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‘The Following’ Twist Was A Perfect Way To Kick Off Season 2

Mon, January 20, 2014 1:43pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 13 Comments
The Following Season 2
Courtesy of Fox

On Jan. 19, the season premiere of ‘The Following’ definitely brought some twists — two huge ones, to be exact. Both of them made me realize why this show is one of the scariest on TV . . . and that season two will be even more disturbing as season one.

Spoiler alert — if you haven’t yet watched the season two premiere of The Following (shame on you), you may not want to continue reading. Or, if you like spoilers, click on in!

‘The Following’ Season 2 Twists — Shocking & Terrifying

It’s not a surprise that I’m still losing sleep over the season two premiere of The Following — it began with the death of Claire (Natalie Zea) and once again a heartbroken Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon). After getting over that initial pissed-off-shock feeling, I then moved on to being terrified.

Kevin Bacon Talks Season 2

We were introduced to a new villain this season since Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) appeared to die on the season one finale. Luke (Sam Underwood) took over the role of remaking Edgar Allen Poe‘s style — killing an innocent girl, dressing her body up, dancing with her, and even raiding her fridge (which as any girl knows, is the most annoying part of it all). He then dressed her corpse in the white dress — a perfect Poe reference.

Oh, did I mention that Luke has a super-sexy twin? Yes, he’s terrifying and we I was totally shocked when Luke is talking to someone in the shower and they cut out to his twin. One is more evil than the other — but the more innocent one is still part of Carroll’s extremely terrifying clan and has this really creepy, quite grin.

Joe Carroll Or Daryl?

While Ryan Hardy has enlisted his niece Max Hardy (Jessica Stroup) to help him find out what’s going on with Joe, we got to see it loud and clear. Joe’s legacy is living through two separate followings — the one that Luke formed and the one that Emma (Valorie Curry) is leading. Oh yeah, Emma is still there but is now rocking a pink mohawk and a nose ring.

However, the most shocking part of the episode is that at the very end we are re-introduced to Joe Carroll (yes, he survived that fire). Now he is going under the name of Daryl, and is hiding his stunning scary face with a huge beard.

He’s living out in the middle of nowhere, but Ryan Hardy isn’t far behind — he’s already got some of his cult to admit that Joe’s alive, and that he had a trap door in the lighthouse all along, and had someone waiting to pick him up.

Honestly, I knew he would live — the show is about him. I was hesitant that I would be annoyed when I heard that he had survived though, since in the final scenes of season one it was so definite. But the way they revealed that he had lived and had a plan the whole time was very Joe Carroll like and proved once again that Kevin Williamson is a completely genius.

Overall, the premiere was suspenseful, witty, and of course terrifying. While I may be a little more cautious on the subway now, over all I can’t wait for this season — with Luke and his twin taking on Ryan, a pissed off Emma, who by the way still thinks Joe is dead, and Joe being alive and well in the woods, this season is bound to be even better than the first.

What did you think of the season two premiere, HollywoodLifers? Let me know!

— Emily Longeretta

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