Rachel Canning: Her Parents Should Be Fighting To Bring Her Home

Fri, March 7, 2014 10:09pm EST by 121 Comments
Rachel Canning Parents
Landov/Courtesy of Facebook

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mummy spartan

Posted at 12:07 PM on May 3, 2014  

18 is an ADULT so tough luck on the spoilt selfish brat!

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Posted at 2:36 PM on April 8, 2014  

You are sooo WRONG about this one. Rachel is a disillusioned grown a** woman. It’s time for her to get it likes she’s living. This issue of children dictating to parents is a symptom of a much bigger problem in America.

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Posted at 10:25 AM on March 14, 2014  

sorry bonnie your wrong on a lot of different points.18 is not a baby.18 is when you are held responsible.she chose to leave home.if the parents tried to force her back she could have filed to become emancipated.tough love is hard but sometimes that’s what it takes.you don’t always win as parents with tough love but you stand a lot more if you become an enabler.in this case I think tough love will prevail.

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Posted at 2:23 PM on March 13, 2014  

If she were my daughter I would give her a good hard spanking and she would not be able to sit down for a week after it.

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Posted at 11:33 AM on March 12, 2014  

I’m with you. From what we are hearing, they are certainly treating her as a throw-away. She is an honor student and excels in extra-curriculars. By denying to provide support for her at least through high school they are setting her up to fail. I also have a hard time believing the story that she left in a rage after they asked her to please reconsider her relationship with her boyfriend and to try to be more respectful of them as I’ve read in numerous articles. I am a therapist specializing in working with teens and their families and this is, unfortunately, a fairly common story – “You’re 18, I’ve done my job now hit the road.” Part of the problem is that parents are not giving kids the skills they need and then they’re surprised when they’re not ready to leave at 18.

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Posted at 2:57 PM on March 12, 2014  

@Resa, she’s obviously ready to leave, because she left!
I knew when I was ready to leave my parents house, when I no longer wanted to follow certain rules.
I felt I was grown, and wanted to make my own rules.
I also had a boyfriend and a baby.
I payed rent and bought my own food, for my son and I.
I also paid for part of the utilities.
My mom still wanted to treat me like a child, plus tell me how to raise my son.
I felt I was a tenant, because I was paying my own way.
She sometimes babysat for free, but I’d done the same for her when she took my infant nephew in, because he was being abused by his mother.
She was letting my brother, the father of that child, come in and eat up food I bought.
My money I was saving got stolen. My other brother would also come over make a mess, leave and she expected me to clean up after them.
I finally put my foot down and said, HELL! NO!
She didn’t like that and proceeded to tell me it was her house and if I didn’t like it I could get the hell out.
So I got the hell out.
She would always say,”There is nothing like having your own”.
I now know what she meant by that.
My boyfriend and I moved together about three months after that blow up.
One year later there was a fire in our building. She lived across the street and became upset that I didn’t come stay with her before we were able to go back into the building.
We didn’t want to stay with anyone but each other.
We drove around in the car and watched the sunrise, it was beautiful.
She said we acted like we were thrown away and didn’t have anyone.
I told her even if the building had burned down I would only come back to her house as a last resort, and I meant that. Get insurance people. Protect your stuff.
My boyfriend and I finished our education through blood sweat and tears. got married and had another child.
We now own a house in a good neighborhood,two cars and our children are honor roll students.
Leaving her house was the best thing I ever did.
That brother she let eat up the food and dump his son on her? Has 11 kids. and only takes care of 3 of them. the other brother is an alcoholic and the nephew is a drug dealer and moves around often because people have put a price on his head.
She was so right.
Rachel, go get your own.You didn’t want to follow the rules, so it seems like you’re ready to go.

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Posted at 5:59 PM on March 11, 2014  

wow i cannot believe u are defending her. That girl is selfish and manipulative.Nothing good comes out of kids who get everything served to them on a platter , even if she has good grades it doesn’t justify her disrespectful behavior !! She need some life lessons.The parents shouldn’t go crawling on hands and knees after an 18 YEAR OLD!! Yes she is NOT A BABY !! How appalling !! And i had rules, like no driving license till 18 and no texting on cell phone and guess what it wasn’t a problem for me ! I had respect for my parents word and i appreciated everything they sacrificed for me in life. Including the 9 months i spent in my mothers womb .

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Betty Gillian

Posted at 9:18 AM on March 11, 2014  

I guess you didn’t read the court documents. This young adult attacks without conscience. Wouldn’t you be careful with a daughter who denounced you to Children’s Aid for kissing her on the cheek?

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