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Malaysian Flight: Was A Bomb Smuggled On Board Before Takeoff?

Wed, April 2, 2014 3:53pm EDT by HL Intern 4 Comments

Besides trying to find out where Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ended up, authorities are working just as hard to determine what happened to cause the disappearance, and they’re really covering all bases. On April 2, Malaysian police confirmed that they’ve interviewed farm workers who handled fruit cargo that was put on the plane on a hunch that a bomb may have been smuggled on board.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was carrying four tons worth of the exotic fruit, mangosteens, and authorities now believe that this cargo could have been the perfect place to hide a bomb. Without any new answers or leads regarding what happened to make the plane disappear, police have begun interviewing the farm workers who assembled the fruit cargo in order to get to the bottom of this hunch.

Malaysian Flight: Was A Bomb Brought On Board?

It would make sense that a tragedy as weird as the disappearance of Flight 370 have a weird explanation — and a smuggled bomb disguised as a purple-colored fruit called a mangosteen would certainly fit that description. But authorities are just making sure that they’re covering all bases.

“We are very thorough in our probe,” Inspector General Tan Sir Khalid Abu Bakar told Mail Online. “Even the four tons of mangosteens in the aircraft hold is being investigated. Investigators are looking into who ordered them, paid for them and plucked and packed them from an orchard in Muar.”

It sounds like a silly exercise compared to the weight of Flight 370’s disappearance, but if a bomb had been smuggled on board, the cargo could have been the perfect hiding space. However, the plane’s disappearance isn’t consistent with a bombing, as an explosion in the air — as well as the debris it would leave — likely would have been easily detectable.

Finding Flight 370 — Another Dead End

Detecting Flight 370 has been anything but easy. Even though Australian rescue parties claimed they had found the “most promising leads yet” in the search for the aircraft on March 30, the floating objects they saw was just a dead end.

The debris instead ended up just being discarded fishing gear and miscellaneous junk. Organizers of the international effort to find the plane are “well, well short” of scaling back their hunt, according to ABC, but at this point, after so much time since the plane vanished, expectations are unsurprisingly low.

So what do you think? Is it possible that a bomb was smuggled onto Flight 370?

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