm EDT by Add first Comment
24 Live Another Day Premiere
Courtesy of FOX

Welcome back, Jack! The epic show returned as a 12-part miniseries and is better than ever.

24: Live Another Day is finally here! The return of the critically-acclaimed show is back in the form of an epic miniseries. The two-hour May 5 season premiere featured the return of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), as well as other beloved characters. New faces also came on the scene as Jack tried to decipher and prevent an assassination attempt on President Heller (William Devane)! Read on for all the latest on Jack Bauer’s comeback.

’24: Live Another Day’ Recap: Jack Is Back

Head of CIA operations Steve Navarro (Benjamin Bratt) was looking into a high value suspect in London. Meanwhile, field agent Kate (Yvonne Strahovski) was packing up her things. The suspect was possibly connected to the President being in London. He sent three agents to ID the target. However, that target was none other than Jack Bauer! Jack easily took care of the agents. Gunfire ensued and Jack ran. Kate said Jack would head for the roof, since it was the most effective way out, but Jack went straight for the river and was captured by police.

Over the course of four years, former Secretary of Defense Heller became President Heller. Mark Boudreau (Tate Donovan) had come on as his Chief of Staff and also married Audrey (Kim Raver). Heller and Mark discussed the current drone situation. Heller was attempting to make a treaty with British about the drones, but one comment from Heller had Mark worried. “Don’t worry about me,” Heller said. “That’s an order.”

Meanwhile, Kate was mulling over Jack’s escape route. It didn’t make sense why Jack didn’t go up to the roof and she knew he was up to something. Steve wanted to interrogate Jack a little before sending him to Special Activities and Kate wanted a look at the files that found Jack’s location to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Steve was sad to lose Kate, who was let go because her husband was selling secrets to the Chinese without her knowledge. Field agent Erik (Gbenga Akinnagbe) was keen to get Kate out so he could take over her job.

Once Kate received the files from Jordan (Giles Matthey), she realized something was off. The time stamp intercept from the Prague police about Jack was out of sequence. The intercept was planted and Kate was determined to find out who planted it before Jack was transferred.

Steve went in to interrogate Jack about harming Heller. They were monitoring his every move, but Jack never flinched. Steve even offered to arrange Jack to see Kim (Elisha Cuthbert). Kim, who did not appear in the new episode, had just had another baby.

Kate discovered that it was Jack who sent the intercept. That’s why he didn’t go to the roof. He wanted to get caught and transferred to Special Activities. But why? Kate ran into Jack’s interrogation room and confronted him about sending the intercept. She knew he was after someone because his reaction spiked on the monitor. However, before Kate could get any further, Steve stopped her interrogation. He thought she was transferring her anger about her husband on to Jack. After her latest shenanigans, Steve cut her last week early.

It turns out, Jack wanted to get inside Special Activities because they had Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub)!

’24: Live Another Day’ Recap: Surviving Jack

Mark went to Audrey about Heller’s slip-up. Apparently, Heller has a condition that is worsening. Audrey was worried about her father. She confronted her father about his condition and Heller admitted it was progressing quicker than he anticipated. “It’s terrifying,” Heller said. “The thought of slowly losing yourself.” Heller wanted to lock up a treaty with the British concerning drones before they took drastic measures about his health.

Mark entertained the idea that Jack could possibly disappear. The Russians were after him, so it was plausible. Mark still didn’t want Heller and Audrey knowing about Jack. He was worried about what Jack’s presence could do to Audrey. He had brought her back from the brink of madness and didn’t want Jack messing that up. “As long as she lives, she’ll never hear the name Jack Bauer,” Mark said.

As a guard escorted Kate out, she tased him. She called Jordan in the office and wanted to know if anyone in the building had a prior history with Jack. Jordan found out about Chloe in Special Activities. Meanwhile, Bauer was being taken to Special Activities by a guard and Erik. Jack pressed a signal in his arm, which let a guy outside know to turn out the lights. Once in darkness, Bauer beat up Erik and the guard. He took a gun and headed to Special Activities. He forced the Special Activities guy to take him to Chloe. “Trigger the alarm and I’ll blow your head off,” Jack spat. He found Chloe unconscious and was horrified. Jack being Jack, he got her back and breathing again. (Whew!)

Jack and Chloe headed out, but Kate was close behind. Kate had come upon Erik and the guard and told Jordan to put the place on lockdown. Kate caught up to them, but Jack burst open gas cans, causing an explosion. That didn’t stop Kate for long, but Jack always had a Plan B. He triggered the signal in his arm and the guy fired a shot from outside, letting Jack and Chloe escape.

