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‘The Giver’: Taylor Swift Is In Trouble In New Trailer

Wed, March 19, 2014 12:12pm EDT by 1 Comment

The highly anticipated sci-fi movie The Giver hits theaters on Aug. 14, but a new trailer is out today and it features a bunch of familiar Hollywood faces, including Taylor Swift! Katie Holmes, True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard and Oscar-winners Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep round out the cast.

Blink and you’ll miss her! Taylor Swift is in The Giver, but today’s newly released trailer swifts right by her. Based on the best-selling book by Lois Lowry, The Giver is one of the first modern dystopic tales written for a younger audience, and takes place in a future where all of the unpleasant, messy aspects of life — think war, pain, difference and lots of feelings in general — have been wiped away. Click to watch the trailer!

‘The Giver’ Trailer Shows A Not-So-Perfect World — And Taylor Swift!

At first glance, it seems like the world in the movie is a perfect one (how could it not be, when it’s devoid of war and pain?), but an elderly man known as “The Giver” (Bridges) warns a rebellious young man named Jonas (newcomer Brenton Thwaites) that “the way things look, and the way things are, are very different.”

In the book, Jonas (Thwaites) is a boy who is the community’s new “Receiver of Memory” — a special person who can recall what life was like before Sameness descended. He is also the first to realize how much his people lost when they chose to change the world and embarks on a mission to change things back to normal.

Adding tension to the film’s trailer is Meryl Streep, who shows up here as the community’s evil matriarch and Chief Elder — a woman who doesn’t believe in civil liberties. “When people have the freedom to choose,” she says, “they choose wrong.”

The film also stars Alexander Skarsgard and Katie Holmes as Jonas’s parents, Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift as Rosemary, a girl who was chosen to become the new Receiver before Jonas.

There are differences, however, between the book version and the movie version of The Giver. For instance, in the book, color doesn’t exist just as war and pain don’t exist. But the movie skipped out on the whole Pleasantville thing — featuring color in every scene.

The film’s premise is certainly an interesting one and the eerie quality the trailer has certainly made us curious about the film. But the real selling point here is that Streep and Bridges signed on to do it. The material must be good!

HollywoodLifers, will you be checking out The Giver?

— Lee Hernandez

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