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Newborn Baby Survives Being Flushed Down The Toilet By Mother

Mon, April 28, 2014 3:33pm EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments
Chinese Baby Flushed Down Toilet

A Chinese woman tried to flush her baby down the toilet after she gave birth in a hospital bathroom. The woman refused to open the bathroom door after people heard a baby crying from inside the restroom. After a security guard knocked down the door, the baby was found alive in the toilet with his umbilical cord still attached. How scary!

A newborn baby miraculously survived after it’s mother attempted to flush it down the toilet immediately after it was born.

Baby Survives Being Flushed Down Toilet

A newborn baby proved to be a survivor after his mother flushed him down the toilet.

The woman was unaware that she was pregnant, and admitted herself into the hospital because of stomach pains.

Sometime around 1am, another woman heard a baby crying from a locked restroom. The woman frantically banged on the door and begged the sick woman to let her in so that she could help, but it was not until a security guard broke down the door that they were able to get inside.

Once the door was opened, they found the woman standing over the toilet where her baby was submerged. The umbilical cord was still attached to both of them.

Hospital Doctor Discusses The Scary Moment

Though there is very little information about the woman and her newborn baby, a doctor from the hospital has spoken out about the incident.

Dr. Gao Yuwen was on duty when the scary moment occurred, and he vividly remembers hearing “shouting” down the hospital hallway. 

I dashed out, and found people gathered outside a bathroom. A woman was hectically knocking the door, asking the other woman inside to open the door,” he explained to the Daily Mail.

Once the doctor was able to get into the restroom, he realized what was happening.

“I saw a baby was immersed in the toilet pan crying heavily and was still connected to her mom with an umbilical cord.”

How scary. Thankfully, both the baby and the mother are doing well.

— Lauren Cox

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