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Selena Gomez: Don’t Even Think Of Having A Baby With Justin Bieber

Wed, March 19, 2014 8:25pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 59 Comments

Selena — you and Justin are NOT ready to have babies right now, no matter how in love you are. You two are too young, too unsettled, and have too many career opportunities to make any baby mistakes. So be careful!

Selena Gomez, the Internet went wild today after a report claimed that you were pregnant with Justin Bieber‘s twins. The report from also included a sonogram, marked with the patient name, Gomez, S. The sonogram revealed a woman’s uterus, pregnant with twin fetuses.

Selena Gomez’s Baby With Justin Bieber: Don’t Even Think About Getting Pregnant

The story also claimed to have quotes from insiders confirming that you were pregnant and that both you and Justin were “thrilled” by the baby news.

Now, can report after an investigation that the sonogram was tampered with and actually appears to belong to another woman, Lorinda Loveridge, who posted it on her own blog, Elle Design Cottage.

Debunking your alleged pregnancy gave us a giant sigh of relief here at, Selena. But nevertheless, it seems like now is a great time to advise you and Justin to not even think about getting into a pregnancy situation.

You’re back together officially as a couple, you’re planning to keep spending time together, and Justin is so ecstatic that he even posted a snippet of a new song — “Life Is Worth Living Again” — on his personal Instagram on March 15.

Selena, you’re so committed to your relationship with Justin that you’re even ready to choose romance with JB over your BFF relationship with Taylor Swift. Taylor has reportedly given you an ultimatum — Justin’s love or her friendship.

“Selena is in love with Justin and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks, including Taylor,” a source told

Oh, we get that. But Selena, don’t let the headiness of getting back together with Justin in any way make you less careful with pregnancy prevention.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Were Both Born To Teen Moms

You’re 21 and Justin just turned 20. Like any other young couple, you need to be on top of your birth control.

Both of you were born to very young moms — Justin, your mom, Pattie Mallette, was just 16 when she had you. Selena, your mother, Mandy Cornett, was just 16 as well.

Both of you were essentially raised by single mothers. Now, as much as your moms were both tremendously loving and did a great job parenting, it could not have been easy.

While both of you have spoken out about wanting children, you really can’t consider becoming parents at such a young age. You both have careers to focus on, plus, you’re both still maturing and getting to know yourselves.

Justin, your recent run-ins with the law over allegedly egging your neighbor’s house, drag racing, and assaulting, should tell you that you’re not nearly mature enough to be a dad. You need to concentrate on growing up.

Selena, you’ve also said that you want to have a large family one day but now is NOT the time. Enjoy your renewed love with Justin, focus on staying healthy and keep on building your awe-inspiring career.

Let both of you should use this “Selena Pregnant with Justin’s Twins” report as a warning to be smart about pregnancy protection.

Don’t you agree, HollywoodLifers? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller

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