Despite Jack easily losing Kate, she wasn’t going to give up. She told Steve that they weren’t going to find him. Jack knew everything about their security protocols and pretty much everything else. Kate wanted information on Chloe and what connections she had, but she also wanted back in the field. “I’m your best shot at getting him back,” Kate told Steve.

’24: Live Another Day’ Recap: The Drone Strikes Back

Over on the air force base, Lieutenant Tanner (John Boyega) called Shepherd, his superior, in the Kajake Provence in Afghanistan. Tanner was forced to fly cover with the drones, even though he had a weekend pass to leave base.

Later, someone or something started taking over Tanner’s drone and fired on Shepherd! The drone confirmed that the target was destroyed and someone made a phone call that the drone fire was success!

Tanner was questioned about the drone attack. He tried to tell them that he attempted to abort the command, but nothing worked. The other officers accused him and said he could have been angry that Shepherd had revoked his weekend pass. They also had notes from Tanner saying he wanted to hurt Shepherd. Tanner adamantly denied their claims and said someone was setting up him up.

’24: Live Another Day’ Recap: Finding Derek Yates

After separating from Jack, Chloe headed into a mysterious underground lab. The people were her friends and wanted to know where she had been. She told them that Jack broke her out. They were understandably shocked, but she said he wouldn’t hurt them. But suddenly, Jack busted right in and was looking for Derek Yates. He had worked for them, but was fired after they discovered him hacking into military weapons systems. Jack had intercepted intel about an assassination on Heller and the only name he could make out was Derek Yates.

Chloe went into computer mode and put everyone on the task of finding Derek. However, she wasn’t happy with Jack’s forceful demands. “You’re my friend,” she said. “If you wanted my help, you should have just asked.”

Derek Yates himself appeared and was working with one mysterious woman. She asked if the Americans had any idea that he was controlling the drone and he said no.

Heller met with the Prime Minister and introduced Audrey to him. Soon after, Heller was made aware of the drone attacks on British soldiers and wanted to talk to the Prime Minister immediately. However, his agents got to him before he could. This increased tensions between the U.S. and British over the drones.

Audrey started taunting Jack about his current “save the world” mission. She thought he believed that if he saved Heller that all would be forgiven. “It’s not about going back,” Jack replied. “It’s bigger than Heller.” Jack owed Heller and his family. Chloe figured that as just Audrey

Head hacker Adrian Cross (Michael Wincott) found Derek. Jack was ready to move, but Chloe said he needed backup. Adrian was wary of Chloe going with Jack, but she told him that once they found Derek it would all be over.

’24: Live Another Day’ Recap: The Worst Is Yet To Come

Heller wanted to speak to Parliament in session, which Mark thought was a big no-no. Mark said the U.S. was already looking shady and it wasn’t the best political move. Heller wanted to apologize from the heart, but Mark didn’t want him going out there when he wasn’t at the top of his game. Mark relayed Heller’s plan to Audrey and they prepped him for Parliament. He started off well, but screwed up on the number of soldiers killed. Mark chewed him out about that and even Audrey told him to let up on the pressure.

Derek’s lady friend (Emily Berrington) asked why he killed the soldiers. “Those people were already dead,” he said. “They just didn’t know it.” He told her that Heller was going to die on foreign soil by American drones.

Jack and Chloe tracked Derek’s location and was moving in on him. Jack encountered others and said he wanted to make a deal. He wanted Derek Yates and they would all walk out unharmed. They refused, so Jack took them out Jack Bauer-style. However, Derek managed to escape with his lady friend.

Adrian told Chloe to get out because the authorities were on the way. The agents cornered the car, but Chloe was already gone. Jack ran after Derek, but was stopped by Kate and the agents. He pleaded with them not to let Derek go. Gunfire started and Jack was grazed by a bullet. Jack escaped and told Kate he was trying to save Heller, not kill him. He knocked her out and fled with Chloe. As it always turns out, Jack was right about the attack. Derek and whoever he was working for were planning a full scale attack that could control up to 10 drones. Chloe had all the information, but Derek had embedded a self-destruct program on the files.

Derek thought he was safe and was thinking about his options. He started mentioning another buyer to sell his drone deal to. He went to the bathroom and his lady friend followed. He thought she just wanted to have sex, but she stabbed him in the head instead. She took all the information about the drones and took off her wig to reveal red hair. She called up the same woman, Margot Al-Harazi (Michelle Fairley), Derek had been working with and told her Derek was dead. “That’s my girl,” Margot said. “Come home as soon as you can. Mommy’s waiting.”

HollywoodLifers, what did you think about the return of 24Live Another Day? Are you excited about the miniseries? What is Margot planning? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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