Kristen Stewart: ‘Fittings Are Like Full-On Therapy Sessions’

Wed, March 12, 2014 1:06pm EST by 78 Comments
Kristen Stewart And Lupita Nyong'o Stylists
Courtesy of The HollywoodReporter

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Patts PR fan is not normal.

Posted at 11:45 AM on April 28, 2014  

This is work pattinson PR girlteam, mad mad one person hater and one comment after another is aggressive verbal bullying Stewart.
@No Gossip Cop denial
@The Difference
@Margret is the biggest h-a-t-e-r
@KStew is responsible for her own behavior, stop blaming others
@One failure after another
@Where’s the SM trailer???
@CXR is NOT a part of the CANNES FILM FESTIVAl
@In the Mind of An Irrational Hater/fan
@Kristen is the cheater
@Her fans are ungratful LIARS
@She doesn’t deserve him
@She destroyed her own relationship
@Many bad reviews for KStew
@International Business Times
@She’s couldn’t handle succes
@KStew PR woman is in the Czech republic Aggressively LIES about Rob
@Prince of Cannes
@Irrelevant describes her perfectly
@From someone who knows Rob
@KStew PR woman is in the Czech republic
@She was never likable
@In the Mind of An Irrational Hater/fan
@Kristen is a proven liar
@She destroyed her own relationship
@Catherine is a Pathetic TROLL
@Catherine is the crazy Twilight fan Rob was afraid of
@KStew is in New Orleans already
@How she thinks
@Stay pressed, losers
@Just stop lying about Rob, you look like a fool
@Rob is single and happy
@He doesn’t want her
@Stop whining and deal
@Time to move on
@Proof Robsten is dead and buried
@She’d do anything for publicity
@She’s a joke
@How it is
@The ONLY “Cowardly attack” was the one KStew made on Liberty
@Stop whining and deal
@Most Anticipated
@What’s really sad
@Her fans are toxic
@Time to move on
@She never was pregnant
@KStew PR Team Does Nothing But LIE
@Happy Now?
@Alicia was with her for the holidays
@Proof Rob never cheated
@Proof Robsten is dead and buried
@KStew is scraping the bottom of the barrel
@What normal people think
@Valetgate was the real end
@Yeah, she’s a peach,
@So true!!!
@ She said alle
@She trashed herself
@AliciSten Lives!
@kristen drinks, too
@KStew fans are delusional
@KTurds are liars and losers
@What normal people think
@Just stop lying about Rob, you look like a fool
@He doesn’t want her
@Things that make you go hmmm
@KStew fans are delusional
@kristen drinks, too,
@You just can’t handle the truth
@KStew Knows it’s All Over
@Robsten died a long time ago
@Bisexuality, look it up
@Kristen is the cheater,
@So proud of Rob
@Rob is a winner
@Rob is in Toronto
@It’s headed to Cannes
@Oscar Buzz for…..
@Rob will have a long & successful career
@2014 is Rob’s Year
@From someone who knows Rob
@What normal people think
@Thanks for reminding everyone KRISTEN IS THE DRUNKEN CHEATER
@Cheating IS Aggression, you dolt
@No one is lying about KStew
@They need to move on
@She’s scum & the whole world knows it
@Her fans are such fools & Liars
@Pothead Princess
@We know plenty
@Life goes on
@Her fans are ungratful LIARS
@Her fans need to let Rob go
@Just stop lying about Rob
@You just can’t handle the truth
@Her fans are toxic
@Kristen is in the CHEATERS Hall of SHAME
@Stop whining and deal
@She is the Biggest LOSER
@What directors think of her
@Yeah, she’s a peach
@Fans, don’t desert her!
@He doesn’t want her
@Rob is single and happy
@Kristen Stewart is a USER
@The Rover
@Come out
@The Rover gets great reactions
@Continue being the big faker you are, Kristen
@Only an idiot would be jealous of her
@From someone who knows Rob
@Jessica, Wanda, Valerie, laura, melanie, Anna, Sandra,Lane, Adrian, Kayli,Joe,jake, Liberty, laura, Adam, ellie, @Extra TV, Unfaithful, ThunderThighs, She’s still smoking, She was never likable,She’s D List, Wake up, Trampires, Ungrateful Brat, snarling entitlement, Stop whining and deal, karma, Page, Mel, herhumpsalot, Curious, So true!!! Nola, Lightbulb Moment, cole, So delusional, Make me laugh, Beer Belly,
and other and other and other your names.

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Time to move on

Posted at 8:44 PM on April 5, 2014  

So, KStew is already in New Orleans, a pic of her with new orange hair proves what some of us have been saying since Thursday.

(There have been several sightings of her there, having lunch at one place and dinner at another, by random people, not obsessed fans), and Rob’s not going there.

Rob and Kristen are not a couple. They are not secretly dating each other. And they are not going to spend her birthday together whether she’s in NOLA or LA.

The writing has been on the wall since December. He sold his house and left the US on Dec. 2nd, and he hasn’t seen her since. He didn’t spend a single holiday with her last year. Not Valentine’s Day, not his birthday, the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Xmas or NYE. Even friends get together once in a while, but he’s proved he’s not interested in seeing her.

