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‘Non-Stop’ Movie Reviews: Liam Neeson & Lupita Nyong’o Fly Into Major Danger

Fri, February 28, 2014 5:10pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 2 Comments

What happens when you put Liam Neeson on a plane with Hollywood’s ‘it girl,’ ‘Downton Abbey’s’ leading lady and a murderer? The top film critics in the biz let us know!

The thriller puts Liam Neeson at the forefront of a problem of huge heights — he’s framed for highjacking a plane, while he’s trying to stop an anonymous murderer from killing passengers on the flight. To find out if Liam saves the day, you’ll have to hit theaters, but for now, keep reading for reviews of “Non-Stop.”

‘Non-Stop’ Reviews

Liam Neeson takes on the role of the troubled hero, yet again. But this time, the badass action star isn’t terrorizing the bad guys overseas — he is literally over the sea. 40,000 feet up in the air, Liam’s U.S. air marshal — along with Lupita Nyong’o, Michelle Dockery and Julianne Moore — receives anonymous texts, threatening to murder those on the flight, unless $150 million is transferred to a mysterious bank account. The rest of the trip, reaches even more terrifying heights.

Should you race to theaters this weekend to see “Non-Stop,” which is released today, February 28? Check out these reviews to find out!

The Los Angeles Times

Effectively directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who previously worked with Neeson in “Unknown,” “Non-Stop” is a crisp, efficient thriller that benefits greatly from the intangibles Neeson can be counted on to supply.

The New York Times

“Non-Stop” doesn’t make any sense, but that’s expected, uninteresting and incidental to the pleasures of a slow-season Liam Neeson release as diverting as this one. A lot has been written about Mr. Neeson’s surprising resurrection as an older action hero, which has sometimes been more rewarding theoretically than cinematically.

The Hollywood Reporter

The implausibilities outnumber the dead bodies in this airborne Liam Neeson thriller.

The Huffington Post

If you crossed a disaster film from the 1970s with a low-budget action-thriller from the last five years, you’d get something that looks like “Non-Stop.”

The Wall Street Journal

Originality is not the script’s strong suit…What holds the movie together, and us in its thrall, is Mr. Neeson’s big, often bludgeony presence. He makes a doomy action hero, but a commanding one, from the moment we learn that, air marshal or not, Bill is a white-knuckle flier, not to mention a bare-knuckle brawler when the occasion demands it.


Nyong’o can also be seen in this weekend’s Liam Neeson airplane thriller “Non-Stop.” Just don’t expect this new role to deliver anything on the level of her devastating 12 Years turn as Patsey: In “Non-Stop, “which Nyong’o booked after 12 Years but before its attendant hype made her the Next Big Thing, the 30-year-old actress is a glorified extra, delivering most of her lines off-camera (when she has any to deliver at all).


“Non-Stop” isn’t a great film; it may not even be very good, and it’s undeniably convoluted and silly. Yet I enjoyed nearly every moment. Sure, it’s probably 15 minutes overlong, thanks to that excess of misdirection…But if it works, it’s because Neeson and Collet-Serra, as well as Julianne Moore as Neeson’s business-class seatmate Jen, are all fully aware of how ludicrous this exercise is.


“Non-Stop” is the kind of film that Hitchcock might have made in his heyday, or at least one he would have enjoyed.

HollywoodLifers, do you want to see “Non-Stop?” Let us know!

Elizabeth Wagmeister

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