Robert Pattinson’s Darkest Role Yet — Watch ‘The Rover’ Trailer

Thu, April 17, 2014 12:55pm EST by 281 Comments

Robert Pattinson is starring in yet another movie! He’s taking on his darkest role yet, alongside Guy Pearce in ‘The Rover’. Click to WATCH Rob’s brand new trailer.

Is this the best week ever? For Robert Pattinson fans, yes. Rob’s Maps To The Stars trailer was released on Tuesday, April 15, and just two days later on April 17, we’ve got a glimpse into his next starring role in The Rover. This time, he’s not hooking up in the back of a limo, but the drama still looks just as intriguing. Keep reading to find out what it’s all about!

Robert Pattinson Stars In ‘The Rover’ — Watch New Trailer

Robert Pattinson became a household name by playing a vampire, but we’ve never seen him go to the dark side quite like this.

The Rover is a thrilling drama, starring Guy Pearce who forms an unlikely partnership with Rob’s character Rey.

Eric (Guy) is a man who has left everything behind, but when he is robbed by a gang that takes away his very last possession, he goes on the hunt for revenge. During the raid, the group of criminals leaves behind one of their own brothers — Rey. Injured and ignorant, Rey is enlisted into Eric’s journey to get back at the very same gang that that turned their back on him.

“Your brother left you to die,” Eric tells Rey in the trailer (above). “If you don’t learn to fight, your death is going to come real soon.”

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Will They Reunite At Cannes?

Set in the Australian desert, the eerie movie was an official selection from the Cannes Film Festival.

HollywoodLifers, are you going to run the theaters to see Robert in his darkest role yet?

– Elizabeth Wagmeister

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Rob is a standout in The Rover

Posted at 5:27 PM on June 6, 2014  

Coming off the stunning success of both of Rob’s films premiering at Cannes to stellar reviews, he’s now in Australia to attend the Sydney Film Festival in Australia.

Soon to go before the cameras:
*Childhood Of A Leader directed by Brady Corbett
* Idol’s Eye directed by Olivier A. (Big budget film w/ DeNiro)
* The Lost City Of Z directed by James Gray (Big budget studio film, produced by Brad Pitt)
* Hold Onto Me directed by James Marsh

Not to mention in the hopper, awaiting release:
2014 –
* The Rover directed David Michod
* Maps To The Stars directed David Cronenberg
2015 –
*Queen Of The Desert directed by Werner Herzog
* Life directed by Anton Corbijn

That is a line up of films with acclaimed directors that ANY actor would give their eyeteeth to have (go ask Ryan Gosling just how lucky he thinks Robert Pattinson is right now).

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Rob is a standout in The Rover

Posted at 11:16 PM on June 10, 2014  

Rob’s getting real Oscar buzz for his part in The Rover.

“The best thing about Rob is that he is a really great actor. Watching the rushes back, you go: ‘OK, he is just going to be fantastic’. He plays (the character, Rey) slightly backward, emotionally useless and really vulnerable.

He’s got this beautiful face so you are completely entranced by that face no matter how ugly he makes himself or how wounded he is, or how manky his haircut.”

— GUY PEARCE (Actor, The Rover 2014)

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Rob is a standout in The Rover

Posted at 3:42 AM on June 11, 2014  

The Rover:
David Michod follows up his incredible debut with this brilliant film, an intensely political and humane piece set in the Australian outback ten years after the collapse of the Western economic system.

Equally great is young Robert Pattinson as the beautifully naive Rey, the man who brings hope into this dark, chilling world. There is a density to the philosophies and discourse of this film… and the relationship of our two heroes is extremely well constructed by Pattinson, Pearce and our director Michod. Wonderful stuff. 9/10

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Rob is a standout in The Rover

Posted at 3:40 PM on June 13, 2014  

Rob looked fantastic at the LA premiere last night, and his family has been living in LA since they all left London in January. So glad he’s able to spend time with his parents and they’re still around to see all his international superstardom.

Rob is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Fantastic review:
GWP review of The Rover:

“Pattinson is nothing short of unbelievable. Forget anything that you’ve ever seen him in before, this is a towering, career defining performance. Like Leo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Ryan Gosling’s Half Nelson or Al Pacino’s Dog Day Afternoon – this is the one that sees the young actor nurtured to his full potential.

Every single stammering unenunciated southern turn of phrase disguises the erudite Brit made famous by being the prettiest, sparkliest vampire ever. Watching his impressionable nature absorb the bleak philosophy of our man with no name (Pearce) creates a tragic Stockholm syndrome, which also affects his companion.”

