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Beyonce, Kim Kardashian & Michelle Obama Rock #TINYWIN Moments

Tue, April 1, 2014 8:30am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 8 Comments
Selena Gomez Confession
Courtesy of Vogue/Getty

What a week of women wowing with wonderful, personal #TinyWin accomplishments. From Selena Gomez making a difficult personal confession to her fans to the First Lady setting off Michelle Fever on her first visit to China — women have really been ruling the planet.

BeyonceKim KardashianMichelle ObamaSelena Gomez, and Emma Watson are no doubt saying to themselves, “I am so happy that I had a #TinyWin in the past couple of weeks.” I hope they also each take a minute to give themselves a simple pat on the back — they deserve it.

Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez & Emma Watson’s #TINYWIN Moments

And I bet you do, too. Even if you’re not a celebrity or married to the leader of the free world, I’m sure that you have experienced at least one #TinyWin recently that you’re not giving yourself enough credit for.

Did you finish a work project that put a smile on your boss’ face? Did you make your guy laugh after he had a tough day? Did you find a new dress that made you feel fabulous? Did you get your baby to sleep through the night? These are all Tiny Wins.

You need to recognize that and celebrate every #TinyWin in your life.

Now, look to these larger-than-life ladies for inspiration.

#TinyWin 1: Selena Gomez, 21, Confesses: ‘I Lost Sight Of Who I Was’

Yay for Selena Gomez, who bravely spoke out at the We Day conference in Oakland, Calif. about why she decided to check herself into rehab. “I lost sight of who I was,” she revealed to her young audience at We Day, which is a movement showing how young people are changing the world.

“I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I thought others would accept me for it. And I realized I don’t know how to be anything but myself.” Congrats, Selena, for the #TinyWin of realizing that you just have to be yourself.

#TinyWin 2: Kim Kardashian, 33, Speaks Out On Being The First Interracial Couple On ‘Vogue’ Magazine’s Cover

Kim Kardashian was over the moon about landing the April cover of Vogue, being photographed by Annie Leibovitz in a loving embrace with her fiancé, Kanye West, and then pictured inside as well with their beautiful daughter, North West.

But the very special #TinyWin that she pointed out was both sweetly personal and culturally momentous: “Kanye‘s the first rapper [on Vogue‘s cover], I’m the first reality star, we’re the first interracial couple.” Congrats, Kim, for speaking out about your #TinyWin which showcases your love as a couple.

#TinyWin 3: Michelle Obama, 50, Sets Off Michelle Fever In China

When The First Lady set out on her visit to China with daughters Sasha, 12, and Malia, 13, and mother, Marian Robinson, I doubt she realized what an inspirational role model she would be for China’s women.

But her respect for Chinese traditions, her visits to important historical and cultural institutions — the Great Wall, the Forbidden City — which she visited with enthusiasm, and her talks to Chinese students about the importance of education, were each their own #TinyWin.

Lastly, and most importantly, Mrs. Obama bravely chose to speak out to Chinese students about “the right to say what we think and worship as we choose,” in a country where free speech and minorities are not always respected. A #TinyWin for Michelle, who graciously espoused the ideals of freedom in China and who garnered 1 billion page views about her visit, according to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

#TinyWin 4: Emma Watson, 23, For Rocking The ‘Noah’ Premieres With Sophisticated Style

Emma Watson firmly put Hermione in her past through her series of Noah premieres and red carpet appearances.

Sleek and sophisticated was Emma’s signature look as she supported the film, in which she played Ila, Noah’s beloved daughter-in-law. From her navy, razor back Wes Gordon gown in Berlin to her slim-fitted Roland Mouret tuxedo for a Late Show With David Letterman visit, to her stunning backless Oscar de La Renta gown at the NYC premiere, Emma Watson was a style star.

A #TinyWin to Emma for her new, grown-up chic.

#TinyWin 5: Beyonce, 32, Finishes Her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour By Bonding With Her Fans

Beyonce ended her uber successful world tour, which launched nearly a year ago on April 15, 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia, and ended on March 27, 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal, with her focus where it mattered most — on her fans.

Queen B broke down in tears sharing her thoughts with the crowd. “I just want you to know that I’m so lucky. I’m giving y’all an ugly cry. Thank y’all again. Thank you for allowing me to have a career … I dedicate this song to you guys.”

A #TinyWin to Beyonce for ending her world tour by thanking the young women who made it so successful — her fans!

Now, HollywoodLifers, remember — you don’t have to be Beyonce or Michelle Obama to have at least one #TinyWin every day. So, make sure you notice and enjoy them!

— Bonnie Fuller

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