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Brooke Burke-Charvet Reveals Diet Secrets For Flat Abs After 4 Kids

Tue, March 4, 2014 4:20pm EDT by Add first Comment
Brooke Burke Diet
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Hot bod alert! Former ‘DWTS’ co-host and mom of four kids, Brooke Burke-Charvet EXCLUSIVELY told how she balances her work, staying fit and being a full time mom!

Brooke Burke-Charvet, 42, looks way too good in a bikini to have had four children! We just had to ask her diet and exercise secrets! Keep reading as Brooke dishes on her health routine, balancing family, and her hot new fitness clothing line.

Brooke Burke-Charvet’s Diet & Workout Routine

Brooke’s body looks tighter after four kids than most of us could manage after four years of college! How does she do it? We asked the supermom her secrets:

“Here’s my big secret, there isn’t one. No tips, no tricks, it’s just a bunch of hard work, lots and lots of sweat, maybe a few tears along the way, and making healthy choices about what I’m putting into my body. I schedule my exercise like I schedule everything else in my life… You’ve got to block out time for yourself, it’s about making a commitment and sticking to it.”

Brooke teaches a booty burn class in Malibu that gets you “burning past the burn,” and she gave us the details on her typical workout routine:

“I do a Pilates class a couple times a week, and then I teach my booty burn class three times a week… if I’m not working. My booty burn class is a full-body workout, it works multiple parts of the body at the same time… basically, it’s a whole mess of sweat. You feel cleansed after the class, but you look like you’ve just done ten rounds of extreme fighting; it’s very attractive,” she joked.

We know, we know, we were hoping for a magic pill, too. But when it comes to a rock hard bod, it looks there’s no way around working up a good sweat!

Brooke’s Typical Diet

As far as Brooke’s diet goes, she’s just as disciplined in the kitchen as she is in the gym:

“I make dinner for my family every night. I believe it’s really important to pass on the tradition to my kids. I believe in eating a Mediterranean diet. I try to keep my meals fresh and colorful — I make a lot of soups, and eat a lot of meat. I really try to avoid packaged foods, bad fats, wheat, and sugar. Of course I cheat, otherwise it would be impossible to stick to any kind of a healthy meal plan. My favorite cheat days consist of margarita pizza with jalapenos and olive oil, crunchy cereal, and bagels with lox and cream cheese.”

Well, there’s a diet we all can manage! Cooking at home is always a healthier alternative to sodium-filled restaurant meals. Above all, Brooke left us with the advice:

“You really have to listen to your body, but you also have to give yourself a break once in a while!”

Brooke Burke-Charvet On Balancing Family & Her Work

Brooke doesn’t just look awesome in fitness gear, she’s created a line of her own! Caelum was designed with the real woman in mind:

“Women are working out longer and are stronger now than ever before. Why shouldn’t a woman always look cool and fashionable, even when she’s soaked in post-workout sweat? I always seem to be in my workout clothes for a good part of the day, especially on my busy days. I also think it’s about comfort and I like transitional pieces that I can both work out in and run my errands.”

It seems like Brooke may not have a lot of family time between work and staying fit, but she actually includes her family in her healthy activities:

“My kids usually join me when I teach my booty burn class along with many of the other mom’s children. My family and I also love trampoline play in the backyard and we have been known to scooter around the neighborhood as a family from time to time. We pretty much stay active all year long living in Malibu, but ultimately, I think it’s really important to lead by example, and to teach my children how to take care of themselves by watching mom make a commitment to herself and follow through with it.”

You go, Brooke! It seems like this supermom isn’t slowing down anytime soon. What do you think of her healthy and fit lifestyle?

— Kindra Bailey, Reporting by Dory Larrabee-Zayas

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