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Nina Nesbitt Reveals Influences Behind New EP, ‘Stay Out’ & Her Edgy Style

Wed, April 16, 2014 4:48pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 1 Comment
Nina Nesbitt
Courtesy of YouTube

Nina Nesbitt is like no other artist. At 19, she’s toured with Ed Sheeran, released five European EPs and a debut album, and just released her first US EP! spoke to her about what’s coming up for the stunning young star!

Her voice is like nothing you’ve heard, her style is a mixture of classy and grunge, and well her music — there are no words. So, how did Nina Nesbitt get from posting YouTube videos on YouTube to meeting Ed Sheeran to now releasing her very first US EP? found out just that.

Nina Nesbitt: Why I Put Out A US EP

“I had a chance meeting with Ed Sheeran and he took me on tour,” Nina told about the way she started off. She also went on to star in a music video for Ed, and head on tour with Example. From there, her music began growing and growing.

“I’ve had five EPs out in the UK. It was a lot of material. I wanted to come to the US and put one out with my favorite songs,” she said of her new EP, that was released on April 1 on iTunes. “The album [I’m working on] is quite different than the EP.”

Many of her songs are about the men in her life and how she feels about relationships in general — but not to worry, she said she always sends the song to the guy who inspired her songs.

“It’s only fair that you do that,” she added. “I say, ‘I’ve written a song about you, I’m going to put it out, how do you feel about that?'”

Nina Reveals Musical Style & Fashion Choices

As for her musical style, she isn’t quite sure how to explain it, except that it’s “a musical story” or “maybe acoustic pop with a bit of an edge.”

While she looks up to artists like Debbie Harry and Alanis Morissette, right now she’s inspired by anyone and anything that makes her “feel something.”

Her favorite song that she’s ever written is “The Hardest Part,” which is because it sums up her debut album, Peroxide.

“It kind of sums up the album,” she said. “The relationship that I wrote most of that about  — it was all about timing. That’s the most honest song I’ve ever written. I think it’s one of those songs people can really relate to.”

However, on the new EP, her lead song is “Stay Out,” a song that every girl can relate to — no matter what!

“After a night out in London with my manager — she wanted to go home. I was like ‘Stay Out,'” she said. “Then the next morning, I had a writing session, and I had written so many break up songs, I was like, ‘I cannot write another one, this has gone too far,’ so I thought I’d just write about something a lot of pop people write about it, like going out, put your hands up, that kind of stuff. So I thought, take that subject and put it in a different way, and a different production and see if people like it. People relate to the subject. It’s a fun song.”

The Nina Nesbitt EP is available on iTunes now. Here’s the full list! Take a listen, then let us know what you think:
1. Stay Out
2. The Apple Tree
3. Boy
4. Just Before Goodbye
5. Statues
6. Way In The World

— Emily Longeretta