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Dad Throws Twins From Burning Building, Both Miraculously Caught

Thu, December 19, 2013 11:27am EDT by Kristine Kowalski 4 Comments
Dad Throws Twins Out Burning Building
Courtesy of Facebook

A father of two was forced to rely on blind faith when he realized he couldn’t escape his burning apartment carrying both his infant twin boys. He shouted ‘somebody help me catch this baby!’ and threw his babies, one by one, out of his third story apartment to their safety.

Everdean Codner was driven to absolute desperation when he and his wife awoke to their Bronx, New York apartment filling with smoke on the morning of Dec. 18. The dad was forced to toss his two 11-month-old boys, Israel and Ishmael, out of the window and down to a neighbor standing down on the sidewalk. Miraculously, both children were safely caught by a heroic neighbor, postman Jermaine Shirley, and survived the fall.

Dad Throws Twins Out Burning Building: Babies Safely Caught By Neighbor

Everdean Codner was forced to do the unthinkable when he was unable to climb down his apartment’s fire escape holding his two young children. “I start screaming, ‘Somebody help me catch this baby,’ because I wasn’t going to try to, like, risk it,” Codner told NBC News New York.

Neighbor Jermaine Shirley quickly jumped into action and climbed up on to a shed roof to get closer to the window, and was able to safely catch each baby and pass them off to relatives waiting on the sidewalk.

The twins were taken to the hospital, but were remarkably unharmed, aside from one sustaining a bump on the head. Both were smiling and in good spirits after the fall.

Dad Calls Postman ‘Hero’ For Saving Babies From Fire

“Thank God for the neighbors, for the quick response,” Codner told NBC, also explaining he was supposed to be at work when the fire broke out and couldn’t imagine the outcome if he hadn’t been home. “One thing I was thinking, ‘I hope my family makes it through.'” The entire family made it out of the building unharmed, but call Shirley a true hero for his quick response.

While we are so glad that this story had a happy ending for the twins’ safety, our thoughts remain with the family after the tragic fire.

— Kristine Hope Kowalski

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