‘HIMYM’ Series Finale: Ted Ended Up With The Right Person

Tue, April 1, 2014 10:33am EST by 18 Comments
HIMYM Finale Ted Robin Get Together
Courtesy of CBS

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Jonielen Garcia

Posted at 8:58 PM on July 31, 2014  

Hate hate hate the ending….UGhhh

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Posted at 4:45 PM on April 21, 2014  

I hated the ending. To me the show’s pemise was that despite all the heart breaks along the way, that if you stay true to what you want you want in life, there is always hope that you will find your soul mate. Instead the writers decided to promote the idea that you should basically be a sick puppy dog who no matter how many times the same person rejects you , you should grovel and beg for them to acknowledge you. Yes it was just a show but it would have been nice to see an ending that made you feel that there really is a chance that your soul mate could be out there and that there really could be a happy ending. Ted’s character characterized the typical pathetic loser who keeps going back for more rejection to Robin.

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Posted at 4:34 PM on April 2, 2014  

I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated the Barney storyline! Too cliche’

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Posted at 4:27 PM on April 2, 2014  

Hated it.
1. The finale was not real. Only in fantasy relationships don’twork out because “it’s not the right moment”, and then years later the true love can finally be. That’s a childish fantasy of people unable to move on from someone who does not love them back.
2. I can’t believe that after Ted telling his kids how many times Robin refused him, spurned him, rejected him and married his best friend even after realizing he still wanted to be with her, they would still push him to give it another go. Any normal child would say “Dad, Aunt Robin was clearly toxic for you and we should all shut her out of our life completely”.
3. Robin and Barney together made sense. Robin and Barney divorcing only because Robin was being herself – which Barney knew before they got married – makes no sense. Barney giving up too easily makes no sense. Barney regressing to the person he was makes no sense.

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Posted at 8:55 PM on November 25, 2014  

Robin regrets not ending up with ted instead of barney and she stated that herself at the episode “Last Forever” she started developing feelings for ted after all the times he went above and beyond for her. especially when he found her locket. I personally loved the ending, it was very nostalgic and c’mon guys they obviously loved each other robin really loves ted. and the whole Barney thing.. actually makes sense. it’s his character its who he is.. he later realized that a marriage wit robin wasn’t the life he really wanted in the end… as much as he loved her, there was no way they could have made it work. Ted and Robin were meant to be in the end.. personal lesson if you really love someone, don’t ever give up on that person no matter what. .. you keep fighting for who you love.

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Posted at 3:36 AM on April 2, 2014  

I think Tracy knew she was going to die because the last moment everyone was together at the bar Ted said to Rbin the she only RSVP for one and Robon responded that she was very convincing so maybe Tracy had an idea she was sick and she already knew that robin and Ted would be together in the end just a though

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Marius Telemacher

Posted at 3:34 AM on April 2, 2014  

“We think it ended just as it should have, and that all this hate is much ado about nothing.”

So, f*** everyone on the Internet, then is what you’re saying? At least own it if that’s what you feel. The stance of “they covered all their bases” basically states that for finale episodes, it’s perfectly fine for producers and writers to fire off rapid, loosely stitched together plot points in deadpan and tell the viewer “that’s enough, we don’t care if you believe it or not.”

The problem was that the ending was made at the beginning of the show and every decision about Season 9 was about shoehorning everything to fit that outcome even if it didn’t make sense. It’s glorified, Deus Ex Machina: Ted, in spite of himself, wound up with Robin as his last resort. The same woman who didn’t want kids and wanted Ted to prostrate himself at every step of their relationship even if she doesn’t reciprocate.

2030 Ted: “Kids, pride and self-esteem should means nothing to you if you’re an adult male. Please others and forget about yourself. That’s the lesson.”

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Posted at 3:46 AM on April 3, 2014  

No, but if your offended then you prolly deserve to be. Come on, its a f-‘in TV show for crying out loud. Can’t a person prove say what they think anymore without someone with a differing opinion getting offended.

Most of the hate that is happening is denial. Denial that their favourite show is over and they didn’t get the Disney ending with Ted and Tracy taking the train into the sunset. Be pissed, be angry, but really most of it is pent up emotion and at least the HIMYM finale meant enough to you to care.

