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‘Duck Dynasty’: Lisa Robertson Reveals She Was Molested & Had Secret Affair

Thu, April 10, 2014 12:59pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 6 Comments

The ‘Duck Dynasty’ stars are no strangers to scandal, but Lisa Robertson’s secret past is shocking — Alan Robertson’s wife opens up about cheating on her husband. Click to WATCH her revealing interview.

The Robertson wives’ tell-all book, The Women of Duck Commander, is full of “surprising insights from the women behind the beards about what makes this family work,” but Duck Dynasty‘s Lisa Robertson‘s revelations are the most startling of all: she was molested, as a child, and cheated on her husband, Alan.

‘Duck Dynasty’: Lisa Robertson Reveals She Was Molested As A Child & Cheated On Husband

The Robertson family has endured their fair share of scandals in the public eye, but America has witnessed the Duck Dynasty stars overcome their ups and downs — now, Lisa is coming forward in her tell-all book with shocking revelations that differ from the Robertson’s infamously tight-knit family values.

In the new book, The Women Of Duck Commander, Lisa reveals that she engaged in a 14-month affair in the mid 1990s, cheating on the Robertson’s eldest son, Alan. However, she bravely comes forward with the horrific news that she was molested, as a child, which lead her to be unfaithful to Alan. Lisa was molested by a family member from the age of seven to 14.

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Lisa pens her sad memories in the Duck wives’ book, admitting that her experience with sexual abuse scarred her, in an excerpt obtained by RadarOnline.

“As a little girl, I had an extended family member who had major drug and alcohol problems. I was easy prey for him. My earliest memory of being molested was at the age of seven when he started to do things to me, things that made me feel bad and dirty. I don’t remember how he threatened me (every abuser threatens) if I ever told anyone about it, but whatever he said worked…I never told [my mom] or my dad about the abuse.”

She continues to write about how the experience skewed her view on men, which caused her to cheat on Alan, later in life.

“Being abused did something to the way I thought about myself and about men in general. It set into motion some unhealthy thought processes…I unconsciously began to believe my purpose in life was to please men.”

Lisa says that when her relationship first began with Alan, she did anything sexual and physical that he requested, “and I mean anything,” she writes in the book. Her outlook on men and relationships was so negative that she spun out into an affair, then damaging her marriage to the pastor, which has since been remedied

“It lasted fourteen months. Alan was devastated and eventually, so was I. When he first began to suspect something, I denied it. When Alan discovered hard evidence of my behavior, I finally broke down and told him everything.”

How Did Lisa & Alan Robertson Overcome Lisa’s Affair?

Despite Lisa’s troubled past and relationship turmoil, she is now, of course, happily married to Alan, the only Robertson man without a beard.

“We renewed our vows to each other and bought new rings to signify a new beginning,” she writes in her book. RadarOnline also reports that the couple still attends marriage counseling. 

Lisa also sat down on Good Morning America, with her fellow “Duck divas” on March 31 to speak about the issue, which caused Phil to advise his son Alan not to take her back. Did she take offense to Phil’s remarks?

“I really didn’t because it wasn’t that they hated me so much, but it was just the pain they that saw him going through,” Lisa said on the nationally broadcasted interview.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about Lisa’s revelations in her tell-all book? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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