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Deathly Sick Baby Rescued Off Stranded Yacht By US Warship

Sun, April 6, 2014 6:32pm EDT by HL Intern 6 Comments
Lyra Kaufman Saved
Courtesy of Facebook

The U.S Navy raced against time to reach a 1-year-old baby, stranded 900 miles in the middle of the ocean, before she succumbed to a life threatening illness far from medical help.

Lyra Kaufman ,1, was in stable condition on April 6 when she was brought on board the USS Vandegrift. The Kaufman’s were two weeks into their journey to the South Pacific Islands when Lyra developed a fever and rash that covered most of her body. After the Kaufman’s sailboat lost all communication and steering capabilities, the family called in the U.S Coast Guard for help.

Lyra Kaufman: Stranded 1-Year-Old Saved From Life Threatening Illness By US Warship

Charlotte and Eric Kaufman along with daughters Cora,3, and Lyra were two weeks into their journey to the South Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

Eric is a seasoned sailor and trained Coast Guard licensed captain who owns the family’s 36-foot yacht, Rebel Heart. The family’s dreams of sailing around the world were cut short, when the boat lost all navigation and radio communication capabilities.That is when Lyra stopped responding to medication, and the family sent a satellite distress signal to the Coast Guard.

Charlotte’s sister, Sariah Kay English told The Daily Mail that she knew something was wrong when their daily correspondences over email stopped coming.

“They were very overcautious. They’re not new at sailing.” Sariah said, “Sickness sometimes happens.”

On April 3, four members of the California Air National Guard 129th Rescue Wing parachuted into the water towards the disabled vessel to get medicine to Lyra.

Trained in both parachuting and emergency medical skills, the rescuers were able to stabilize Lyra and turn the vessel towards Mexico. The only option was to sail towards Mexico when the boat started to take on water. The rescuers remained with the family and by Lyra’s side until help arrived.

On April 6. the USS Vandegrift — which is equipped with an inflatable boat as well as a helicopter, arrived and rescued the entire Kraufman family and is headed towards San Diego, where rescuers will remain with Lyra until she reaches the hospital.

Lyra In Stable Condition — Headed For San Diego

Before the family left for their journey, Lyra had come down with salmonella poisoning, but was checked by doctors and cleared to travel.

We are so happy to hear that Lyra is in stable condition, thanks to the speedy efforts of the Coast Guard. This seems like one of those cases where everything just seems to go wrong all at once.

Thankfully the entire family is in good hands and headed safely towards medical attention. We hope that she arrives to San Diego quickly where she will receive the medical attention that she needs.

What do you think HollyMoms? Should the Kaufman’s have waited to set sail after Lyra’s salmonella?

— Caitlin Beck 

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