It’s been nearly a year now. Let it go.

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Thanks for reminding everyone KRISTEN IS THE CHEATER

Posted at 2:49 AM on April 3, 2014  

And, KStew is so proud of her team. KStew is so proud of her fans who do nothing but lie about the man who stood by her after she was exposed as a cheater. The man who made her life easy because he went out in August and faced the Worldwide media to answer questions about her scandal while she hid out in LA like the coward she is.

The man who made her BD2 promo experience easy. Her fans are so ungrateful, they don’t realize that he could have refused to be seen with her at all. Could have refused to do any interviews with her, and could have refused to be on the same red carpet with her.

He had the right to do those things, to make her life miserable and difficult, the way she made his.

But her ungrateful fans don’t appreciate anything. They’re just like their cheater, with her sense of entitlement and ingratitude.

The rest of us, thanks to its pr now know what she is. She is unlucky to have fans here who write lie after lie about a man who never did anything wrong.

Very interesting the nature, character are these cheap Czech girls. I would hope KStew would be ashamed of the lies her fans tell.

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@Party Girl does it again

Posted at 2:23 PM on April 2, 2014  

Are you a psychopath? Who’s going to watch instagram unknown people? You’re really freak alone and a stalker.

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Party Girl does it again

Posted at 4:16 AM on April 2, 2014  

Yeah, she’s so calm and quiet she was out partying last night and posed so her friends could put private pics online. With her consent. That makes her a famewhore, in case you didn’t understand ENGLISH.

And for those nutjobs who think KStew is pregnant or gave birth yesterday, there are new pics of her out partying last night with her girl gang, drinking and having a good time.

They were celebrating someone’s birthday. letoomuch Me and my Gurrrrllllss Best Birthday Evva!!!! missmeccawhite, and jaybirdhoots

Just search web stagram for those names and you’ll see the pic if you haven’t already. She has her girls, she doesn’t want Rob and he sure doesn’t want her.

So Little Miss “I want my privacy” poses for her friends to put private pics online. That’s called being a hypocrite, in case you were confused.

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much aggression of fan Mr. patts sweet

Posted at 4:08 AM on April 2, 2014  

Really waiting, when again are you coming to help the 28-year-old man, who with his conscience to satisfied reading your comments here. (you have his consent?)
You forgot to say he is seen with the most talented people he works with most of the most respected ……. he does not want to be in the same room as her, city, country, continent, and it is his plan, hmmm, those repeating it like a mantra.
He let her dogs because you think dogs are meaningless.
He’s not even talk with her on the phone because she is meaningless for him.
Yes, Kristen is to help to her friends and people who are not as well known as she is.
She is very calm and quiet about all the hype around her and his.
Yes, Kristen works only itself, without the help of pr and the press, she is only 23 and has accomplished so much good work. What is important and the best of Kristen, how many great films she has ahead of him. Good luck Kristen Stewart with American Ultra, Still Alice, CXR, Clouds Sils Maria, Equals.

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So proud of Rob

Posted at 7:38 PM on April 1, 2014  

Rob plays US photojournalist Dennis Stock in Life. The 27-year-old actor stars as Stock, with Dane DeHaan in the supporting role of the late icon James Dean, in the film directed by Anton Corbijn.

Set in 1955, the movie tells the story of how Stock – after being commissioned by Life magazine – documented the then-undiscovered Dean in Los Angeles, New York and Indiana after spotting star potential in him. It documents the true story of pair’s friendship.

In the pictures, Pattinson can be seen with slicked to the side hair and ’50s attire, while holding a camera with a group of photographers on set at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

Sir Ben Kingsley, Alessandra Mastronardi and Joel Edgerton also feature in the cast.

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Hang in there, Kristen.

Posted at 1:36 AM on March 31, 2014  

Comments stating Kristen and Alicia, comments stating Kristen and her career, comments stating Kristen and Sanders, comments stating Kristen and Pattinson are together since her break up with Michael, and now they Kristen/Alicia lie. Poor Kristen, she can’t even go or talk to a friend without the pattinson PR girlfan writing lies and vulgar comments about her. One the stalker loser girl constant lying about Stewart person with program as work. Vulgar comments about her parents, vulgar comments about her friends, vulgarity about everything Stewart . It is frightening way. She does not deserve absolutely nothing about what is happening in the online media with her.
She is a wonderful girl, she is the best and deserves be happy .

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Continue being the big faker you are, Kristen

Posted at 9:23 PM on March 30, 2014  

No, really — lying KStew fangirl pig –

I want to know, what is it that particularly sets you off? Please rank in order of what pisses you off the most:

1. The truth about KStew and Rupert.

2. Her girlfriend Alicia.

3. Her career being in the toilet.

4. Her drinking.

5. Her poor life choices such as selfishness, lying, arrogance, entitlement (thinking she’s better than everyone else).

6. Rob being single, happy and successful.

I really want to know what drives you to make the insane lies that you do.

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