‘Bonnie & Clyde’ Miniseries Blasted For Being Historically Inaccurate

Mon, December 9, 2013 10:30am EST by 14 Comments
Bonnie & Clyde Inaccurate
Courtesy of A+E networks

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Posted at 9:08 PM on July 12, 2014  

I thought the movie was great!! Acting was right on and I don’t think it made it look like Bonnie got Clyde into the crinmal life… I loved it.. I don’t know what you guys are talking about lol.

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Posted at 12:25 PM on July 12, 2014  

Just now getting around to watching Bonnie and Clyde on netflix. It’s absolutely horrible!!! In fact I’m about to turn it off. No historical accuracy, bad acting, no continuity etc. This was shown on the History Channel? Wow; is all I have to say to that. No wonder people can be so ignorant about history and historical facts. One would think that, if you are going to call your channel “The History Channel” and produce shows of historical significance, at the very least they would stick to the truth and be fairly accurate. What an absurd joke this movie was.

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Nathan Murray

Posted at 1:09 AM on February 16, 2014  

Bonnie and Clyde has the worst continuity of any film I’ve ever seen. How does Clyde get from being sodomised in prison at the end of episode one, to being a free man at the beginning of episode two?

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Posted at 1:42 AM on February 6, 2014  

I enjoyed the movie overall. :D

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Posted at 12:39 PM on December 13, 2013  

First and foremost this is history, and it was aired on the History Channel, as such it should have been in historically accurate too at least some extent. Secondly the irony here is that’s the whole reason we have the special is because the characters of Bonnie and Clyde are popular and the reason they’re popular is because their true stories were far more interesting than this crap show.
You know its funny the History Channel got popular because they tended to portray accurate history and now they want to hold on to their title by feeding us this crap, go figure.

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Jo Ellen Teasdale

Posted at 7:56 PM on December 12, 2013  

I didn’t care at all for this latest version of Bonnie and Clyde. To start with, the acting was not that good. Also to completely change the ending with this fanciful idea that Clyde was so upset by Bonnie’s affinity for murder that he essentially arranged for his friend’s father to set them up to be killed by the police. Clyde was a criminal thug long before he hooked up with Bonnie and he had no problem killing whoever got in his way. So the idea that he would develop this deep conscience and concern for his fellow man is nothing short of ridiculous. This is just one more time that Hollywood portrays the woman as the root of all evil and the man as completely controlled and led by the evil temptress. Bonnie was clearly as sociopathic as he was but to portray her as someone with all the control over the Barrow gangs’ actions is also ridiculous. I don’t ever think these Hollywood stories, that are based on history, are going to be accurate but to add these completely fanciful ideas takes away from the true story.

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Deb Gross

Posted at 11:37 AM on December 11, 2013  

just watched Bonnie and Clyde on demand, so glad I didn’t waste my time missing another show to watch this. very dissapointted in this show.

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William Pelarenos

Posted at 10:28 PM on December 10, 2013  

I agree that this version is historically inaccurate which is
A sad statement due to the fact that it appeared on the History
Channel. Viewers are warned not to believe everythimg
that they see on television. Hollywood has always been known to
Play fast and loose with the facts in the name of dramatic license.
Unfortunately, this version was choppy and bland. Anyone who hasn’t
seen the 1967 Warren Beatty-Faye Dunaway version should watch it and will see a great picture.

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Posted at 9:11 PM on December 10, 2013  

Wasn’t Mary Queen of Scots raised in France. Why would she have a Scottish accent?

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Posted at 8:38 PM on December 10, 2013  

Who needs your article? History, schmistory, right? I am okay with certain details surrounding historical events to make it more entertaining, so long as the entertainment does not completely distort the truth. In this portrayal they may as well have changed all of the names involved, because it is that inaccurate. It’s not very believable because of the inaccuracies.

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Thomas Pratt

Posted at 4:05 PM on December 10, 2013  

As an arm chair historian, I find fact more entertaining than fiction. If you are going to the expense of making a movie about historical figures than try to use as much historical accuracy as possible.

Far too many people take a lazy attitude toward history. The attitude seems to be why do we need it anyway.

The answer is multifaceted, but one answer is it provides our culture with continuity. Historic in accuracy not only insults the characters you study about and their families, but it makes the writers look like fools.

Secondly, history teaches us many lessons about human nature. The big mistake our society makes is not enough respect is paid towards it. That is why governments are able to continually pull the wool over our eyes and work on their hidden agendas.

This is one reason why the North American Economy suffers. We fail to learn from history and why our fathers put certain laws into practise.


Thomas Pratt

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Byron Jaggers

Posted at 3:20 AM on December 11, 2013  

Yes Thomas Pratt! No body could hv said that better! The stories I hv personally heard about Bonnie and Clyde is what made me attracted to them and their gangster lifestyle. This movie touched on nothing of any stories I hv heard about them. I was very disappointed! Instead of trying to touch on actually facts they made it a fantasy about how Clyde could see into the future (like that helps the story?) and Bonnie being the brains of the Criminal enterprise to become famous because she was rejected from Hollywood? Honesty I believe a child could come up with something better then this trash? Actually it plays out like a child did write it…

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Posted at 11:14 AM on December 9, 2013  

What about the nine police officers their gang killed? They had blood on their hands, it’s not about fashion.

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Thomas Pratt

Posted at 4:16 PM on December 10, 2013  

You are quite correct. The police did have blood on their hands, but they were law enforcement officers. They were just doing their job. Too bad they decided to kill them rather than bring them to trial.

I suspect that crime was so rampant back in the 30’s due to the depression, that law enforcement needed to make examples of characters such as Al Capone; Pretty Boy Floyd; Ma Barker and the list goes on.

While part of the American culture likes to glamourize these criminals, we must remember, they were criminals. Innocent people were getting killed. J. Edgar Hoover set a mandate to squash this problem.

I think that Law Enforcement tried to act swiftly and with integrity.

It is for this reason, that while it is sad that not all criminals may live to go to trial, they are responsible for their own demise. No one else is to blame.

This is the message we need to send to society. Criminals are not glamorous !!!! They are just Criminals. They should not be emulated. Studied perhaps, but not emulated.


Thomas Pratt

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