‘Teen Mom 2′ Episode Preview: Adam Lind Finally Gets Time With Aubree

Tue, March 4, 2014 12:29pm EST by 10 Comments
Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind
Courtesy of MTV

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Posted at 7:18 PM on April 2, 2014  

Usually it is in the best interest of the child to have two loving,supporting parents,but-and sometimes there is a but,especially if one of them,in this case the father have nothing to offer,making babies is not hard,real challenge is after they are born,loving them is not enough-does not put roof over they heads,food in they bellies,provide for them,put them through Collage,so yeah go Chelsea-make sure Adam prove him self first,but watching Adam throughout the show we all know that sooner or later he be a letdown down to both kids

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Posted at 1:29 AM on March 26, 2014  

listen finally chelsea is over adam
he is totally irresponsible, the next thing, we will see him take aubree in his motor cycle
the only way he should be with aubree is with supervision

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Posted at 9:42 PM on March 19, 2014  

Sometimes with the way people are presented I wonder if everyone is watching the same show I’m watching cuz Chelsea has moved on with her life. She got her GED , she’s building a career for herself and Adam goes in and out of Jail and now he is having another baby and he gets a salary from being on the show, Adam didn’t have the time of day for his daughter the first year and a half and everyone keeps saying Chelsea didn’t move on I guess cuz she chooses not to sleep around and have more kids and look Old as Hell like Adam. Adam looks like Chelsea’s father now and he’s going Bald. Chelsea has been living on her own for years now

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Posted at 9:28 PM on March 19, 2014  

Chelsea is right Adam is extremely irresponsible and if her daughter is in the car with this Jailbird and crash then everyone will be saying why did she let her go with him. Adam seems like he asks to see his daughter when it’s convenient for him cuz there was a time Chelsea use to Beg him to come see her. Pleeze Chelsea is probably so disappointed he is her daughters father after seeing what type of a person he turned out to be

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jess grand

Posted at 8:28 AM on March 9, 2014  

Adam should get to see his child, Chelesa needs to get over him and the fact that he has moved on. She’s a brat who’s parents never made grow up .

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Posted at 9:04 AM on March 7, 2014  

@HL…..i ALWAYS feel like your poll questions are like a double edged sword. Take this one for example…..Yes, OF COURSE I’m happy to see that Aubree has gotten to spend time with her dad, BUT….I kinda feel like a “yes” answer ‘blames’ Chelsea for ‘not permitting’ Adam any time with her when he’s all along been an upstanding citizen, had a job, paid child support, been there for his daughter in every way, etc., etc., etc., & that Chelsea was just being petty & CHOOSING to not let Adam have her out of spite, when, IN FACT, IT’S BEEN QUITE THE OPPOSITE!!! Adam has absolutely not -D-E-S-E-R-V-E-D- to spend an ounce of time with Aubree!!! Up until now, he’s not been there for her emotionally, physically, financially, etc., etc., but rather, has relied on Chelsea’s obvious love for him to use & abuse her & get her to “give in” to his demands because he KNOWS that she DOES still love him & DOES still dream of them being a happy little family! He manipulates her at every turn &, although Chelsea HAS gotten a bit better & can now see thru & not fall for ALLLLLLLL of his crap. It’s soooooo obvious that she still eats it up when he does flirt with her & regardless of his NEW relationship & his NEW baby, he still WANTS to string her along & WANTS her to love & be IN love with him for multiple reasons, including his ginormous ego & narcissistic personality. That’s my opinion that has come with years of life & years of experience. Thus far, in Aubree’s four years, personally, I’ve seen NOTHING that shows Adam to have matured, grown up ORRRRRRRRR any behavior that’s put him even in the realm of earning the title, idea or HONOR of “DAD,” certainly not to Aubree anyway ((& THEN, to have ANOTHER child just further proves my point!!!)). ‘FATHER’ and ‘DAD’ are VERBS, as well as nouns, a point which Adam fails to realize & which his parents have failed to TEACH him ((amongst other things)). The way he treats & slags off Chelsea at every given opportunity is yet more proof. Soooooo, whilst YES, in an ideal world, BOTH parents should love, spend time with every child & every child SHOULD have the benefit of BOTH parents, I absolutely, wholeheartedly, completely understand & support Chelsea’s decision to not allow Adam to take Aubree on his own, particularly given his most recent actions / behaviors / problems / multiple DUIs, etc. & I think it’s DANG GENEROUS of her to even let her go to his parents’ if he’s still not paid a penny of child support. The ONLY part of Adam’s that actually WORKS is incidentally, the part which needs to be kept under wraps ((no pun intended)), under lock & key and CERTAINLY NOT OUT THERE “working.” Sadly, I can see that, only a short time down the line here, Taylor will be in EXACTLY the same position as Chelsea & C&T will probably be BFFs.

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Posted at 4:02 PM on March 6, 2014  

Why isn’t Aubree never dressed up, glamorous, hair fixed like Chelsea?! All the little girls, especially Amber’s little girl, who’s constantly brushing her hair out of her face.

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Posted at 10:35 AM on March 5, 2014  

I certainly wouldn’t want my child in a car with someone as irresponsible as Adam. I usually don’t like Chelsea, but at least she’s protecting her child.

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Posted at 2:06 PM on March 4, 2014  

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Posted at 1:39 PM on March 4, 2014  

Oh Adam, you will be completely bald in about 3 years. LOL!

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