Girl, 3, Diagnosed With Rare Eye Disease After Facebook Photo Shared

Thu, April 3, 2014 5:45pm EST by 8 Comments
Girl Rare Eye Disease
Courtesy Of facebook, WREG

When Tara Taylor posted a photo of her daughter Rylee on Facebook, she thought the glow in the little girl’s left eye was just a reflection of the flash. However, Tara’s friends started to leave comments suggesting that Rylee get her eye checked just in case. Soon after, Rylee was diagnosed with Coats’ disease, a rare condition that can lead to blindness. Thanks to Tara’s friends, Rylee’s condition was caught early on and ultimately saved her eye.

Rylee Taylor, 3, is an adorable little girl whose mom loved posting pictures of her on Facebook. However, when one photo caught the attention of her friends, Tara Taylor brought her 3-year-old to the doctor to find out she suffered from an extremely rare eye disease.

Toddler Diagnosed With Eye Disease After

When Tara Taylor posted an adorable photo of her daughter Rylee flashing a big smile on Facebook, most of her friends simply just clicked “like” and kept scrolling. But there were two friends in particular who noticed the glow in Rylee’s left eye, and immediately messaged Tara about it to suggest she see a doctor — just to be on the safe side.

“They said ‘Hey, I’m sure it’s nothing. It’s probably the lighting, but your daughter’s eye is glowing and you might want to have it checked out because it’s a sign there could be an issue with her eye’,” Tara told local outlet WREG.

Taking their advice, Tara brought Rylee to the doctor for an eye exam at the Baptist Eye Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee only to find out that her daughter suffered from Coats disease. The disease is considered extremely rare, and causes loss of eyesight leading to complete blindness.

Facebook Comments Saved Rylee’s Eyesight

Because of Tara’s two friends catching the glow in Rylee’s eye and suggesting she see a doctor, Rylee is now being treated properly for the disease.

What could have resulted in her going completely blind in the affected eye is now just something for the family to be wary of as little Rylee grows up.

“The significant problem we have with children is that a child won’t say, ‘Mommy, I can’t see out of my right eye.’ It is usually caught in an expected way,” Dr. Jorge Calzada with the Charles Retina Institute and Baptist Eye Clinic told WREG in an interview. “When a child recognizes he cannot see or the parent recognizes they cannot see, it’s often because they’ve lost vision in both eyes.”

Proving his point, Tara said she never would have suspected Rylee was having trouble seeing.

“She didn’t sit close to the TV. She is actually in gymnastics and can walk on the balance beam,” Tara explained.

Thankfully, Rylee is being treated properly for the rare eye disease and is happy and healthy otherwise!

– Lauren Cox

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Posted at 10:03 AM on April 6, 2014  

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By doing this, you happen to be reinforcing that negativity and attracting to yourself
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Posted at 11:42 AM on April 4, 2014  

I took a picture of my daughter about a week ago and her eyes looked just like this, making an appointment now

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Deanna Neil

Posted at 11:20 AM on April 4, 2014  

omg I had this and I was diagnosed at 11 they thought at first it was coats disease too because we seen in pics my eye was glowing I took an eye exam at school and failed it and they sent me to the hospital where they at first thought it was coats disease, to later find out it became a tumor BECAUSE THE DISEASE HAD SPREAD AND I BECAME LEGALLY BLIND. MY HEART GOES OUT TO THIS LITTLE GIRL and im so happy they found her case just in time. god bless

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R. Kelly

Posted at 7:51 AM on April 4, 2014  

God bless the little girl and hope she get’s all her sight back. I wasn’t so blessed, but now I know what caused my beloved Blue Healer”Diamond” to go blind. My dogs eyes turned a glowing green a little bit at a time, and within about 6 months she was running into the fence.Fortunately we live on a small ranch and my dog can live out her life safely.. Kelly-Linden NC

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Mister Baja

Posted at 12:41 AM on April 4, 2014  

………a nightmare coming to life?

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Posted at 8:46 PM on April 3, 2014  

I cried when I read about Rylee. I am so happy for her and her family, God Bless. You did the right thing, mom.

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Posted at 7:50 PM on April 3, 2014  

God was looking out for this little girl through your friend for sujection you take her to have a check up on her eyes And thank god that the eye Dr caught it earlier before things got to Bad. I am goign to keep praying for your daughter and your family.

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Posted at 6:28 PM on April 3, 2014  

Poor little girl . I know what is is like to have a rare eye disease. I got neovascular glaucoma at age 20 . God help her .

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