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‘RHOA’ Reunion Part 3 Recap: Does Kenya Quit The Show?

Sun, May 4, 2014 10:21pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 47 Comments

The ladies of Atlanta got together once again for the third and final part of the volatile reunion, but did all of them walk away still on the series? Host Andy Cohen asked Kenya if she’s leaving the housewives — find out what she said!

Part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion was, of course, without Porsha Williams, who was sent home after her huge fight with Kenya Moore during the first reunion episode, but the husbands of the housewives joined in on the couches for the May 4 special. Keep reading to see just how un-peachy the Georgia ladies and their men were!

The Ladies Attack NeNe

Part three of the reunion opened up with Kenya and NeNe fighting with each other, this time over former housewife Marlo Hampton. The ladies were fighting about the friendship quarrels with Marlo, and NeNe accused Kenya is trying to get in the middle of her and Marlo just to stir things up. The ladies barely even agree to disagree, but NeNe ended up telling Kenya that she doesn’t know “sh*t” about Marlo!

After NeNe fought with Kenya, she was attacked by Kandi for saying that she “would never stoop so low as Momma Joyce.” NeNe insists that she didn’t say anything disrespectful about her mother, yelling, “I said what I said,” and eventually saying, “I said what I said and I’m not changing.” The ladies end up in a full-on screaming match, and NeNe refuses to apologize.

NeNe and Kenya keep fighting, this time about Kenya’s charity event, at which the ladies don’t believe Kenya donated money. Kenya insists that she did, and NeNe provokes her, sassily saying that Kenya can choose the charity of her liking for NeNe to donate $20,000 and, “I’d like to see you match me.” The two keep yelling at each other to the point where Andy plugs his ears and tries to stop them, saying, “Alright, you’re both screaming.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and they keep going back and forth.

Apollo Joins Phaedra On The Reunion Couch

Phaedra’s husband Apollo joins Phaedra and the ladies on the reunion. The couple clears up the separation rumors, but confirm that they’re undergoing counseling. Their entire interaction is awkward with Apollo goofing off, and Phaedra trying to cover up for him. Apollo even admits that they had sex three nights ago — TMI!

Andy then asks about the charges against Apollo for identity theft and all he says about the case is, “We’re just going to let it play out.”

But then Apollo threatens Kenya, telling her that “I’m your storyline” and that she should be paying him because “I built you.” Kenya doesn’t even respond to that.

The Truth Behind the Kenya, Phaedra & Apollo Love Triangle

There has been so much drama surrounding Kenya and Porsha lately, that we almost forgot about the rumors swirling around Kenya, Phaedra and Apollo! So what is the truth behind the rumored love triangle? Well, we may never know, but here’s what the ladies had to say…

Kenya says that Phaedra spread rumors about her seeing Apollo in LA, but when she confronts her, Phaedra never has anything to say and she just lies. What does Phaedra have to say to that? “You’re a sneaky, trifling slut.” Ouch!

Kenya keeps talking back at Apollo, and finally, she tries to call in security. Andy puts an end to that saying that no one is leaving their couch! (Guess he had enough of that in part one.)

“Everything she has done has been underhanded and sneaky,” Phaedra says about Kenya. “From the day I met her, she’s been hitting on my husband. What kind of whore does that?”

Kandi also chimes in saying that Kenya hasn’t used the best judgement, and of course, Kandi is good friends with Phaedra so she has to take her friend’s side. Kenya puts her pretty words together, trying to convince Kandi to “stay neutral.”

Finally, after being verbally attacked by everyone in the room, Kenya says she’s done “rolling around in the mud with pigs.” Andy asks her if that means she’s done with the show? Kenya is silent.

The Husbands Show Up To The Reunion

The husbands of the housewives join the ladies, and Andy starts off with Peter. Does he apologize for any of his outspoken antics during the season?

“He has an opinion,” says Cynthia, in defense of her husband, Peter who says “I’m always going to have a f***ing” opinion…I’m just going to speak my mind.” Peter says he doesn’t care that the ladies thinks that he meddles in their business. And then he takes a bite of a peach! Sassy!

Andy brings up the pillow talk fight episode and the Brandon altercation, and every single person in the room (husbands included) gangs up against Kenya and Brandon. Kenya ends up fighting with Apollo again, and then again with Peter! Jeez, Kenya really is not making any friends on this reunion.

Andy Confronts NeNe For Being Homophobic

The tables take a turn and Andy confronts NeNe about a sensitive matter — she called Brandon “queen” with “homophobia dripping from [her] lips…in a derogatory fashion” he says. NeNe looks at Andy and says “really?” as if she hadn’t done anything wrong, and then she explains herself.

“If I offended you or anyone in the gay community, then I apologize for that,” NeNe says in a very unapologetic way. Then Kenya sees a place to shine herself in a good light and asks Andy if he was offended by NeNe’s comment, clearly taking his side. Andy says he was offended.

NeNe says that she’s already apologized and asks Andy if she should pull down his pants and kiss his ass. Yep, she literally said that. Andy takes it all in stride and says he loves when she does that. Oh, Andy!

Meanwhile, Brandon was not at the reunion, but he did respond on Twitter.

The Ladies Wrap Up The Reunion

Andy sent the husbands home, and asked the ladies how they view the entire season.

NeNe said that she was surprised by some things that were said during the reunion. Andy asks her if she still enjoys being on the show, and she gives him quite the smirk.

Kandi said that the season was stressful, but she loves looking back and seeing her and Todd’s relationship on the show. They are now married, but at the time of the reunion, their wedding was just a few days away (and will be televised on Bravo in a new series, starting June 1)!

In the end, no one was sent home (for now), but time will tell. HollywoodLifers, do you think that Kenya or Porsha will be kicked off the show? Do you think that NeNe will quit? Let us know what your favorite part of the reunion was!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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