Paul Walker Death Mystery — Porsche Experts Brought In To Analyze Crash

Wed, December 18, 2013 6:10pm EST by 8 Comments
Paul Walker Dead

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Posted at 11:42 PM on January 1, 2014  

It’s weird. I’ve been in an accident with a Porsche and I got away with a broken leg and many bruises. I was driving 100 right before a drunk driver swerved in front of me causing me to swerve into a cement pole and over a ditch. My Porsche never caught fire.. There are many weird info about his crash though. First, his friends and father was very eager to be interviewed not long after his death. When my uncle burned alive (he was actually a wake) and my sister died a few years ago. I couldn’t function, nor could I laugh or talk to anyone for days. They were interviewed little less than 24 hours. Then Jim Torp changes his story a few times over a week period of being interviewed.
Paul said at the event that something was wrong with the car but so far, police have said the total opposite. Then to know that the professional driver could make a turn but not drive straight? It’s very odd. Carrera’s if I remember right, are good for straight a ways, not turns since they aren’t good at handling. I’m not saying Paul Walker is alive or anything Since I am NOT a theorists. It just doesn’t add up.

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Micky D

Posted at 5:29 AM on December 25, 2013  

I have been in the automotive industry for many years, the most common problem with people that collect cars, is that they forget to replace the tires, even if the car has only got 3000 miles on the clock, tires have a used by date and should be changed every 4 to 5 years, and possibly more frequently if the car is sitting stationary for long periods because the tires develop flat spots when sitting in the same position for too long. Now, judging by the events of that day, it seems apparent that roger may have been showing off before he lost control….people, no matter who they are, famous, or experienced race car drivers, know, that when you play silly buggers on suburban streets, in high powered race cars, something always goes wrong, race cars are designed for controlled environments like a race track.

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Posted at 12:43 AM on December 23, 2013  

You could figure out if they were speeding from how far it was from the place they had just left. And how long it would normally take to get there.

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Rachael Ella

Posted at 3:46 AM on December 19, 2013  

It does sound pretty dodgy that the crash was caused by just speed, wouldn’t the car have flipped if this was the case? I’m no car expert, but from what i’ve read speed was the last thing anyone has thought…there was a stalling fault, a blown tire, leaking steering fluid, an obstacle, the car hydroplaning on the road markers, faults with the car….not forgetting the driver was well experienced in fast cars, and he must have driven the carerra previously because didn’t he own it? Also, the report that has just came out says they had just taken a curve and done so accurately just before the car crashed….also, small brake marks made just prior to the crash…will the truth ever come out, porsche probably won’t want to make public on any faults found with the car because they will get sued the arse off…just hope if there is anything dodgy the truth will come out for the closure for these men’s family and friends.

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Nick Weiss

Posted at 12:33 AM on December 20, 2013  

Doesn’t take an expert to see that driving one of the craziest fastest street legal race cars…as in cars that are made for the racetrack that were somehow approved for street use….could crash at a high rate of speed and kill people.

Let me put it this way….from 35-150mph in that car would probably take less than 10 seconds….most cars take longer to get to 60 in that time.

lets figure that plus the fact is has no help from computers on controlling the car…

these were 2 guys on top of the world that felt invincible…you see tons of vids on the internet with people doing the same stuff……

this is a race car…sometimes they crash…end of story. they weren’t designed to fly into polls and trees, they were designed to crash on a track.

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Posted at 8:07 PM on December 18, 2013  

No matter what they do and how many experts they will bring, he is gone for good and nobody can bring him back. I wish this didn’t happen!!!
He did not deserve to die at this age and the way he did. I still cannot believe it.
I am no expert, but the outcome of this crash raises some questions…how can a car like that hit some pole and a tree and burst into flames??? I don’t buy it, there must have been something wrong with the car or something “done” to it! I guess we will never find out the real truth!!!

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Nick Weiss

Posted at 12:34 AM on December 20, 2013  

it’s a race car…they weren’t designed to withstand that type of impact….

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Posted at 6:34 PM on December 18, 2013  

Hmmmmm, maybe Tiela chic was right

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