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‘RHOA’ Reunion Part 2: Cat-Fights Continue After Porsha Is Sent Home

Sun, April 27, 2014 9:23pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 35 Comments

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ smack down on April 20 was downright crazy! Did Part Two of the reunion special live up to Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore’s fight? Keep reading to find out!

The ladies of RHOA are not afraid to speak their minds — or raise their hands to each other’s faces. On the April 27 reunion special, another dramatic woman stopped by Andy Cohen‘s couch: Momma Joyce! Click to get all of the details on the havoc wreaked, plus, the aftermath of Porsha Williams‘ exit!

‘RHOA’ Reunion: The Aftermath of Kenya’s Exit

It’s hard to beat the April 20 Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, but Part Two very visibly had an empty seat on the couch because Porsha was forced to go home! After the infamous fight between Porsha and Kenya Moore, Kenya was still allowed to stay so she was in the hot seat with the rest of the ladies. And believe us, the drama was still at an all-time high!

Host Andy started the night announcing that Bravo does not “condone or excuse physical violence in any circumstance,” setting the tone for a hopefully less-vicious night that would not welcome back Porsha. Well, the ladies still got vicious — just not with their hands.

“We were talking back and forth…and she just kind of lost control,” Kenya explained of Porsha’s attack on her in Part One of the reunion. But she wasn’t trying to excuse Porsha. She was still putting her in the wrong: “We fight with our words,” said Kenya. “I am one of the best at it.”

Kenya explains that it’s the law not to become physical. We guess it’s safe to say that she has not dropped those charges yet.

Kenya strongly proclaims that no one should resort to physical violence and if they do, they should not be allowed to “sit on this couch.” She also talks about the importance of not being divided, especially because putting women versus women is not the answer.

Leave it to “Queen Kenya” to twirl around, and play the victim card!

Kenya Fights With Another Housewife — NeNe

We all know that NeNe is not on Team Kenya, and that she rallied the ladies to get Kenya to drop charges against Porsha, and has also threatened to leave the series, dissing Kenya so it’s no surprise that as Kenya was explaining herself, trying to save face from last episode’s fight, NeNe took aim at Kenya and was having none of her excuses!

NeNe attacks Kenya for provoking Porsha with her verbal nastiness and, of course, the blow horn, and NeNe says that although Porsha was sent home, she is “not innocent.”

NeNe and Kenya verbally fight, and the fight ends with the ladies agreeing to disagree and NeNe tells Kenya to never put anything in her face (aka the scepter).

“Goodnight Kenya because you’ll be getting nothing else from me today,” NeNe says, threatening, “Don’t make me call Porsha.” Rawr!

Kenya Gets Into Yet Another Fight — With Phaedra

Kenya just really knows how to push people’s buttons! She butts into a conversation that she’s not even a part of — Phaedra and NeNe are working out their differences over the infamous “head doctor” comment, and NeNe apologizes — telling Phaedra that she probably has clients waiting for her, since she’s the head doctor. Ouch!

Phaedra fires back saying, “You can’t be a housewife without a husband,” but leave it up to Kenya to come back with something even nastier — she accused Phaedra’s husband, Apollo, of “straying” with her!

“At the end of the day, I know that’s a rumor,” says Phaedra, clearly unfazed by Kenya’s allegations of her husband’s affair. “What Kenya’s talking about, I’m not even worried about.”

Momma Joyce Stops By The Reunion

Momma Joyce joins Andy and the ladies on the reunion couch, and she looks great! Dazzling in a hot pink dress, Andy compliments Kandi’s mom on her 40-pound weight loss, and Momma Joyce blames it on stress. Of course, Kenya kisses up to Momma Joyce, telling her how great she looks and telling her to “twirl, baby, twirl!”

While she does look fabulous, the prettiness soon diminishes when Kandi has to confront her mother for her headline-making actions throughout the season.

The mother and daughter duo argue about Kandi’s relationship with Todd and also Joyce’s money woes with Kandi saying that her mom spent her money for many years. Momma Joyce rebutles by saying that she worked tirelessly to put food on the table for her children and that she would do anything to support her family, even “swinging on a pole.”

Both NeNe and Phaedra say that they see both sides of the story because they don’t support Momma Joyce’s actions, but they do agree that they would support their children “200%.”

Joyce also admits that does not think that Kandi’s musicalA Mother’s Love, was an accurate depiction of their relationship or her life, but she thinks that Kandi is a great writer and performer and says that she loves her. Awww. There’s a bit of motherly love!

Cynthia Finally Get Her Moment: She Fights With NeNe!

Since Porsha is gone, the heat seems to be on NeNe! Cynthia, who was caught in the middle of last week’s crazy fight without saying a peep, finally got her moment to speak her mind! NeNe and her tried to settle their differences over Cynthia’s husband Peter‘s comments throughout the season.

“If Cynthia wants to have a private conversation with me, than she can,” says NeNe, firmly stating that the other women cannot comment on their relationship woes because it’s not their business.

“I don’t want her to feel for me,” Cynthia says about NeNe. “I want her to respect me.” Cynthia continues to complain about NeNe, mentioning that she throws shade on her blog and Twitter, and is even heard whispering under her breath, “Jesus, save her.”

Cynthia finishes her side of the argument by saying that Peter is allowed to have an opinion, and NeNe disagrees by saying that Peter has no right to lash out at her of any of the other women.

The ladies who have been friends for a very long time still have a lot of working out to do to mend their friendship. Cynthia says, “I love her and I wish the best for her…I miss NeNe, but I’ll be okay.” Both NeNe and Cynthia agree that they can just not be friends anymore. Cynthia sadly says, “Unfortunately, sometimes you just come to the end of the road with people.”

HollywoodLifers, did you think that Part Two of the reunion should have featured Porsha? Let us know which fight was juicier — Momma Joyce versus Kandi or NeNe versus Cynthia!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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