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Khloe Kardashian On KUWTK: You’ve Been Brave To Secretly Protect Lamar Odom

Mon, November 11, 2013 1:04pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 7 Comments
Khloe Lamar Marriage Issues
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Khloe — You were on the verge of crying and I bet there were were tears in many American living rooms, watching you finally reveal your heartbreak over Lamar’s issues on the season finale of KUWTK.

Khloe Kardashian — you have truly been Lamar Odom‘s guardian angel for the past two years, you revealed tearfully on the season finale of KUWTK. I hope Lamar appreciates what a rock you’ve been for him, while he’s given in to his demons.

Khloe Kardashian: I’m Glad You’re Admitting Your Lamar Odom Burden

Khloe, you had such a serious heart to heart with your brother, Rob Kardashian, on the show and you both looked like your mutual love for Lamar has been an enormous burden that has worn you both down.

Khloe, I’m thrilled that you finally admitted that “this has gotten too big for me.” You confessed that you’ve been dealing with Lamar’s problems and protecting him for two years on your own. You revealed that you’ve been trying to cover for Lamar, but that you don’t know what to say anymore.

“I’ve done so many things on my own and tried to put the pieces together on my own,” you told your brother, Rob.

What an enormous burden to be weighing on your just 29-year-old shoulders. You’ve been dealing with this secret, huge stress since you were 27. How difficult that must  have been for you.

#1, you live a very public life and so does Lamar, so it’s a miracle that you’ve been able to keep your husband’s problems hidden for so long. And #2, you have an extremely nosy family and overbearing mother. You must have been a terrific actress to not have let on that you were coping with such huge personal and marital issues.

But thank goodness you’re finally sharing your pain with Rob and the rest of your family. Lamar’s alleged drug addiction would have been too much for any wife to handle on her own.

“What am I supposed to do?” you asked Rob. “If someone got their legs cut off or got sick, would you just leave them?” you said.

No Khloe, you wouldn’t. But if someone had their legs cut off or got physically sick, they would HAVE to see a doctor. They would have no choice.

However, in Lamar’s situation, he’s clearly been resistant to treatment from the very experts who could help him recover from his alleged addictions.

That’s why Rob pointed out that you have a life too. And you’ve been bravely sacrificing your own life, in order to protect Lamar.

Khloe Kardashian: You Have Been Brave To Protect The Man   You Love

Rob, himself, is suffering after living with you and Lamar and witnessing the agonizing the situation. He’s not married to Lamar and even HE is depressed by what he’s seen. He told you that he is now “100% committed to moving into his own place,” even though he too loves Lamar and sees him as part of the family.

“It’s just not good energy,” in that house, he told you, Khloe.

Well Khloe, Rob is no doubt seriously understating the situation.

You have been living with heartrending negative energy as you’ve tried to push Lamar to seek help for his alleged drug use, tried to keep his alleged addiction a secret from the sports world, your family and the public eye, and just desperately tried to keep your marriage together.

You loved Lamar from the moment you met him, you explained to Rob. And you still love him unconditionally, even after all you’ve been through.

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Any woman who has ever fallen in love and stayed in love with a man, no matter how much he has changed or has hurt her, can understand your pain, Khloe. Hey, just ask Selena Gomez — who still loves Justin Bieber, despite all he has done.

Khloe, Lamar is one lucky man, to have had your loving support throughout all of his ongoing and terrible troubles.

But thank the Lord that you are done hiding all of your painful struggles. “I can’t do this alone anymore, I need to tell my family,” you confided to Rob.

And yes, Khloe, that’s exactly what you needed to do. No woman can stand totally alone and keep standing.

You would only have cracked up if you hadn’t come clean about Lamar’s huge issues.

Don’t you agree, Hollywood Lifers? Has Khloe been brave to secretly protect Lamar? Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller

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