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Posted at 1:46 AM on May 31, 2014  

For Kristen will always speak her works.
No a stupid tabloid crap and hateful comments prepared pattinson mad woman wreck.
We all know that you’re here roboposter repeat and repeat such pathetic hateful creature.
Love for Kristen Stewart does not disappear, because she and her talent is on top and is going to rise higher and higher. She works for years in the film industry has created an incredible quality work and she was instrumental to helping organizations and charity.
Her films are now highly praised for her performance, and that will not change. People who want to see a good quality movies, always come to see great movies that is doing Stewart.
Surprise for you, now I am one of those people who always go see movies Mrs. Stewart.

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Misfit Chick

Posted at 10:21 AM on June 1, 2014  

They are called obsessions, and they are kind of like temporary insanity – most of these people literally cannot help themselves even after all this time BECAUSE tabloids keep ‘banging on the bruise’ and ripping old, hateful wounds open.

Most fans would probably have been PAST these dumb obsessions by now instead of being SICKER because of the tabloids.

Kristen & Robert have made SEVERAL comments about how cruel the paparazzi & tabloids are to them throughout the years – and fans (no matter what their affiliation) have both witnessed and experienced the effects of it for years. The way Kristen & Robert are treated stopped being normal celebrity treatment YEARS ago and long before the stupid ‘cheating’ scandal started.

If you LOVE them BOYCOTT all online tabloids & paparazzi images. Look for them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You would have found that last ‘Robert with a girl in London’ image on your own without the tabloids. Fans don’t need the tabloids or papz now that we have the internet. WHY would you do anything LESS?!!

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Misfit Chick

Posted at 10:21 AM on June 1, 2014  

We don’t have to agree on any other thing than to be MAD at the tabloids and paparazzi.

The petition does not call for changing any US laws, nor does it mess with ‘Freedom of Speech’. For that reason, anyone of any age or location around the world can sign it – it’s for all celebrities and it’s WORTH a TRY. The way Hollywood treats it’s celebrities is NOT a NEW topic of discussion. People everywhere have been fed up with the way they are treated for decades.

SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot to SIGN the PETITION for tabloid & paparazzi reform for ALL celebrities or brainstorm to figure out something else that WILL WORK. You’ll also find all the gory details on the stupid Twilight ‘cheating’ scandal finale – along with the history of The Twilight Saga and the unusual over-obsessions of Twilight & ANTI-Twilight Fans – especially older ones.

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Catherine / Misfit Chick

Posted at 7:51 PM on May 30, 2014  

This is a LIE that the tabloids & papz want us to believe: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart OWE their fame to them. No, they owe it to entertainment news sites like Entertainment Weekly; and Magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Marie Claire – places that actually PAY them to bring us REAL celebrity goodies. Tabloids are bottomfeeders that USE them.

Los Angeles Times: The Tabloids Don’t Deserve the First Amendment. Here’s a splash:

The problem is that the culture of tabloid journalism in both Britain and the United States is deeply tied to criminal acts. Without illegal conduct, tabloids could not preempt the mainstream press, and they would not survive.

Although the law provides us with the tools we need to punish crimes related to free speech, the judicial system is too quick to bow before the 1st Amendment, and as a result we end up shielding criminals who misrepresent themselves as journalists and activists.

…The root of the problem is our reluctance as a nation to accept that something can be criminal when it involves expression. Crime is crime. Tabloid journalism uses illegal tactics – and it does not deserve absolute protection from the 1st Amendment.

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Posted at 11:57 PM on May 27, 2014  

Just saw the new pictures of Robert in embraces his girlfriend and his sister watch Perry concert in London. I think that the same girl in the car with him in London and the festival in LA Coachela….

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Rob is in London

Posted at 2:46 AM on May 26, 2014  

Rob is in London, that’s where he went when he left Cannes. He was out with friends at a restaurant on Saturday night, and out tonight with some of his oldest friends, new pics online.

So happy he has some time to catch up with family and friends before he goes to work on Childhood of a Leader.

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The Rover might pack more thrills than just about anything put in theaters

Posted at 4:02 PM on May 26, 2014  

LA Times article on Cannes:

Though most of the focus in Cannes is on the productions in competition, some of the best films here are not in it. Two fine items turned up in the Midnight section, including the brisk “Target,” a Korean remake of the French crime drama “Point Blank,” and one film that was strong enough to be in competition but wasn’t asked, David Michôd’s “The Rover.”

Michôd’s first film since “Animal Kingdom,” this impressive, bleakly futuristic thriller features Guy Pearce as a man ferociously determined to get his stolen car back and Robert Pattinson as someone dragged along in his wake.

