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LL Cool J Tired Of Kanye West: Rap Legend Disses Yeezus On Talk Show

Tue, February 25, 2014 5:37pm EDT by 5 Comments

LL Cool J is tired of Kanye West’s rants and thinks the ‘Bound 2’ rapper is bound to not like what he had to say about Yeezy’s school aged complaints. Click to watch the video below and see for yourself what the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ had to say about Kanye.

Hip-hop legend LL Cool J, 46, says he’s “tired” of Kanye West complaining all the time. But on Feb. 24, even the rapper who’s known by his famous hook, “LL Cool J is hard as hell,” was afraid of the repercussions tied to speaking his mind about the great Yeezus.

LL Cool J Is Tired Of Kanye West Ranting

LL got a little jab in on Kanye when he sat down with Arsenio Hallon Feb.24, as a guest on Arsenio’s late night talk show.

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LL simply said that he’s getting “tired” of Kanye’s constant rants.

Arsenio started the conversation by asking LL what he thinks about the new and or existing rap artists in the game. LL respectfully rattled off Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West — adding — “when he’s not complaining.”

“I love you man [Kanye], but you gotta stop complaining,” added LL.

LL then joked at the possible backlash from Kanye for his remarks, “He’s gonna tear me up — Don’t hit me,” LL said, laughing at his own statement with Arsenio.

LL Tells Arsenio Kanye Needs To Stop ‘Complaining.’

LL has a right to be afraid of the almighty and powerful Yeezus.

In January of this year, Kanye became the focus of an assault investigation after he allegedly chased an 18-year-old into a chiropractor’s office, and punched him.

Kanye said the reason he pounded the teen was because he launched racial slurs at his fiancé, Kim Kardashian.

Kanye reportedly paid $250,000 to the teen in an out of court settlement.

Watch what you say LL — Yeezus “ain’t plain.”

— Bryant Perkins

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