Just about every TV finale of the last 20 years have been polarizing for varying degrees. people either hate it or like it, because unlike movies folks are invested in the characters over several years rather than a few hours. People trashed the Seinfeld finale, the Lost finale, Sopranos finale, the Entourage finale, and the Dexter finale. Haters are gonna hate, and of course we hear all about it. It only takes 1 miserable person at the party to blow it for the other 20 perfectly content partygoers.

Anyways, I understand why folks are unhappy, but I honestly think that most people would find something to complain about either way. Ted and Tracy could live happily ever after, and the SAME PEOPLE would complain that the ending was too boring. Once again haters gonna hate.

Me personally. I felt sad when the mother died (who wouldn’t), but I liked the fact that Ted was able for a second shot of Happiness with Robin. It doesn’t cheapen or tarnish his relationship with Tracy in any way. Basically this article sums up my thoughts on the episode

Lastly, the IMDB ratings are in the high 6’s, low 7’s for the episode, which means that despite all the bloggers ranting and hollering on the internet, the episode got a decent grade. More people liked it than not, but the people who bitch are the loudest.

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Posted at 1:46 AM on April 2, 2014  

I’ve always liked but disliked Josh’s character. Over a span of, what feels like a billion episodes, they make him seem like some sort of love-sprung puppy – although never truly giving up on a future with Robin. Not once can I ever remember her fighting for them. Ted deserved better. That’s all I’m gonna say.

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Posted at 12:21 AM on April 2, 2014  

My problem with it wasn’t Ted and Robin getting back together, its that they stretched the series out to 9 seasons with the premise that Ted and Robin weren’t right for each other and the mother would be right for Ted, even having the mother meet each of his friends individually. If it was going to be Ted and Robin all along, they could’ve made the series 6-7 seasons instead, instead of spending most of the last 2 seasons on a Barney-Robin relationship that wasn’t going to work out and on Ted having to let go of Robin. It just didn’t give us enough glimpses of Ted and Tracy before taking it away. They literally went from Ted & Tracy getting married, to insinuating she died, to her and Ted meeting for the first time all within the span of 3 minutes. Yeah, in the story that all happened in the span of 17 years, but to us watching, it was hitting us with too many life-changing moments in a couple minutes. Even if Ted ended up with Robin in the end, they waited until the finale to show how he met the mother, at least let us enjoy that pivotal moment without making the sad revelation that she died right before that.

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Posted at 7:22 AM on April 3, 2014  

Exactly!!! While I was reading yout comment all that I could think of was: Hell yeah exactly what I’m so raged about! Why the heck didn’t the writers give more space to Ted and Tracy? All these 9 seasons waiting to see the one person meant to be with Ted since everyone else was not perfect enough! Robin was the perfect fit for Barney. She was not as romantic as Ted. The last season we have been watching how the mother (tracy) was the one, the whole universe knew it. She was funny, romantic, was a detective like Ted and every other characteristic matches with Ted’s. The writers wanted to dissapoint us, they could have given us a hint that Tracy was not the one for Ted all along.

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Posted at 10:25 PM on April 1, 2014  

[“I’m not upset about how it turned out but I am pissed that I spent 22 episodes being told that Barney and robin were the perfect couple (which they were) and wasting an entire season on a doomed wedding when they could have dropped at least 10 wedding episodes and spread out the finale storyline over those 10 episodes.”]

This is what annoyed me about the last three seasons of the series. I felt really annoyed that the show’s creators brought Barney and Robin together, broke them up and brought them together again, within 2-3 seasons. Barney and Robin could have been married and divorced before the last season. In fact, I wish that had happened. To make matters worse, the entire ninth season was set around their weekend wedding party. I mean . . . really. The problem really isn’t the finale. The problem was how they dealt with the characters during the last three seasons. We could have been spared the rush job.

By the way, I don’t think that Barney’s character had regressed. I was proud that he not only realized that he was not the marrying kind, but also that he made the others face the truth about himself. Getting married does not make a person mature. Lana Turner went through 7 to 8 marriages before she finally admitted to herself that she wasn’t the marrying kind. Barney had the good sense to realize this after one failed marriage.

