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‘Girls’ Gets Kinky: Was That The Most Uncomfortable TV Sex Scene Ever?

Mon, March 10, 2014 1:59pm EDT by Shaunna Murphy 2 Comments
Girls Roleplay Sex Scene
Courtesy of HBO

We’ve seen so many awkward sex scenes on ‘Girls’ — heck, on HBO in general — by this point that nothing should truly shock us. From the ‘twincest’ on ‘Game of Thrones’ to that ungodly ‘making flowers’ bit on ‘True Detective,’ the premium cable behemoth isn’t afraid to ‘go there’ when it comes to making love. But was last night’s role-playing bit on ‘Girls’ the most uncomfortable of them all?

Hannah (Lena Dunham) and Adam (Adam Driver) have always embraced the unconventional when it comes to making love, but a forced role-play scenario on the March 9 Girls took things to a whole different level of weird.

‘Girls’ Role-Play Sex Scene — Yikes

On the one hand, I feel bad for Hannah — I really do. She finally had a good thing going with her job at GQ, then in came Patti LuPone and the Great White Way to bring a whole new level of insecurity to her relationship.

And given the absurdity of her sexual relations with Adam during the show’s first season, it’s understandable why she would feel sexually inadequate when Adam pulled away from the weirdness a little bit to focus on his work. But her public role-play scenario — while well-intentioned — was destined to be a disaster from the get-go.

Basically, Hannah donned a wig, grabbed a fancy cocktail, and took on the identity of a bored Wall Street type’s housewife… in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Without telling Adam — who was in the middle of practicing for the most important role of his entire life — beforehand. To surprise someone with an unprecedented and never-before-discussed sexual fantasy in the middle of a crowded room is iffy enough (I mean, even the Dunphy parents from Modern Family rehearsed their identities and discussed the “scenario” beforehand), but the worst part was that Hannah just kept on going and going when Adam clearly wasn’t taking the bait.

Eventually, Hannah’s desire to live out an incredibly dramatic fantasy scenario (a fantasy that Adam never even really had) to please her lover completely overshadowed his needs, and she even managed to get him punched in the freaking face for pretending like he was sexually assaulting her on the street.

Not cool, Hannah. I get what you were trying to do here, but still — not cool.

‘Girls’ Goes Role-play — Did Hannah Go Too Far?

Unfortunately, things got even worse once the couple left the restaurant.

Once they got back to Marnie’s — yep, you heard it, Marnie’s — apartment, Hannah totally changed up the game mid-coitus.

“I usually f–k football players, but now I’m f–king the school weirdo,” she said. Now, this just set Adam — who is tired of being seen as the school weirdo — off, and when Hannah finally came clean about her insecurities in their sex life, he tore her a new one in a spectacularly cruel fashion.

“Jesus, Hannah, the second I come I have no idea what the f–k I just said,” Adam says in pure frustration. “But you are outside yourself. You are outside your body just watching everything. You have an old idea of who I am. Sex was the thing that kept me from drinking … Then, we fell in love, and then I just wanted to have sex with just you, as us, just f–k and be sweet or whatever … You think I’m some angry f–king sociopath who wants to meet older women in bars and intimidate them into fucking me. Because I can do that, but I have a job to do now, and I’m trying to focus, and I’m not here to fucking fill your life up with stories for your fucking Twitter.”

Adam was cruel, but he was also right — Hannah is so used to filling the role of the girl who provides the Internet with insane stories that she forgets sometimes that those stories’ subjects don’t necessarily want to be part of the narrative. When Adam no longer played the role of insane, sexually damaged boyfriend she panicked — and tried to make things weird again without consulting her partner. Which was horrifying — but, strangely, educational? — to watch.

What do you think, Girls fans? Was that the most awkward sex scene you’ve seen on the show thus far, or are you still stuck on Marnie’s stint with the artist/Jessa’s rehab experimentation/anything Hannah did with Patrick Wilson? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

— Shaunna Murphy

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