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‘RHOA’ Reunion Recap: Porsha Smacks Kenya & Gets Sent Home

Sun, April 20, 2014 9:56pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 114 Comments

The ‘RHOA’ reunion is finally here! With all of the stories that this event has fueled, the world has been waiting to see Kenya and Porsha get into it, and on April 20, they finally did. And we promise, these ladies get nasty! Click to get all the details on the full on brawl!

Andy Cohen introduced the highly anticipated RHOA reunion, kicking off drama saying, “Tonight, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta sit down for a three-part reunion that’s anything but peachy.” Yep, that sounds about right. Are you ready for some hair pulling? Keep reading for the full Porsha and Kenya smack down!

The Ladies Get Right Down To Twerk

Alright so let’s just start off by mentioning that Kenya showed up to set with a scepter. You know, the things that queens carry. At least that’s what she told host Andy Cohen. So we know how highly she thinks of herself — and we have a feeling that her very attitude might just spark that fight.

Andy asked NeNe about her medical issues, and she revealed that she had pulmonary embolisms. But thank goodness, NeNe said that she’s just fine now. We’re so happy to see NeNe feeling better!

‘RHOA’: Phaedra Parks Admits Kenya ‘Threatened To Beat Me’ — Watch

The first segment of clips introduced is the ladies twerking! A series of hilarious moments from the season shows the ladies getting down a la Miley, and the moral of the story was like “Cynthia‘s twerk needs work.” And there goes the first eye roll of the reunion. We’re sensing some tension, but it’s still all in good fun, at this point.

‘RHOA’ Reunion: Porsha Should Not Be Fired After Kenya Catfight

In the theme of twerking, the next rumor to be brought up is Kenya’s booty. Andy asks her if it’s real because a lot of fans (or not fans) think it’s fake. No real conclusion came up, but Kenya settled the discussion saying that rumors get started “if you have something that looks beautiful and people want to squeeze it.”

If you thought that’s the craziest thing that Kenya could say, she answered Andy’s next question with “I have 99 problems, but a dick ain’t one.”

NeNe & Kandi Have A Showdown Over Showbiz

Kandi spoke about her musical that wrapped up the season finale, and told Andy about the success of the show — even Tyler Perry loved it!

Then Andy asked NeNe about her harsh comments stating that she wouldn’t do a Kandi Burruss production, after a Ryan Murphy production. NeNe replied saying that was completely true and she had no shame to which Kandi admitted that she had no problem because her and NeNe aren’t friends anyway. NeNe said, “I turn down jobs all the time.” And there goes the next eye roll of the night, thanks to Kandi.

In other Kandi news, Andy reminded us that her and Todd‘s wedding will be televised on Bravo.

When Andy asks Kenya about making fun of Kandi’s weight during the season, Kenya gives a half-apology, saying that she wasn’t being serious and no one should take it seriously. Kandi takes it in stride: “I may not be the slimmest, but I’m not the widest either.” Ouch! Throwing some serious shade at NeNe!

Kenya Twirls Into A Downward Spiral: ‘Escapee From Whore Island’ Makes A Comeback

The best line of the season had to have been when Phaedra referred to Kenya as an “escapee from whore island.” So did she apologize on the reunion? Of course not. Rather, Phaedra said she wouldn’t have said it if she wasn’t a whore.

More trouble for Kenya came next. Andy Cohen introduced the next series of clips, which shows Kenya’s landlord trying to evict her, the ladies mocking Kenya’s “invisible African prince” and the sad passing of her dog, Velvet.

On set, Kenya is teary-eyed talking about Velvet and admitted that Velvet was her best friend and there for her during her low points in life. Well, this is the Housewives reunion so her life was about to get just a little more low. Forget about the dog — it’s time for a cat fight!

Phaedra says that Velvet was one of Kenya’s “only friends” and Kenya flipped out, dropping the first F-bomb of the night and telling her to “shut the hell up.” (Yes, she was pointing the scepter at her face.) Phaedra told her she was about to wrap her little “toy” (aka scepter) around her neck. Easy, ladies!

