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Girl, 6, Found Living In Feces Covered Home Without Running Water

Tue, March 4, 2014 3:57pm EDT by Lauren Cox Add first Comment
Child Cruelty Custody Feces
Courtesy of Cobb County

Two adults have been charged with first-degree child cruelty after a 6-year-old girl was found sleeping in a feces covered room. Now, the girl has been taken out of the rodent infested home and put into protective custody.

Sarah Veazey, 36, and her father Robert Veazey, 62, should be ashamed of themselves. Sarah kept her 6-year-old daughter living in a home that was covered in animal feces and had no running water until police intervened.

6-Year-Old Found In Rodent & Feces Infested Home

Sarah Veazey was living with her father, Robert Veazey, when things got out of hand. According to a Facebook rant made by Sarah in Jan. 2014, Robert had let their home “fall apart.”

The entire rant read: “Im angry at my dad right now i hate living the way im living he is just letting this house go to hell. it’s falling apart & he wont do anything to fix it hopefully i will be able to get out of this CRAP soon.”

The home that Sarah speaks of was a house that had no running water and instead, a bucket was used for human waste. The bucket was then dumped into the non-working toilet, which was overflowing with waste. The broken-down house was also overrun with rats, cats, and dogs who were not properly cared for. Animal feces covered the house, including the living room where the 6-year-old was found sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Neighbors Had No Idea Things Were So Dire

In an interview with a local news outlet, neighbors claimed they had no idea that the house was as bad inside as it was outside. One neighbor, Nancy Solis, even stated that the little girl was always well dressed and gave no signs of living in a troubled home.

“She wasn’t dressed poorly or the parents didn’t look like they were dirty, so,” Nancy said. “I feel bad for the little girl, but if they can help her — like I said, if that was such bad shape, I would hope she would be in a better place.”

There is no word on whether or not Sarah and her father are still in jail, or how long the little girl will be in protective custody.

— Lauren Cox

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