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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals: I Hid Butt Plugs Under My Bed

Thu, December 19, 2013 3:25pm EDT by Chloe Melas 20 Comments

The Oscar winner appeared on Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show and revealed that she freaked out when her maid found butt plugs under her bed!

Jennifer Lawrence has sex toys! The 23-year-old admitted on Dec. 18 during an appearance on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, that she had a ton of sex toys for something to do with her latest movie, American Hustle, and she hid them under her bed to hide them from her cleaning lady. Did she manage to save herself from a majorly embarrassing moment?

Jennifer Lawrence Hides Sex Toys Under Her Bed

Jennifer told Conan that she owns a “copious amount” of sex toys, mainly butt plugs and recently forgot they were in her room.

“This is actually really funny,” she said. “Somebody as a joke bought me a bunch of butt plugs. It’s a long story. I had a copious amount of butt plugs. Tons of butt plugs. All different kinds of colors. The maid was coming so I was like, ‘Well I’ll just shove this under the bed so she doesn’t see all these butt plugs. She might not know they are for a joke.’ Then I came back and all of them were brought out of the bed and were in this beautiful display on my bedside table.”

This is crazy! How funny is this?! We’re glad she has such a good sense of humor.

Jennifer On Body Image — Fat-Shaming On TV Should Be Illegal

Jen has been pretty open lately with her opinions on something she calls “fat shaming.” While speaking with Barbara Walters  during her, The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2013, she said she didn’t understand why people call her fat.

“Why is humiliating people funny?” she said. “I get it, and I do it, too. We all do it. I think the media needs to take responsibility for the effect it has on our younger generation, on these girls that are watching these television shows and picking up how to talk and how to be cool. So all of a sudden being funny is making fun of a girl that’s wearing an ugly dress.”

Jennifer makes a great point.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Jennifer admitting she has butt plugs?

— Chloe Melas

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