‘The Little Couple’ Recap: Jen Plans An Epic 4th Birthday Party For Will

Tue, April 29, 2014 10:30pm EST by 20 Comments
Little Couple' Will's Fourth Birthday Party
Courtesy of TLC

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A McGovness

Posted at 5:08 PM on February 21, 2015  

I love Jen and Bill but my god potty train your kid! Four years old and in diapers. Unless there is a medical reason he should be potty trained. I think they let Will get away with too much. He completely ignores them and does what he wants. Obviously he had a tough start in life but you can’t let him be spoiled to make up for it. Also the kid is food obsessed and it’s the parents job to say no. By all means let him have some treats but don’t let him dictate when and where.

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Posted at 1:32 AM on August 16, 2014  

Thanks for finally writing about >The Little Couple
Wills Fourth Birthday Party – Episode Recap – Hollywood
Life <Liked it!

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Frances Gibson

Posted at 10:32 AM on June 20, 2014  

This the most beautiful and loving couple I think I know. Your love for each other is enormous and heart felt. If only more people loved like you. What Jen has been through this year was sad but she over came it and was always positive. Their children are beautiful and as parents they are the prime example of what parenting is. I love spending time with the family. They are a great inspiration to become a better and loving person.

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Posted at 6:34 AM on June 12, 2014  

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Posted at 11:42 PM on April 30, 2014  

Jen shows little common sense in her child rearing. So sick of her falling into the typical stereotypes of “oh terrible twos”, ” 4 year olds are so difficult to throw a party for” etc etc. and using those stereotypes as excuses for her being overwhelmed as a parent. She in turn overwhelms her kids with her incessant talking and order barking. She even makes my head spin! Bill is calm and easy-going with the kids. Please Jen, stop feeding Will such copious amounts of food! It is becoming gross! Seriously, have Jen and Bill ever heard of FRUIT? There is no way in the world that any toddler should be given or worse yet, expect cake and cookies after every meal. A TREAT should be fruit or yogurt. Jen should know better when it comes to nutrition. She is setting those kids up for a lifetime battle of poor food choices, especially Will! Sorry everyone, I know he is a child, but he seems to be a little glutton and Bill and Jen are just proliferating the problem with the food choices and portion sizes!

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Posted at 8:05 PM on May 21, 2014  

Have you even watched the show? Not to be rude, but Jen and Bill feed their kids lots and lots of fruits and veggies ALL THE TIME. Plus, they buy mostly organic foods. And maybe Will looks a bit chubby, but that’s also because he’s a toddler and still has some baby fat; he’s also, ya know, a little person, so that fat is more condensed and focused into certain areas. He’ll always be a little paunchy due to his stature. All in all, I think Jen is a wonderful mother considering all she’s gone through in her life. Maybe she is a little controlling, but kids do need that aspect in their lives as they grow older.

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Pamela Berry

Posted at 10:49 PM on June 17, 2014  

I agree with Leilagirl on Will;s food intake too much!!!! He also needs some potty lessons my God his diaper sticks out of his pants!! Also it bothers me the way that Bill outwardly favors Will! I think it is very sad and she must feel it! I think it stems from whe she first rejected him; it must still sting a bit.

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Posted at 3:32 PM on August 9, 2014  

@Pamela Berry, if you will look at the video, our best day yet, you will see, that this boy did not take to either one of them at first in that hotel room. In fact. That was the first time he swung at Jen. Zoey only cried and, she wasn’t use to the male gender because, there were only women taking care of her. Bill is just all about Will and, I don’t think, he wanted to adopt her at all. I think Jen wanting her, was the only reason that he went along, with it. Ijs!

Bill is all about Will and, thats it. Have they taken Zoey to florida, to meet his family, like they did Will? You all know the episode, that I’m referring to. The one where Will sat on a mailbox, in the city scape Legoland expensive display. He should have never been in there, in the first place! Also, watch how Bill ignores her, in the Easter episode, when he is lying on the floor, talking to Jen and, little Zoey walks up, and she was saying baba and, was trying to climb up on his back, Bill totally ignored that child. But for Will, he’s all for his big @$$ being on his back.

