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Niall Horan Laughs At Justin Bieber’s Legal Issues At BRITs — Watch

Wed, February 19, 2014 4:12pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 45 Comments

Niall felt no sympathy for the ex of his recent fling, Selena Gomez, as he laughed when he was asked about visiting Justin Bieber in jail at the BRITs! Watch the clip here!

Justin Bieber causing a great deal of laughs for the boys of One Direction — especially Niall Horan. As if recently making out with Selena Gomez wasn’t enough, he straight out laughed into the mic at the BRIT Awards on Feb. 19 when asked about Justin’s recent arrest!

Niall Horan Disses Justin Bieber

James sat down in the middle of the guys and asked Niall Horan which of the band members were the first one to visit Justin in prison. Niall simply laughed right into the mic, said “Um,” then looked away! Awkward!

Then the host asked, “Did you tell him what guys do to people who like him in prison? Did any one you send a text, Louis, asking him to just lay off the bong?”

One Direction Disses Justin Bieber

Louis Tomlinson smiled and tried to pass the question to Zayn Malik.

Obviously, the host knew that it wasn’t going to happen at that point, so he asked, “How about a message to Justin?”

“Keep strong and keep doin’ what you do,” Louis said. Of course, James added that that’s not the best advice since he shouldn’t keep doing everything that he’s been doing.

But it didn’t stop there!

One D Mocks Justin Bieber . . . Again

On Feb. 18, Louis and Liam Payne took to Twitter to make fun of the Biebs for changing his Instagram name to “Bizzle” — which, come on, Justin had to know that people were going to make fun of that.

In a ton of tweets, they went back and forth calling each other different words with “zz’s,” like “Sizzle,” “Drizzle,”Zizzla,” and “Chisel,” to name a few. Then at the BRITs, right after Louis shared some advice for Justin, one of the guys yelled out “BIZZLE!”

Looks like there’s a war going on… wonder what direction it will go in. Do you think their diss was mean? Let us know!

— Emily Longeretta

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