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Justin Bieber Detained As Police Raid His Home After Egging Incident

Tue, January 14, 2014 11:39am EDT by 42 Comments

Justin Bieber is being detained by police in his garage right now, Jan. 14, according to a new report, as they search his home in connection with last week’s egging incident.

Justin Bieber is at home right now in L.A., as a platoon of police with a search warrant comb his home for evidence connecting him to the egging attack on a neighbor’s house on Jan. 9. During the raid, his friend Lil Za was arrested for drug possession!

Justin Bieber’s House Raided

Eleven patrol cars pulled up to Justin’s Calabasas mansion early this morning on an egg hunt, as part of a felony investigation into the incident which reportedly caused $20,000 worth of damage to the neighbor’s house.

Justin Bieber Detained By Police

The neighbor first filled a complaint against Justin on Jan. 9, alleging that it was the Biebs who launched a major egg attack on his home.

Harry Styles Tweets Picture Of Eggs — Dissing Justin Bieber Police Raid?

Justin was at his home when the patrol cars arrived, LASD spokesperson Steve Whitmore told exclusively. He is being detained in his garage, according to TMZ, while police search both outside and inside his home looking for evidence linking him to the attack, including eggs.

“There is a search warrant being served. Justin is there on the scene. This has turned into a felony investigation,” Steve told HollywoodLife. “I’m not sure if he knew they were coming.”

Justin Bieber — Will He Go To Jail?

The reason that this is a felony investigation is because the neighbor has alleged that there is more than $400 damage to his home. A felony conviction could land Justin up to three years in jail!

Police have brought a battering ram to Justin’s house and will reportedly be looking for surveillance video from Justin’s home, which can bolster the evidence, they need to charge Justin with a crime.

The Sheriff’s deputies have already reviewed TMZ’s video of the egging incident, reports the site.

Justin Bieber: It’s Time To Grow Up After Egging Incident

Justin can’t be too happy now right now while police search his home from top to bottom. FYI, if police find drugs or anything else illegal in Justin’s home while they are there, he could face other charges as well.

Justin: Will He Go To Jail?

If the D.A. decides to prosecute Justin, he should be arrested, James E. Silverstein, criminal defense attorney told exclusively.

“If the crime is charged as a stand alone misdemeanor vandalism, the defendant can face a steep fine, restitution, and up to one year in the county jail,” James said.

If found guilty of a felony, “the individual can be placed into custody for up to three years and/or placed on felony probation. The defendant also faces a steep fine and victim restitution,” he added.

HollywoodLifers — do you think that Justin will be charged with egging his neighbor’s home?

— Maxine Studebaker

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