Michelle Obama Recycles $6,800 Jacket For ‘Christmas In Washington 2013′

Mon, December 16, 2013 2:34pm EST by 8 Comments
Michelle Obama Christmas In Washington Dress

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Posted at 8:34 AM on December 27, 2013  

Cover those arms already, we’re tired of seeing them!! For a first lady, she does not have any style, she always looks like she is going to the mall shopping. Since Michelle and the President seem to take a vacation every other month on our tax payers money, maybe us taxpayers wouldn’t mind her hiring a stylist!

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Posted at 1:24 PM on January 1, 2014  

Why should she have to cover her arms? Stop the jealously, it’s not needed. As for the tax payers money she is not the only one spending it look at the wife’s of your governors and other state reps. If you were in her position, I am quite sure you would be doing the same.

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Linda Roberts

Posted at 8:19 PM on December 21, 2013  

Most of us wear and rewear our clothes and special outfits and it’s no big deal……I was shocked at the shortness of the daughters dresses since supposedly Momma Obama is a semi-strict mom. Malia’s and Michelle’s white dresses stuck out like a sore thumb. And why does Sasha constantly wear her hair in a bun? She needs to look 12 not 50!

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Posted at 9:32 PM on December 16, 2013  

She’s just tying to do what Kate Middleton does but can’t.Aside from Kate recycling her clothes she’s also thrifty and hardly spends unlike Michelle whose high ends items in this economy are ridiculous.

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Posted at 12:24 AM on December 27, 2013  

Yeah, right! Because you very conveniently missed the fact that Kate Middleton showed up on the scene AFTER Mrs Obama – and has actually been the one copying Mrs Obama’s very savvy use of fashion as a messaging tool.

Even the conservative London SundayTimes named Mrs Obama their Best-dressed person. They described Mrs Obama as being “–an important woman with a high-powered job who still has fun with fashion–“. The First Lady was praised for her blend of High Street with couture, and her use of clothes to inspire and entertain. Somehow they managed to forget their own Ms Middleton who you claim Mrs Obama is “copying”.

You may choose to have a short memory or to attempt to revise very recent history, but the truth and obvious fact still remains. And that is that Kate Middleton who by the way is young enough to be Mrs Obama’s daughter, took a lot of pointers from Mrs Obama including the way our First Lady has supported and boosted local, young and unknown designers; and also worn inexpensive clothes and recycled her outfits as often as possible.

You’re entitled to your hate, but you can’t make up your own facts. The good thing is that we are all still alive to remember that Kate Middleton only really became relevant after her royal engagement late 2010 and subsequent wedding in 2011.

Mrs Obama is a real woman who lives her life fully. She never had the luxury of sitting around waiting for a prince to marry her or to be trained to do even the most mundane and human things like smile and even think. Mrs Obama is a multi faceted woman who has lived fully and is not a creation or a concoction of years of being entirely handled by droves of royal handlers who are paid to leave you so unnaturally plastic and unable to remember who your authentic self really is.

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Posted at 6:19 PM on December 16, 2013  

Reblogged this on dunjav.

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Tracy J. Ragland (@TracyJRagland)

Posted at 3:00 PM on December 16, 2013  

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mariamlaursen (@mariamlaursen1)

Posted at 2:42 PM on December 16, 2013  

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