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‘Heroes Reborn’: NBC’s Reboot Needs To Ditch The Cast To Save The Show

Mon, February 24, 2014 10:43am EDT by Shaunna Murphy 22 Comments
Heroes Reborn NBC Reboot
Courtesy of NBC

The world was teleported back to 2006 on Feb. 22, when NBC made the head-scratching announcement that they were bringing back ‘Heroes’ for a 13-episode run. With two full days to think about it, we’ve finally come to the conclusion that this might be a great idea — if they don’t include Hayden PanettierreZachary Quinto, and the rest of the heroes that filled out the original cast.

When Hayden Panettierre put on that sexy red uniform and jumped to her “death” during the Heroes pilot back in Sept. 2006, the world was rightfully hooked. Now, nearly eight years and three unfortunately crappy seasons later, the show will make its triumphant return as a miniseries —  but in order to be successful, Heroes Reborn will need to ditch its cheerleader in order to save the show.

‘Heroes Reborn’ Reboot — Ditch The Cast; Save The Show

Season 1 of Heroes was about as exciting as TV got back in 2006 — minus Lost, of course.

And much of this had to do with Hayden, Zachary QuintoJack ColemanMilo Ventimiglia, and the other colorful stars who populated the show’s wacky universe. But as time went on, many of their plotlines grew tedious, and fans began to wonder why the show didn’t go with its original idea of introducing a new cast of “heroes” each season. I mean, remember when Nathan Petrelli died? And then came back to life? And then died — again? And then… well, you get it. Point it, the writers lost track of where they were going, and by the end of days, fans had grown tired of the original heroes of Heroes.

Then, shockingly, the show ended on a pretty damn impressive note — Claire (Hayden) outed herself as a hero, letting the entire world know that heroes (and villains!) were among us. It was cool! It was exciting! It was a world we never got to explore, because the show was abruptly canceled following her reveal.

Now, I’m totally down with a Heroes universe in which the entire population knows that these people are out there. It could make for some serious, X-Men style drama; dealing with the implications of “coming out” to a world that’s probably not quite ready for super-humans. I just don’t want Claire, Sylar, or any goddamned member of the Petrelli family to be there when this exciting new universe is revealed. These characters’ stories have been told — and, admittedly, not very well — so giving the show a fresh start with new personalities to work with (and of course, a set end date to prevent the writing from flying off the rails) could be just what Heroes needs to save its tarnished legacy.

‘Heroes Reborn’ Reboot — There’s Always A ‘But’

Of course, there is one giant exception to this “ditch the cast, save the show” rule — Heroes wouldn’t be Heroes without its main hero, Hiro (Masi Oka). Getting fans of the original franchise to tune in will obviously be a key component to Reborn‘s success, and fans are going to want at least one old character to serve as the anchor between the old universe and the new. Hiro is undoubtedly the show’s most iconic character (next to Claire, but she doesn’t have a sword), and his presence is just so damn delightful that they’d be crazy not to invite him back. (Though, to be fair, I wouldn’t mind a well-placed HRG cameo, either.)

What do you think, Heroes fans? Are you excited for Heroes Reborn, or should the show have stayed dead? Do you agree that the reboot should ditch the original cast? Are there certain cast members you’re dying to see? Let me know in the comments!

— Shaunna Murphy

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