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Girl, 14, Copies TV Crime Show & Throws Baby Down Sewer Drain

Wed, November 13, 2013 2:52pm EDT by 1 Comment
Baby Snatched From Home
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So horrible! A teen allegedly kidnapped a baby and threw him down a sewer drain — just to see if she could get away with it. The 14-year-old girl saw a similar situation on a television drama, and decided to try it herself.

Sumit Singh, 1, was snatched from outside his Indore, India home by a 14-year-old girl who reportedly wanted to act out a crime drama plot line she saw on television. Police have assumed the child dead after he was not recovered, but the boy’s family never lost hope that someone may have rescued and taken in the baby.

Baby Snatched From Home & Dumped Down Sewer Drain By Crime Drama-Obsessed Teen

A neighbor reported the teenage girl after witnessing her throw something down the sewer. The teen originally said that she had thrown garbage away, but later changed her story, reported The Daily Mail.

“Initially she denied everything, but after a few days she finally admitted dropping the boy,” investigating Officer Surendra Singh said. “She said she did it because she had watched a TV program in which a woman had thrown a baby in a drain. She said she’d wanted to see if the police could catch her because the police never caught the woman in the program.”

The girl is being held at a juvenile detention center pending her trial, but reportedly shows no remorse for her actions.

Baby’s Family Remains Hopeful For His Safety

Police and the community searched the river for four days, but discontinued their source after finding no sign of the baby.

Sumit’s family maintains hope that he was taken away by the river and someone took him in after discovering him. “Almost a month has passed since Sumit was taken. It’s been a long time, we just don’t know what to think,” said Santosh Singh, the baby’s father. “But we haven’t seen his body yet so we have to remain hopeful that he’s alive. We have to believe he survived the fall and was swept down river. Maybe he’s being looked after somewhere.”

Sumit’s mother was devastated that her baby had disappeared after she turned her back for a moment.

Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.

–HL Staff

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