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‘Mom’ Star Blake Garrett Rosenthal: What He’s Learning From Anna Faris & Allison Janney

Mon, December 16, 2013 12:00pm EDT by Andy Swift Add first Comment
Blake Garrett Rosenthal Mom
Courtesy of CBS

The CBS sitcom’s youngest star gives all the backstage scoop — including who’s winning the cast’s fantasy football league!

Blake Garrett Rosenthal may come across as “just a regular kid,” but his day job is anything but regular. Despite his incredibly young age, he’s currently starring opposite Anna Faris and Allison Janney on the hit CBS sitcom Mom — which airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. ET — and he recently chatted with about his exciting new role, both on-camera and backstage.

Read On For Our Q&A With Blake Garrett Rosenthal

Congratulations on Mom! What’s it like having a regular role on a huge TV show?

For me, it’s awesome. I’ve never gotten such a big part, and I’m so glad to be a part of the show.

Auditioning must have been crazy for this.

[Laughs] Yeah, it was! The casting director wanted to meet with me because she remembered me from a little audition for The Big Bang Theory. When this show came around, they said I was perfect for the role.

And I imagine Allison Janney & Anna Faris are teaching you a lot.

Yeah! They’re such great actors, and they’re so fun to be around. We’re always talking between scenes. They’re the greatest.

Which of them makes you laugh more when the cameras aren’t rolling?

Probably Allison. She’s really funny.

Do you watch the show? It’s pretty adult.

No, I actually don’t. Sometimes I watch my parts, but never the whole show.

You’ve been in some huge movies, too. Who were you most excited to work with in your career?

In BridesmaidsKristen Wiig. I had a blast with her, because I had my own scene with her. Most of it was improv, and it took all day to shoot it. I remember a lot of laughing.

Do you ever have to improvise with Mom?

No, we always stick to the script.

What’s something we probably don’t know about the Mom cast?

The cast … and I are in a fantasy football league right now; I’m in first place! It’s my first time ever doing fantasy football.

(Anyone else think they should work that into the show?!)

— Andy Swift