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NeNe Leakes Leaving ‘RHOA’ After Reunion? — Watch Her Diss Kenya

Fri, April 25, 2014 10:26am EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 40 Comments

NeNe Leakes was not at the center of the ‘RHOA’ reunion brawl, but she’s not happy about the fight that went down — in fact, she’s so mad that she might leave the show! Click to WATCH NeNe’s revealing interview, and major diss against Kenya!

Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore went head-to-head on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta April 20 reunion, but all of the ladies, including NeNe Leakes, sounded off during the insane episode, which sent Porsha to jail. Turns out, the fight might also send NeNe off the series! She’s so fed up with the drama, that she says she may not return.

NeNe Leakes Leaving ‘RHOA’? — WATCH Her Revealing Interview

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta got downright crazy during the April 22 reunion special when Porsha and Kenya got into a full-on physical cat fight. NeNe was not involved in the fight, but she did sound off on Kenya during the show. She also alluded to leaving the series, and dissed Kenya, when she stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show on Wednedsay, April 23!

Despite being on RHOA since the very first season, the only original cast member NeNe might leave! When Arsenio Hall asked her if she’s considered leaving, NeNe admitted, “I used to think that every season…every season I think, ‘Oh my god, this is driving me insane!'”

So will she actually leave? Maybe, but probably not just yet. Why? Well, for one, she gets a paycheck!

“It’s like a blessing and a curse,” NeNe said about the reality show. “It has definitely opened up so many doors and opportunities for me. But at the same time, it can be very negative and very draining and all of those things. But also, it can put a lot of money in your pocket.”

NeNe Disses Kenya & Calls Her Cheap!

Clearly NeNe has no problem being honest because when Arsenio suggested that Kenya has brought ratings to the show, NeNe sounded off! “Oh please, we had eyeballs before Kenya came around,” she said. “It’s the truth! We’ve always been the number one show in the franchise. Atlanta‘s been number one all of these years.”

NeNe kept throwing shade at Kenya and even suggested that she works for very little pay, while NeNe herself is an expensive cast member. “What’s good for the network is that you can hire people who are willing to do anything for a dollar and 50 cents.”

Ouch! WATCH the video (above) to see NeNe’s full interview.

NeNe Begs Kenya To Drop Assault Charges Against Porsha

Regardless if NeNe leaves the show, she’s going to make sure that Porsha is a free woman!

NeNe is so mad at Kenya for pressing charges against Porsha that she asked all the ladies, including Kenya, to come together so she could convince her to drop the charges against Porsha, EXCLUSIVELY learned.

“NeNe’s been the one rallying the other girls [to get Kenya] to drop these charges,” an insider told NeNe believes that the longer the tension lasts, the worse the feud will get, and of course, Porsha is on the chopping block and might be fired from the show all together.

“NeNe has been instrumental in this!” the source adds. “She’s already reached out to every girl including Kenya and she wants to set up a lunch without Porsha, so they can all talk this out and really convince Kenya to show some mercy. They all acknowledge that Porsha’s messed up, that’s a given. But Kenya holds all the cards and NeNe really thinks she can straighten all this out.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think that NeNe will really leave the show? Would you watch the show without her? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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