Juan Pablo: Fans React To Shocking No Proposal On ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

Tue, March 11, 2014 7:55am EST by 4 Comments
Juan Pablo Bachelor Fans React
Courtesy Of abc

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Posted at 10:38 PM on March 14, 2014  

I don’t think he did anything wrong by not proposing..he is not the first bachelor to not have proposed. That is not as big a deal as everyone is making it.

Clare was just mad and jealous that Nikki beat her out. They couldn’t stand each other and it was comical that they were the final 2. JP did not do anything different than any other bachelor had done. You can’t tell which girl you are keeping until the final rose ….so…she was just a sore looser. She acted desperate anyways so I don’t feel bad for her. As far as him having been disrespectful to her that was wrong but who really even knows what he said.???

I love the show…it’s mindless, useless, and comical and after a long Monday at work, I enjoy watching it…..lol!

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Posted at 1:53 PM on March 11, 2014  

I’m with Juan Pablo on this one. He made the right decision of not proposing to Nikki because he is NOT in love wit Nikki! I’m sure the ABC Network would want him to propose (but which I don’t think is in his contract to do so whether he is in love or not). The bottom line is Juan Pablo did not fall in love with any woman remaining on the show. And he is not willing to propose to someone he is not in love with, whether ABC like it or not. Afterall, these shows (The Bachelor and The Bachelorette) are geared towards finding love. And if the person did not find love on the show, so be it!

I was never a fan of Juan Pablo – he is very handsome but a very SHALLOW man. However, I’m a big fan of one of the contestants on his show – Sharleen Joynt. But I’m glad Sharleen walked out of the show because she deserves a better man than Juan Pablo; a man on the same INTELLECTUAL level as her.

I remember watching the episode of Sean Lowe’s The Bachelor where his mother had a “one-on-one” talk with him in Thailand and where she told Sean NOT to propose to any one of the two left if Sean “is not sure he is in love with anyone of them. And that’s the key – IN LOVE.

I think Juan Pablo’s heart is with one of the contestants who walked away – Sharleen! And because the show is geared toward a happy ending of a proposal, ABC was disappointed (as well as most people) when Juan Pablo did not propose to Nikki. The REALITY of it is Juan Pablo is NOT in love with Nikki!

And this brings me to the former Bachelorette Desiree Hartstock. I don’t believe Mr. Siegfried is in love with Des, nor is Des truly in love with Mr. Siegfried. Because Des knows her heart belongs to someone else who walk out on her, too (like Sharleen did on Juan Pablo). The difference between Des and Juan Pablo is that Juan Pablo did not pretend to love someone (that’s why he did not propose to Nikki). Des on the other hand did not want to be HUMILIATED (again, after she was eliminated by Sean on The Bachelor) in front of millions of people, so she accepted Mr. Siegfried’s proposal (although she knows her heart belongs to another man who walk out on her).

Unlike Desiree Hartstock, Juan Pablo did not give in to the “pressure” of TV “ratings” (and the ABC network) to PROPOSE. Let’s admit it, Juan Pablo is HONEST enough to admit he is not ready to propose to Nikki because he is not sure he is in love with her! Yes, we all want a happy ending, but the realty of it is, we cannot let the world (or a TV network) make us love or profess love to someone we don’t really love deep inside.

Good luck to both of them.

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Posted at 8:15 PM on March 11, 2014  

I couldn’t agree more with everything you said, especially the part re: Sharleen. For the first time in this show’s history we’ve seen 2 people being incredibly honest and real. Yes that’s certainly not always nice to watch, nor is it always right. But it provided a new much needed element of respectability to the process. I really was able to walk away saying that Sharleen for instance wasn’t lying or playing up in front of the cameras. Pleased for Andi and wish everyone the best. Re: Juan, I don’t like everything he said, but then again, none of us are being recored 24/7 for every mistake that we make. He’s human, and sometimes in need of a filter, but still HUMAN. So whilst I don’t like everything he said or did, I do respect that he was honest and wants some privacy, and if Nikki can watch all of the show and then still decide to remain with him, then clearly she’s satisfied with what she’s got going on with him on a personal level. Although I don’t think it’d hurt for him to clarify his feelings for the poor girl, especially on national TV. Although I’m also 100% in agreement in thinking that his heart still lies with the one thing that his personality would never be able to fulfil, and that’s a relationship with Sharleen

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LIsa Tippery

Posted at 9:01 AM on March 11, 2014  

His attitude, looks, words and body language in the last few shows was really sickening to watch and hear. I think he’s a person even the worst woman in the world would not deserve.

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