Kenya’s African Prince: ‘Casper The Friendly Boyfriend’

Phaedra kept the disses coming, calling Kenya’s boyfriend “Casper The Friendly Boyfriend” because he’s invisible to all of the ladies. Kenya insists that she “lives her life under the radar” and has nothing to prove. She even says that some of the ladies have met him and that she is still with the African Prince and say him just three weeks ago.

Porsha calls her out though saying that “there is no African Prince for you” and accuses her of paying a Nigerian singer to pose as her boyfriend…because he doesn’t exist!

And he’s where the good stuff started.

Porsha pulls Kenya scepter (gasp!) and throws it on the floor. So many curse words are uttered, it’s hard to hear what they’re even saying. But here’s a takeaway: Kenya took out a megaphone so that Porsha could hear her loud and clear. Literally. A literal megaphone. “What I will not do is have you talk over me.”

At this point, Andy is hiding behind his cue cards because he can’t hold his laughter back.

Porsha says that she knows the guy that Kenya allegedly paid to pose as her beau, and Kenya says that’s not true and it’s a ridiculous story made up by MediaTakeOut. The ladies keep talking over each other and tons of F-bombs and un-lady-like comments are thrown at each other.

NeNe admits that she has never met the African Prince and it’s “simply not true.” Let’s just point at that Andy is cracking up now, and it’s amazing. Then NeNe mimics Kenya and it’s also amazing.

Karma’s A B****

Kenya goes on to talk about how karma has done it’s work, biting all of the ladies right in the butt. But, none of the other women seem to agree. Porsha says that Kenya’s playing victim. And that’s how their big battle begins.

After a lot more talking over each other, Porsha lays a low one on Kenya saying, “Your vagina is so rotten that no one will claim you.” Oh my god.

Kenya backfires by accusing Porsha of cheating on her ex-husband KordellPorsha calls Kenya a slut and freaks out, and that’s where it all goes down.

Porsha & Kenya Get Into A Full On Brawl

First of all, let’s just say that we feel awful for Cynthia who is seated right in between Porsha and Kenya. And you know what happens next.

The ladies stand up and there’s a lot of “I will f*** you up” speak, before Porsha launches herself at Kenya and starts physically fighting. She hits her on the head, and they’re thrown onto the floor, smacking each other. Andy is yelling, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, stop, stop, stop, stop!” The producers get involved and as the cameras are still rolling, Kenya says that they need to fire Porsha.

“I am not going to sit here and get hit by someone on TV,” Kenya yells. She tells the crew that it’s either her or Porsha, but one of them is leaving the show.

The cameras are still filming on the aftermath and Porsha is bawling, crying hysterically, saying that “ratchet hoe” made her go there. She also says that she is so embarrassed and is completely distraught. All of the ladies are Team Porsha and stick by her side, while Kenya is off by herself — and we all know what she was doing: calling the cops.

After The Fight…

Andy walks into Kenya’s dressing room, apologizing for what happened and says that he wishes that he caught Porsha way before she hit Kenya to which Kenya replies that she can’t have someone hit her in the head like that. Andy says he feels terrible that it happened.

After chatting with Kenya, Andy goes to Porsha’s dressing room and Porsha says that she just wasn’t ready for the reunion. She’s been taking so much from Kenya for two years, not to mention that cameras starting following her just weeks after she was separated from Kordell.

Porsha goes on to say that she’s “embarassed and disappointed,” but defends herself, saying that she “was pushed to the wall.” Andy points out that getting physical is not the way to resolve fights and that she needs to go home for the day, and then eventually, she needs to apologize to Kenya.

Next week, the ladies resume Part Two of the reunion without Porsha! That’s right, Porsha does not return and Andy says that they don’t condone violence in anyway. We still can’t believe that there are two more installments of this reunion. How can they fit in even more drama?

HollywoodLifers, are you breathing yet? Can you handle the Housewives? Let us know what you thought the craziest part of this reunion was! What was the best diss?

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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