John Doe 28: Pedophile Caught Sexually Abusing Boy On Camera

Thu, April 3, 2014 9:31am EST by 7 Comments
John Doe 28
Courtesy of FBI

The FBI is desperately searching for the identity of a man they have named John Doe 28. In child pornography footage found after the arrest of another man, John Doe 28 can be seen sexually assaulting a little boy.

It is unknown where or when the video of John Doe 28 sexually assaulting a small child came from.

John Doe 28 — FBI Searching For Sexual Predator

While raiding another suspect’s child pornography footage in San Francisco, the FBI found a disturbing video of a man sexually violating a small boy.

Authorities have named the unknown man John Doe 28. They also released three still images from the video in hopes that someone will recognize the man and report him immediately.

In November 2012, the video was originally reported to authorities after it surfaced online.

Even though the identity of the man is unknown, authorities claim he is around 40-years-old, and they believe he is American based on the one and only word he says during the video: “careful.”

The FBI also hopes the distinctive fish logo on his burgundy shirt will give him away.

Authorities Hope Released Images Will Find John Doe 28

Unsurprisingly, authorities claim that it is extremely rare for a pedophile to show their face in a child pornography video.

“Sometimes we will get some type of identifier that narrows down the geographic region,” Special Agent Karen Jurden stated in the FBI’s press release. “But that didn’t happen in this case. That’s why we are asking for the public’s help nationwide.”

The FBI is heavily leaning on the help of the public, which is why the images have been released to media outlets all over the country.

“It is our hope that someone will recognize this individual and come forward. We were able to recover a very clear image of John Doe 28,” the Special Agent continued.

Anyone with information should submit a tip online or call the FBI’s toll-free tip line at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

– Lauren Cox

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Posted at 2:30 AM on April 4, 2014  

With all the technology our government has can’t they track/trace this video to the website/forum that the arrested guy got this video from? Also, if the video was downloaded and discovered in November of 2012, why are they barely releasing photos/images of this sick POS? Issues like these should be immediately released to the public and media. Every television station in every country should ban together and televise all the sickos of the world, to help catch these predators.

‘We need to identify John Doe 28,’ Jurden said, ‘so we can make sure no harm comes to that little boy.’
A lot can happen in two years, this poor little boy could be held as a sex slave, possibly being “trafficked” or even worse, he could be dead. It just breaks my heart and I’m really hoping for a safe outcome for this little boy.

This sick pervert needs to be caught soon.

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Posted at 8:21 PM on April 3, 2014  

Please I hope that people will ban together to get this pervert identified so that babyboy can get justice

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Don't put your hands on me!

Posted at 11:43 AM on April 3, 2014  

Watch your kids people.
sad to say these sickos are everywhere.
Makes me sick!
He better hope the cops find him first.

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Posted at 11:36 AM on April 3, 2014  

Well the cops better find that trash before someone from the public does.That trash is no man he’s a piece of crap to society.How can anyone get off taking some little kids innocence from them forever?.How can these perverts live with themselves knowing they did hurt these kids in every way possible.I can’t even say I hope he gets it in jail because that wierdo will probably enjoy it.I wish I could kicked his face in.

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Sherry L.

Posted at 9:47 AM on April 3, 2014  

The world is getting terrible you cannot even let your children out in your yard without worrying about pedophiles running around. What is this world coming too? They should lock these people up and throw away the key! You have to worry about the schools, churches,and parks where are children suppose to go every place that you go to now, you have to worry about! You have to worry about family, neighbors,pastor if the law doesn’t put these guys away a long time I’m really afraid of what’s to come in the future!

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Don't put your hands on me!

Posted at 11:54 AM on April 3, 2014  

@Sherry L.
Those are always the the people you had to worry about.
The thing is nobody wanted to talk about it or thought the kids were lying.
These days it’s talked about more plus with technology it’s easier to identify and catch these creeps when they share with other creeps.
Single mothers especially! Don’t leave your kids with a man you barely know.
Adults should not want to be friends with children! Come on! use your head.
If some grown up takes to much interest in your child, you need to do a background check on that person. I don’t care if they are a family member.
Talk to your kids and let them know if someone wants them to keep secrets from you, then that person is a creep!
talk to your kids everyday about what they’ve been doing and everything in between.
Let them know some people pretend to be nice just to do other things.
It’s sad, but it will make them aware.
Also keep them away from social media until at least the age 16. If you can.
If someone starts buying your child gifts for no reason and trying to spend alone time with them, that is a red flag. They are grooming your kid to be a victim.

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Posted at 1:30 PM on April 3, 2014  

Well said! Preach it! Agree 100%!

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