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Maps to the Stars is a winner

Posted at 6:57 PM on May 26, 2014  

MTTS came in third at the box office in France, just behind the X Men and Godzilla, two big budget blockbusters with huge promo budgets. Unlike little MTTS, a an indie with little promo at all.

Just Julianne Moore winning the Best Actress award at Cannes and Rob looking fantastic for 4 days. That’s all the promo it needed to come in at #3 behind huge pop corn movies.

The film is a winner and so is Rob. It also has a majority of good reviews and Rob got great critical praise for both his films. The general public likes him and will go see his films.

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@King...and other your comments

Posted at 10:16 AM on May 25, 2014  

Go and seek medical advice, necessarily you need psychiatrist on your head! Robert hates you, he said in Cannes that hates people obsessed with actors, like those here show off.

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Her fans are toxic

Posted at 2:47 AM on May 26, 2014  

Her fans are the ones who need their heads examined. Who in the world worships a lying cheater?

It doesn’t matter how many good reviews she gets, the general public doesn’t like her. She made a terrible impression on those who hadn’t heard of her before her cheating scandal.

She was never warm and likable, and that hasn’t changed. Without the goodwill of the public, she’ll never win any awards like an Oscar or a Golden Globe.

So her fans can enjoy her good reviews, and she’s had them before. They never translate into box office and popularity with the ticket buying audience.

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King of Cannes

Posted at 8:01 PM on May 24, 2014  

From Allociné, the French publication, they determined that Rob was in fact, the King of Cannes:

Cannes 2014: The agency, Reputation Squad, had fun establishing a digital prize based on web benefits of films. And the winners are fairly indisputable. For film, Maps to the Stars by David Cronenberg and for actor, Robert Pattinson.

Prizes were allocated based on the number of tweets, taking into account the number of mentions on the web on all the films in Competition. The agency, Reputation Squad, had fun tracking the quotes on Twitter, blogs, forums and online press for each of the selected films.

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Rob says he's Single & Happy

Posted at 3:01 AM on May 21, 2014  

Rob flat out said he was single today on Le Grande Journal in Cannes. For anyone who wasn’t convinced by his refusing to see her for the past 7 months, you should be convinced now. He’s single and ready to mingle.

It is apparent that there are some die-hards that will never believe Rob & KStew have ended their relationship because they are living through them and it is reflection of a fragile and poor state of mind.

But more so, there are many that will never let go because they see it as Rob’s fans winning over them. It is more a perceived fan war. Bottom line, it’s a personal thing. What they don’t realize is that most Rob fans couldn’t care less about getting one over on them. We just friggin want to celebrate his success.

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mtts as a simple insult

Posted at 12:01 AM on May 20, 2014  

The more serious problem – the accusation that the competition selection is predictable – rests on the fact that of 19 directors in contention for the Palme d’Or prize next weekend, 13 have already been nominated at least once. There is David Cronenberg – who delivers his take on Hollywood, Maps to the Stars, this week – Jean-Luc Godard, Egoyan, and of course Britons Leigh and Loach. Disgruntled critics suggest the competition has become a cosy club, where the chosen few are never ejected, merely shuffled to one of the less prestigious selections.
The lesson for Cannes here may be that good art is rarely delivered in a bankable package, but we do need a space in which to cultivate it in several varieties, while staying sensitive to the fact that some artists are going to feel aggrieved and excluded.

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Rob will always be better than your LYING CHEATER

Posted at 8:03 PM on May 24, 2014  

That simple insult was so popular at Cannes, they gave Julianne Moore the BEST ACTRESS award.

Your lying cheater got nothing, Lenaj. She’s a loser again. She’s gonna lose at everything because she has no character. She thinks it’s ok to cheat.

The ticket buying public is never gonna support her. Stay off of Rob’s boards.

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The King is in Cannes

Posted at 3:12 PM on May 19, 2014  

Rob is going to be interviewed, solo, tomorrow on French TV.

Tuesday: Le Grand Journal starts at 7.10 PM, that’s 1.10 PM Eastern standard and 10.10 Pacific time.

The French love Rob and his films. He’s like an old fashioned movie star, Cary Grant or Clark Gable. And they’re both famous for acting silly, too. It’s called having a sense of humor and wanting to entertain people instead of scowling and looking like you’re too good to pose or even be there. No one likes someone who stands there with a stone face and curses every other word.

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@There will be no .....

Posted at 8:44 AM on May 18, 2014  

Go to hell with your stupid hatred. Why to watch of someone you do not like?! For your malicious gossip, you’re sick and arrogant person.

