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‘LA Shrinks’ Star Dr. V Reveals: Women Don’t Have To Cheat On Their Diets

Wed, November 6, 2013 1:06pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment
Dr. V, star of Bravo's hit show "LA Shrinks" caught up with the star of Bravo’s hit show ‘LA Shrinks’ and she tells us how she is staying in such great shape.

Dr. V has teamed up with Green Giant to help women get fit with the idea of “less is more.” She wants to help women manage their emotions so that they don’t cheat while dieting and give up all that hard work. Keep reading to find out all of her secrets!

Q: You mention that cheating on your diet often means there’s something you need to get more of. What are most people missing? Why aren’t we satisfied?

A: lot of people miss the pleasure and enjoyment we get from eating, and that’s big. Some rank eating a close second behind sex as one of the Great Pleasures of Life. A lot of people still seem to think that dieting or even just eating healthy means subsisting on rice cakes and distilled water while the rest of the world deep fries itself into oblivion. Letting people know they can get more by eating well-prepared, healthy meals has been one of the most rewarding aspects of working on the Giant Difference campaign.

Q: We certainly agree that dieting can bring out the worst in people. What can we do to manage these emotions? Can you offer some strategies to help find self-control?

A: It’s really about shifting your perceptions: Learning to see eating healthy as something positive you’re doing for yourself, rather than as deprivation or punishment. If you’ve got something like Black Bean and Cauliflower tacos ready to go at home, chances are you’ll be less tempted by the Brown Glop in a Taco Shell from the Fast Food joint on the way home from work. And then there’s the added bonus of not feeling guilty for eating Brown Glop in a Taco Shell at the end of your meal. I’ll probably get in trouble with the Brown Glop Lobby now. Link to recipes found here: Http://

Q: Tell us about your work with the Giant Difference Campaign and how you have helped women get back on track with their diets.

A: I teamed up with ten individual women bloggers, all of who were self-confessed “Diet Cheaters”: Really a savvy, witty bunch of gals and a lot of fun to work with. They’re all moms, which as we all know is the most intense, high stress job ever. Some were also in the midst of moving or other stressful life moments. If anyone had an excuse to “cheat”, it was these ladies. I wanted to help them examine their attitudes towards food. I think when we approach things from a positive angle, as in, “Look at all this great stuff you can eat more of!”, we’ve got a much better chance at success than focusing on the negative, such as “Don’t even THINK about eating that!” With Green Giant frozen vegetables, you can really get more and always feel great about it.

Q: Many celebrities publicly speak out about being “starving.” What advice can you offer to someone in the public eye who needs to look great but also hopes to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle?

A: That’s a tough one. Our perception and understanding of what it means to be “healthy” and “beautiful” have been so distorted that many of us strive to attain a body that is physically impossible to achieve. Honoring the authentic self, be that in the emotional or physical sense, is always what people respond to best and I advise it for everyone. That being said, I think the general rule of eating a balanced diet and getting a healthy amount of exercise is pretty much golden. As my doctor told me, eat your vegetables, get off your ass and go outside.

Q: We all watched as you helped bring Teresa and Joe and their families back together. Have you stayed in touch with the Giudices and Gorgas? How are they doing now?

A: You know, I haven’t spoken too much with either family since the reunion at the end of the summer. All I can say is I hope Guidices and Gorgas keep faith in each other and find balance, love and peace in their lives. I know I sound pretty hippie-dippy there, but it’s true, I do wish that for them. That and they should hug more.

— Chloe Melas