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Posted at 3:58 AM on August 28, 2014  

Pamela Berry, it not only bothers me that, Bill favors Will. It really makes me feel so sorry for Zoey and, I’m pretty sure she feels it. He shouldn’t hold that against her, because she didn’t know them. At least Zoey didn’t lash out and try to hit anybody, LIKE WILL DID TO JEN, WHEN THEY FIRST MET HIM. WILL HAD A FIT IN THE PARK, AND SWUNG AT BILL TWICE, BECAUSE HE WANTED TO STAY IN THE STROLLER AND, HAVE SOMEBODY, PUSH HIS @$$ around.

That’s my son, is what he was saying at the pet day in Houston but, I’ve never heard him say, that’s my daughter when, it comes to Zoey. HE IS ALL ABOUT WILL POINT BLANK!

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Posted at 2:51 PM on August 9, 2014  

He is a “BIG” glutton, and he displayed that when they were in China. Besides, Will controls his parents and, to Lea, They also feed them exactly what lellagirl stated in her comment. Will even showed his natural @$$, at the sight of an ice cream truck and, Jen had to bribe his @$$, with the promise of getting a treat, if he took pictures with Zoey in their Easter outfits.

I “NEVER” would have done that. I would have snapped a few pictures of Zoey alone, and then I would have loaded them back up in their car seats, and went home. Imagine having to bribe a four year old glutton, into having his picture taken, is total BS! Sorry but, I don’t like Will, because he is a spoiled undisciplined brat, and Bill is responsible for him being that way, more than Jen is. This time out is BS, and he never stay in time out very long at all! Will is going to be a bully, when he goes to school. Just watch what I’m telling you.

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Posted at 3:34 AM on August 28, 2014  

He is a glutton and, Bill is guilty of giving him the wrong kinds of snacks, more than Jen. When they were in China, this kid was sitting in his stroller, eating what I think was a banana. He thin says something that wasn’t understandable as he is pointing to the table. Bill picks up an apple , Will shakes hand meaning no. Then he picks up a banana and, Jen stops him from giving Will more of the banana. As she is cleaning his hands, WILL IS BUSY CHEWING ON SOME SORT OF FOOD ALREADY IN HIS MOUTH. THIS CHILD, IS GREEDY AND, HE WASN’T STARVED FOR FOOD, IN HIS FOSTER HOME, LIKE JEN WANTS US TO THINK HE WAS. THEY WERE ALSO, NEVER A SHORTAGE OF SNACKS, FOR WILL EITHER. BILL AND JEN BOTH MADE SURE OF THAT.



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Posted at 5:59 PM on January 19, 2015  

Amen! I agree with everything you said

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Posted at 11:34 PM on April 30, 2014  

I think Jen and Bill are very special people, they have given Will and Zoey an amazing opportunity for a wonderful life. Those babies melt my heart.

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Posted at 11:52 AM on April 30, 2014  

I hope they let these kids be normal and quit filming personal things like doctor appointments, birthdays and talking about a 4 year old in diapers. This is not showing how a normal person with dwarfism lives it is exploiting small children adopted from a different culture. Are these poor kids show props or what. Just wait till they write their book about the good doctor.

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Posted at 5:34 PM on April 30, 2014  

Have you watched this show? Jen and Bill are amazing people who have accomplished so much, and they never complain or make excuses…they went to the other side of the world SPECIFICALLY looking for children with skeletal displasia that no one else wanted and are taking amazing care of them…they have shown the larger world that little people may look different, but have the same life challenges and struggles. They are a true inspiration to me!

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Posted at 3:40 PM on August 9, 2014  

It’s very obvious that she has watched the show. You and others like you, need to respect the opinions of others. An opinion as they say, is like an @$$ hole, everyone has one! Even you. So you people need to stop the BS, just because, they don’t agree with you!

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Posted at 9:23 AM on April 30, 2014  

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Posted at 11:28 PM on April 29, 2014  

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Mister Baja

Posted at 10:44 PM on April 29, 2014  

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