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The Rover gets great reactions

Posted at 2:13 PM on May 17, 2014  

The Rover is Fresh on RT, with a majority of fantastic reviews. It’s a hit, folks.

Pearce is the center of the film and a forceful presence as usual, but Pattinson puts in a formidable and truly transformative performance all his own. Rey is an unattractive character in an unattractive world, with rotten teeth, a bad haircut, and an off-putting, twitchy demeanor, but there’s no sense that Pattinson did any of this in a superficial effort to ugly himself up and distance himself from his heartthrob image.

If anything, the role should stand as proof to any doubters that with the right director and the freedom to break free of his own public persona, Pattinson has real ability and magnetism on screen. You can judge for yourself when The Rover hits theaters in the U.S. beginning on June 13. ~ PopSugar

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There will be no reunion - IT'S OFFICIAL

Posted at 10:53 PM on May 16, 2014  

Rob has arrived in Cannes and there will be no reunion. If she goes at all, she won’t get there until the 21st, and he’ll already be gone.

Rob will be gone from Cannes on the 20th, up to Paris, where he has MTTS premiere on the 21st. He will have to do interviews and make TV appearances in Paris, so he won’t be in Cannes on the 20th, even if by any chance she did show up.

So there’s no chance that they would run into each other.

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The Rover Invited to be part of Cannes

Posted at 4:46 AM on May 17, 2014  

The Cannes schedules are not a secret, and SR is not the only place that has them.

Cannes Film Festival Schedule for The Rover
Saturday, May 17th: The Rover Press Screening: 11AM CET/ 10AM BST/ 5AM ET/ 2AM PT/ 7PM AEST

Sunday, May 18th: The Rover Special Midnight Screening: 10:30PM CET/ 9:30PM BST/ 4:30PM ET/ 1:30PM PT (Monday 19th May 6:30AM AEST)

Attending: David Michôd, Guy Pearce, Robert Pattinson, David Linde and Liz Watts.

Check twitter for livestream links, or any Rob site.

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@2014 is Rob's Year

Posted at 2:01 PM on May 16, 2014  

Rob Anna hates you, he resents the types of people like you.

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Posted at 4:45 AM on May 17, 2014  

Do me a favor, GFY and don’t come back. No one likes you. This is for Rob fans, not KStew hags.

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2014 is Rob's Year

Posted at 1:49 AM on May 15, 2014  

“Rob (Pattinson) came later on. We met, I appreciated him a lot and then, he did some screen tests for me, awesome tests, full of life, never forced or artificial and then it was done.

And there’s something very exciting to have the opportunity to show to the whole world that a star, who was understimated and reduced to a certain image, has in fact a treasure of unexploited talent. I quickly notice that Rob is a great actor. And I’m looking forward to everyone seeing that.”

–David Michod, Director of The Rover

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Posted at 1:49 PM on May 14, 2014  

Love these two successful actor. Robert is thrilled, that Kristen has a movie COSM
on the festival in Cannes 2014.
Kristen is thrilled that Robert MTT film is the film festival in Cannes. She´s is a big fan and support his work on the film.
Good luck in Cannes, it is a great achievement to have a film in competition at the biggest film festival in Europe.

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Posted at 1:46 AM on May 15, 2014  

You have no idea how either of them feel. All we know for sure is that Rob doesn’t want to be seen with her and she will have no chance to ambush him at Cannes.

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Posted at 10:42 AM on May 15, 2014  

I know you are were all after Rob. Get over yourself Liberty, now you’re Lovine.

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The Rover might pack more thrills than just about anything put in theaters

Posted at 3:51 AM on May 14, 2014  

The Rover is the hot ticket at Cannes.

About his choice as casting Robert Pattinson in his latest film, director David Michôd said; “(he is) really smart, and not the sort of pretty boy I was expecting. As soon as it was time to start testing… he was my first choice, by a long way.”

Pattinson said, “It’s very existential. It’s really interesting. I couldn’t really explain to you what it’s about but it’s sort of about how much pain can the world take and how much disgust and cruelty before love dies.”

The plot follows Eric (Guy Pearce), a violent former Australian soldier who sets out on a hunt for a gang of dangerous criminals. Along the journey he enlists the help of Reynolds (Pattinson), a naïve and injured young American member of the gang, who was left behind.

Commenting on the film Michôd said; “It’s like a new gold rush, where people from all corners of the world have come out to the desert to scrape out an existence. Petty criminals and miscreants and hustlers. The basic story is really quite elemental. You’ve got a really dark, dangerous, murderous person in Guy’s character, and in Rob’s character you have a quite troubled and damaged, but beautiful and naïve, soul.”

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