‘Sherlock’ Season Premiere Gave The Series A Necessary Shake-Up

Thu, January 2, 2014 10:28am EST by 4 Comments
Sherlock Season 3 Premiere
Courtesy of BBC One

Nobody likes change, but in the case of ‘Sherlock,’ the season three premiere provided much-needed upheaval.

Sherlock made its long-awaited return to BBC One on Jan. 1, as did the show’s titular character (Benedict Cumberbatch), who’s been M.I.A. since his supposed death at the end of season two. Unfortunately, his homecoming wasn’t quite as promising as he’d hoped — unless you consider having to rescue your best friend, while thwarting an international terrorist plot, to be ‘promising.’

Of course, before all those shenanigans happened, Sherlock had another major life change to deal with: Watson (Martin Freeman) is engaged! Sherlock literally walked in on Watson mid-proposal, which made for an awkward — albeit hilarious — first meeting with Watson’s new fiancée Mary (Amanda Abbington).

I also love that, despite Watson’s engagement, Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) still thinks he and Sherlock solve ‘undercover’ mysteries on the side. You know what I mean.

Meet The New Big Bad

Speaking of new additions to the series, the premiere’s final moments teased the arrival of season three’s new big bad, Charles Augustus Magnussen (Lars Mikkelsen), who creepily re-watched footage of Sherlock saving Watson from the burning building. Seriously, what’s he up to?

Still, for as much change as Sherlock had to endure during the premiere, so many of the things we love about the show remained the same: The action was explosive, the stakes were intense, and the friendship between Sherlock and Watson was strong. Sure, a little forgiveness was required, but what epic TV relationship doesn’t go through its ups and downs every once in a while?

All in all, the Jan. 1 premiere was a thrilling return to a series that’s been sorely missed by viewers ever since it ended two years ago. (Yes, it really has been that long.) Everyone came out stronger than they entered, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of season three has in store for us.

HollywoodLifers, did you see the Sherlock premiere? Drop a comment with your review of the episode below.

— Andy Swift

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Christine Hudson

Posted at 7:37 AM on January 5, 2014  

No it didn’t need a shake up! When I watched it initially I was very disappointed, especially with all the fancy quick cut shots of tube trains – we all got that it was set on the London Underground and didn’t need it rammed down our throats and all the cutting back and forth was also annoying. We have been used to a more linear presentation which is much better to follow the story. However, having watched it again, and ignoring the flashy camera work, I picked up a lot more detail and the magic WAS still there. The one thing I do love about the new series is that Sherlock seems to have returned with a seriously wicked sense of humour!

You may also note that we still don’t know for sure how he faked the fall – at the very end of the episode John asks if he will tell him how he did it and Sherlock side steps the question. The 1st ‘explanation’ ( THAT kiss with Molly) was an Anderson theory, the 2nd ( gay kiss one) was also someone’s theory and the 3rd (to a video camera) was told to Anderson who even works out himself that he is the last person Sherlock would tell the truth to – so we still don’t know!

I would certainly advise more than one viewing so you get ALL of the detail and then you certainly won’t be disappointed!!

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Richard Bent

Posted at 9:34 AM on January 7, 2014  

You’re absolutely right, of course, we never are told just how he did the fall. But the odd thing is, nobody seems to be particularly concerned about that. You’d imagine there’d be an uproar about cheating us out of the answer, but nobody mentions it and if they do it’s not in anger. To me, that says a lot about the strength of the characters, writing and the show in general. I still hope we are told in the final episode (Moffat and Gatiss have said numerous times they have worked out how it was actually done) but after two years of trying to figure it out people just seem happy to get the show back on air.

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Posted at 7:28 PM on January 2, 2014  

Necessary shake up!!! There had only been 6 episodes prior to last night’s premiere so how the heck you can say it was in need of a shake up beats me. By all means say that about a show with 22 episodes but 6!

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Posted at 12:01 PM on January 2, 2014  

A very nice and in depth review! I thought it was a very good episode! Great review! :D You can read my post here if you’re interested…http://thelifeofathinker.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/thoughts-on-sherlock-the-empty-hearse/

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