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Rihanna: Forget Chris Brown & Fall In Love With Drake

Tue, February 25, 2014 3:58pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 49 Comments

Rihanna — it’s time to finally cut your emotional ties to Chris Brown and let a man who adores you — Drake — into your heart. Make Paris, where you two are hanging out now, your own personal city of love.

Rihanna — you need to give yourself permission to fall head-over-heels in love with Drake, and put Chris Brown in your rear view mirror. Drake has crushed on you for years, and waited patiently in the wings as a ‘friend’ while you’ve been through your heartrending downs and ups and downs with your ex, Chris.

Rihanna Should Forget About Chris Brown And Fall In Love With Drake

But now, it appears that you’re finally giving Drake a break and allowing him to romance you regularly and treat you the way every woman NEEDS to be treated — like a queen!

Drake Gets Rihanna's Valentine's Day

The two of you are both in Paris — Drake, who’s performing in a concert tonight, Feb 25, at Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy as part of his current tour in Europe, while Rihanna, you apparently came to Paris to spend time with Drake — and to potentially attend the Balmain fashion show; you are starring in their new Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaign.

Now, Rihanna, there couldn’t be a more romantic place than Paris to let yourself finally fall in love with a man who isn’t Chris Brown.

Rihanna Goes Topless In Brazil

It’s a beautiful city, and you and Drake have been enjoying its epic restaurants like L’Avenue — one of your faves in Paris — where you had a cozy dinner on Feb. 23.

And then last night, you two did another one of your favorite things in Paris — you went clubbing at Soixante Dix Neuf nightclub, where Drake actually performed as  a DJ.

Rihanna — during the past month you and Drake have spent far more time together in a fairly small period of time than… ever!

Before Paris, you two partied it up at LA nightclub Hooray Henry, where an eyewitness already told EXCLUSIVELY that you two sat closely together in a booth and that you were “acting like a couple.”

And then let’s not forget that Drake sent you AND your mom, Monica Blaithwaite, beautiful bouquets of white roses — as well as champagne  for Valentine’s Day– a source told

Rihanna: Drake Is ‘Too Good’

When you opened the envelope, you said, “oh this man is good. Too f*****g good,” a source revealed to us.

Well, you know what Rihanna — he’s not too good for you. No, Drake is treating you the way any loving and thoughtful man treats a woman he cares about a lot.

“He’s a gentleman and you know Rihanna isn’t quite used to all that,” a source tells, adding that he’s been treating her like a “queen!”

Rihanna — that’s great. Chris Brown may have loved you, but his issues with women darkened your relationship. Drake fortunately has no such issues.

Now, you need to let yourself get used to being treated with all the love and respect that you deserve by Drake, 27.

Right now, you’re at Drake’s big Paris concert. So have a wonderful time, watching your man onstage.

I bet he’s thrilled that you’re in the audience cheering him on. He once fought Chris Brown — literally for your heart — at the NYC club W.I.P in NYC. That was not a good moment.

But now he’s fighting for your affections in all the right ways — wooing you with roses, dinners, club dates, and respect. It’s time to let yourself respond. Try and get over your relationship issues of the past and let Drake into your heart.

Do you agree HollywoodLifers? Let me know.

 Bonnie Fuller

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