Michelle Obama: What She Really Thought About Obama’s Flirty Selfie

Wed, December 11, 2013 2:49pm EDT by 11 Comments
Michelle Obama President Obama Selfie

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Posted at 5:32 PM on February 1, 2014  

i like michelle’s eyebrows thick and looking natural than the penciled-in look

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Posted at 7:01 PM on December 12, 2013  

Please stop trying to make it sound like either one of the Obamas is sexy, hot or good looking. The supposed man looks like a wimpy douche, and the supposed woman looks like a big bad legbreaker.

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John McKay

Posted at 12:23 AM on December 12, 2013  

If I we’re. Obama I will for sure laugh about people taking picture with me. Flirting? I don’t see it that way ,the picture was taken with the couple , not just the lady .i don’t think mrs. Obama was upset about that .but because the solemnity of the event ,.

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Posted at 7:05 PM on December 11, 2013  

Funny how they always try ro do damage control once something comes out they don’t want people to talk about.Taking those selfies were very disrespectful at the funeral .Michelle was mad because they showed her switching seats and making those faces .The selfies they were taking show obama touching Helle back and fingers in 2 diffrent pictures all while smiling and laughing so how was mIchelle not mad?.After switching seats he was leaning so far ahead and away from Michelle.This is not the first time Obama has been caught flirting with some woman.

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Posted at 9:13 AM on December 12, 2013  

It is so ridiculous for a president to be taking “selfies” like some teenager or a Kardashian! As “me” (above) stated, he is known for doing the good-ol’-boy thing and building his ego, and Michelle is grouchy and angry 24/7, so I don’t doubt that she was not a happy camper that night. The blonde looks like maybe they were having a little more fun than the wife wanted to see. Funny, most people say Pictures don’t lie, but the expression was conveniently changed to suit the need of the occasion. Obama probably would help himself by staying off of social networks and open microphones at occasions where he knows that photos are being made or reporters will be on hand to record his remarks.

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Posted at 6:11 PM on December 11, 2013  

They were taking selfies at the memorial for Nelson Mandela!!! How disrespectful, I don’t see how he disapproves of the kardashions when he’s acting just them!

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laloba solitaria

Posted at 12:57 PM on June 13, 2014  

Apparently, Mr. Mandela’s funeral reception was not solemn. I read that the reception was of a celebratory nature; people dancing and having a good time. So, for our POTUS, Prime Ministers of Denmark and Britain to take a smiling selfie, is just a sign of the times. It was Mrs. O that looked mad as hell. But then, I think her face is permanently frozen in an angry way. Just look at the huge frown creases on her face. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever seen her look happy.

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clarajeaves (@clarajeaves)

Posted at 4:20 PM on December 11, 2013  

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Noah's Ark

Posted at 3:57 PM on December 11, 2013  

God Bless President Barack Hussein Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. Lot’s of love always.
Proud of you all!

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Андрей Миньков (@AndreyMinkov)

Posted at 4:37 PM on December 11, 2013  

Jealousy is terrible thing.

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Posted at 2:59 PM on December 11, 2013  

President Obama and his wife Michelle are both a disgrace, they should be in show business because that’s all they care about. President Obama’s so called affordable health care act is just that an act, my insurance, just went up $200.00 a month!!!!! and get this, with much less coverage, so were’s the savings, I think I will send him (President Obama) a monthly bill for the difference!!!! This new health care is a bunch of BS, poor people always had coverage, they either had Medicaid (Welfare) or Charity Care, but now normal descent hard working people will have to pay more for less and these low lives will get everything for free, most of these so called
Charity Care people have more money than you imagine, it’s all cash and they can hide it, it’s a total joke!!!

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