Miley Cyrus Slams Reports She’s Dating French Montana On Twitter

Mon, December 16, 2013 2:48pm EST by 5 Comments

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Posted at 1:03 PM on December 17, 2013  

Why don’t we all stand up for other’s who are being bullied and picked on by other’s Instead of being apart of a society that feels the needs to constantly bullying other’s and knocking down other’s because their views of life are different from other’s and the way they live life. Just because people doesn’t like the way smiley Cyrus lives her life or sings or the way she does her job, it doesn’t mean she can’t sing because she can and their are other’s that loves her singing and love or like the way does her job but does that means that they are wrong with the way they feels or does that mean their opinions are wrong no. It’s just other’s like or love her and her music and that she feels free to finally be herself without caring what other’s thinks of her other than her family’s and friends and fanbases. I actually like miley Cyrus a lot because she isn’t hiding who she is or trying to play the good girl act like selena Gomez or Taylor swift or demi lovato does all the time. Everyone in the world sees the good side and the bad side and also the ugly side to miley Cyrus While being looked down upon and being mistreated , judged , criticized, shunned and people are trying so hard to make her feel like a no body but they constantly failing miserably and you never once it stopped her from being true to herself while other’s thinks she isn’t. While selena Gomez constantly put on this good girl act on when she is in public or around other’s and doing interviews but I’m sure good person deep down inside but I’m also sure isn’t all that nice and sure that she also as the good, bad and the ugly sides to her but we never really gets the chance to see that side to her other than when she gets busted by other’s. With Taylor swift now she just play’s the good girl routine acted when she’s around other’s but acted differently in private. Demi lovato just play’s the victim card like a vilalin or like playing a guitar when she is around other’s while being praised for her bravery and honesty and for being an good role model for other’s . Demi lovato committed a crime when she chooses to smuggle s drugs on airplanes , which is illegal to do so and she wasn’t received any backlash from anyone for being irresponsible and for putting other’s life at risk because she too high on drugs to realize that her actions could put other’s in danger but yet miley Cyrus is shunned smoking whether it’s weed or not and at least she isn’t breaking the laws or risking other’s life’s with her decision like demi lovato.

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Voiceof Reason

Posted at 2:35 PM on December 21, 2013  

Sooo… You’re saying that because Taylor, Demi and Selena aren’t gyrating on any/all erect objects, sticking their tongues out and making drug-addled decisions and comments to reporters, they’re perpetuating the good girl image? I call that a regular day! If you are trying to come at this objectively, i applaud you as I believe that we as a society need to be more sex positive. However, shes crossed over from self-empowerment to downright degrading!

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Posted at 10:48 AM on December 17, 2013  

For someone is as rauncy as you and put yourself our there as you do, One can only come to the conclusion, you sleep with everyone. If you don’t want the negativity, then don’t put it out there. I wish you would go crawl under a rock somewhere and stay there. I am so sick of your face.

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Voiceof Reason

Posted at 2:09 PM on December 21, 2013  

Cosign! These rumours about her smashing French Montana have come out before and she never once denied them, now all of a sudden after those awkward photos of her, Kellan Lutz and her obnoxious BFF surfaced, she’s taking to twitter to clear it up? Girl please! She likes Kellan Lutz, he knows shes ratchet, she’s trying to prove that shes not and this is the damage control. I hope her tongue falls out of her head…

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Brandon Clement

Posted at 6:04 PM on December 16, 2013  

i did NOT say any miley… i know that people can stretch the truth…. i know that it was a friendly photo. i don’t blame you, miley because people automatically think when they hear a rumor or see something, they just post it without concerns of the person’s feelings which is yours, miley… i would be PEED OFFED too so miley with your permission i am going to tweet something for you…. in my TONS of respect i have towards you, miley… i LOVE you a lot as a fan and i ALWAYS and FOREVER will defend and support you, miley… : ) :) :)

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