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Tori Spelling: How Dean McDermott Told Me That He Cheated

Thu, April 17, 2014 2:06pm EDT by 18 Comments

Oh man, this is sad. Tori Spelling has opened up about the cheating scandal that is tearing her marriage with Dean McDermott apart, and she even revealed exactly how Dean McDermott confessed to his cheating.

With their Lifetime reality drama, True Tori, premiering on April 22, Tori Spelling, 40, is opening up about the cheating scandal that rocked the foundation of her marriage to Dean McDermott, 47. “I don’t know if my marriage can be saved,” the actress told Us Weekly. Read on to find out exactly how Dean confessed to the cheating scandal — and, as you can imagine, he didn’t do so until he was cornered and forced to confess.

Tori Spelling: Dean McDermott ‘Said That They Kissed But That Was It’

When rumors began to swirl that Dean had cheated on Tori with Emily Goodhand on Dec. 6 while Dean was at an event in Toronto, Tori’s publicist approached her about it but Tori just thought it was another crazy rumor. Then, once the stories started to go to print, Tori’s publicist asked her about it again, and then Tori went to Dean directly.

“I asked Dean to talk privately,” she revealed to Us Weekly. “I asked him if it was true. He was very nervous — I saw it in his face. He said that they had kissed but that was it. I knew in that moment the worst had happened. I said, ‘I don’t believe you for one second. I don’t believe that’s all.'” And why should she have? After all, let’s not forget that both Tori and Dean were married to other people when they met in 2005 — this is kiiind of a pattern.

Dean McDermott Admits Cheating On Tori Spelling — ‘Sex Was An Escape’

“I was really angry,” Tori continued. “I had a million different emotions running through my body, but I didn’t want the kids to pick up on anything being wrong. We’ve never had a big fight in front of them.” Tori approached Dean again later that day, once their four kids were in bed, and said, “I didn’t hear it from you first, but I deserve to  hear it before the world hears it.” Then, Dean confessed. Tori told the mag that “he didn’t get graphic; [she] didn’t want him to,” and that he “kept it to facts. It wasn’t about feelings. It was a concise conversation. I listened and I made sure I didn’t show emotion. [She] didn’t cry. He didn’t cry. He sounded remorseful.”

Dean sounded “like a husband who had gotten caught.” Sounds about right!

Tori Spelling: Dean McDermott ‘Took Full Responsibility’ For Cheating

At that moment, Dean also admitted that they had had sex. Said Tori, “He took full responsibility. He admitted that he had been drinking when it happened, but he in no way, shape or form ever claimed that as the reason he did it.” Well, that’s… good? We suppose?

The next morning, Dean left for treatment, and the rest is history. “He needed to go away and work on himself,” Tori told Us Weekly. “I agreed, and it wasn’t a big conversation. I was just like, ‘Yep, that’s best.’ Because what else could we do? How else could we live in the same house? How else could we go on?”

That is just so sad, and so dire. Can her marriage be saved? It looks like trust has been broken, and irrevocably. As she put it in the interview, “If I can’t ever let my guard down again, then there can’t be a relationship.”


What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Can their marriage be saved? Were you surprised that Dean lied to Tori before confessing, or not so much? Let us know.

— Amanda Michelle Steiner

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