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‘Witches Of East End’ Recap: Ingrid Learns A Dark Secret About Asgard

Sun, December 1, 2013 11:24pm EDT by Andy Swift 3 Comments
Witches Of East End
Courtesy of Lifetime

The first season’s penultimate episode found both Beauchamp sisters at a crossroad, and they’ve got some big decisions to make!

Desperate to restore her niece’s powers, Wendy (Mädchen Amick) turned to an unlikely ally on Witches of East End‘s Dec. 1 episode: the girls’ father, Victor! And even though the Beauchamps’ family reunion got off to a fairly rocky start — Freya (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) almost died, and Ingrid (Rachel Boston) gave dear ol’ dad the brush-off — it was a freakin’ picnic compared to what Penelope (Virginia Madsen) has in store for everyone.

Basically, Freya’s future monster-in-law is going to turn her wedding into a funeral, killing her son’s bride and returning “home” to be with Archibald. I assume Penelope was referring to Asgard when she said she was going “home,” but I guess there’s always a chance she has another destination in mind. This is Witches of East End, after all.

 Dash-ing To Destruction

And Freya’s powers weren’t the only thing she may have lost forever; Killian (Daniel di Tomasso) announced his plans to sail to Costa Rica — a veritable Mecca for all brooding brothers, apparently — allowing her and Dash (Eric Winter) to begin their marriage in peace.

Of course, Killian couldn’t leave without saying goodbye, or without reminding Freya how much he loves her. He also said that marrying Dash would “destroy” her, and as we all know, that D-word carries quite a bit of weight in East End.

(Side note: How heartbreaking was it when Killian walked in on Freya in her wedding dress? He’s the saddest bartender on planet Earth, and he wears that look so well.)

So I ask you again, with Freya’s wedding mere hours away, which brother should she choose?!

A Key Revelation

Meanwhile, Ingrid’s genetically flawless library buddy Mike (Enver Gjokaj) took drastic measures to prove Ingrid is a witch… like taking an axe to his own leg, forcing her to either heal him or let him bleed to death. She obviously chose to save him, though in true Ingrid fashion, she finished the spell with a well-deserved slap — which is basically further proof that Ingrid’s a witch, as a mere mortal woman would absolutely break her wrist on his stone-carved jaw.

Mike further blew Ingrid’s mind by telling her that, not only is there a second key to Asgard, but it’s her!

(Oh, and did I forget to mention that Penelope killed Amy? Bye, Amy!)

HollywoodLifers, what do you hope to see from the season finale, airing in two weeks? Do you hope Freya ends up with Dash or Killian? And what do Penelope and Mike — separately, of course — have up their sleeves? Drop a comment with your thoughts and predictions.

— Andy Swift

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