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Posted at 7:17 PM on April 1, 2014  

Storytelling-wise, it could’ve been done better, without wasting so much time this season on the wedding as climax only to destroy the illusion the very next episode. But this was very much imperfect like real life. We’re just used too much to the perfect fantasy life we always see on TV. Sometimes you have someone and lose them or realize you had the one only years afterwards, and marriages end and ppl die. I thought the mother was too perfect and too much like Ted to be real, but now I understand it was Ted telling the story (likely distorting it) and she’s perfect in his mind because she’s no longer there. I did love Ted & Robin since the first episode and for many years, and already given up on hope they’d end up together. It feels like they wasted a heck of a lot of time, but it does happen in real life, so kudos to the show for sticking with it. I am satisfied Ted & Robin found the way to each other eventually, but it is kind of bittersweet.

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Posted at 5:25 PM on April 1, 2014  

I can understand ppl being angry, BUT they obviously bought into the road block couplings the show forced on us forcing most of us to stop watching. Barney and Robin were doomed from day one, and so forced it was nauseating. Ted and Tracy were probably cute, but they weren’t MTB. The show basically said every chance they got “everything leads back to Robin” did the viewers need a billboard bashed over their heads to get it? Obviously. It was as plain as day what was going to happen, so deal with it. It’s over, it’s a sitcom, go outside and live life and stop complaining about a TV show dooping people. It’s ridiculous. I was convinced they were going to force Barney on Robin till the bitter end and they did, only for her to be back with Ted, which they did. It’s just a show. They can do whatever they want. Thanks for writing this article, people need to just move on.

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Posted at 4:40 PM on April 1, 2014  

No bias here at all. Cleary a Ted and Robin shipper from day one. The finale was not consistent with the growth that the characters had achieved over the span of the show…the series was completely undone by the finale and made it kind of gross actually reducing all the actors to people who could not rise above primal instincts.

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Mister Baja

Posted at 11:03 AM on April 1, 2014  

…………his mother?

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Posted at 10:55 AM on April 1, 2014  

I’m not upset about how it turned out but I am pissed that I spent 22 episodes being told that Barney and robin were the perfect couple (which they were) and wasting an entire season on a doomed wedding when they could have dropped at least 10 wedding episodes and spread out the finale storyline over those 10 episodes. I feel cheated because Ted- the long winded storyteller – spent so much time on a doomed wedding and glossed over his own wedding, Tracy’s illness, her death and the 6 years after that. The writers also made Robin seem like a jerk for abandoning lily, made Barney into a joke, and because they only spent 5 minutes on Ted and Tracy it made the mother obsolete and as though her time with ted meant nothing. She was basically turned into a human incubator just to give Ted the kids he wanted so bad that robin couldn’t give him. And they showed that robin was all over the world traveling for her career and that’s why she and Barney didn’t work out so what does the future look like for Ted and Robin? Him at home, still alone raising his kids while she travels for work? Or her giving up her job to raise children she never wanted? (I get that they are teenagers but they still have at least 4-5 more years at home and then college and I can’t see Ted’s character changing so much that he would take off during those important years to follow Robin around) I feel like they tried to put way too much storyline into one hour when they could – and should – have spread it out over more episodes and fleshed out each story more fully so the fans who have loyally watched for 9 seasons could have better closure with each character. It seems like a waste of the whole 9th season to have spent it focusing on something that they tore apart in 2 minutes of the finale.

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Posted at 3:36 PM on April 1, 2014  

I completely agree, the mid-season finale should have been the wedding. The second part of the season should have included the mothers life prior, like in the ‘How your mother met me’ episode. There were at least 8 episodes that were minor and just filler in this season. They could’ve even cleared up the whole pineapple incident, but no. Stretch out the important details rather than wrapping it all up in that final hour. It doesn’t disappoint me that he ended up with Robin, but in the nature that it was done by the writers, making Cristin’s character, her brilliant acting and her undeniable chemistry with Ted being cast aside and made redundant. Poor writing.

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