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Robert Pattinson’s Sisters Should Butt Out Of Kristen Stewart Relationship

Wed, November 27, 2013 3:04pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 492 Comments
Robert Pattinson Sisters

Kristen Stewart is busy baking special Thanksgiving desserts for Robert Pattinson in an effort to cement their renewed relationship. That’s just one more reason that Rob’s sisters should appreciate her determination to make amends and keep any negative opinions about the star to themselves.

Robert Pattinson is invited to Kristen Stewart‘s family Thanksgiving feast and a source tells that K-Stew is trying to outdo herself, baking Rob’s favorite desserts. It’s just another way that she’s trying to show Rob how much she loves him, is sorry for cheating and is demonstrating her commitment to their on-again relationship.

Kristen Stewart Is Trying To Get Robert Pattinson’s Family To Forgive Her With A Thanksgiving Feast

Kristen is clearly a proponent of the old belief that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach — and in this case, she’s counting on British sherry trifle and jam rolly-polly pudding with  homemade custard to do the trick.

In 2013, baking for a man is a definite display of commitment. And that’s what Rob’s two older sisters, Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson, need to accept. They may still be holding a grudge against the Twilight star, according to reports, since she broke their brother’s heart when she cheated with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

I get that.

Rob has a close and loving relationship with his two older sisters, and it’s natural for them to be protective of their little brother. Of course, they were angry with Kristen when she put their brother through such enormous pain and public humiliation. That was terrible.

No One Is Punishing Kristen Stewart For Her Cheating Scandal With Rupert Sanders More Than Herself

But no one punished herself more for the cheating episode than Kristen. She knew immediately that she had made a terrible mistake. She knew she only loved Rob, and she fought hard to win him back, which she did. Rob came to understand that it was her fear of intimacy which led to the affair, not her lack of love for him, sources told

My point to Rob’s sisters is that they need to let their brother make his own decisions about who he loves.

He’s 27. He’s an adult man and he broke up with Kristen for a second time, played the field, and still he missed the love and the life that he had with Kristen. She, for her part, dated no one else in the months they were apart and sources told that she couldn’t even think about seeing another man — she only loved Rob.

I’m not sure what else Kristen can do to prove to Rob’s sisters and parents that she won’t cheat on him or ever intentionally hurt him again.

Rob’s sisters, Lizzy and Victoria, need to just back off from pressuring Rob NOT to see Kristen. It only puts him in a terrible position — having to choose between the woman he loves and the sisters he loves.

That’s not fair.

Rob has tried living without Kristen and he wasn’t happy. He missed her terribly. Both he and Kristen value the friendship they’ve had, the common interests they have, and a similar lifestyle that they both love.

It’s hard enough for non-celebs to find a soulmate. Imagine how much harder to find someone who understands you, can relate to you and doesn’t just love you for your celebrity status when you are a famous, very wealthy star. Rob and Kristen have found that in each other and their love has been tested multiple times.

If they are happy to be back together and Kristen is ecstatic to be cooking and baking for him, and to be having him close on the most important family holiday of the year, then Rob’s sisters should just relax and have faith in their brother’s judgement. They have to let him live his own life, no matter how much they love him.

Do you agree, HollywoodLifers? Let me know!

— Bonnie Fuller

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