Porsha Stewart Calls Divorcing Kordell ‘Heartbreaking’ On ‘RHOA’ Premiere

Mon, November 4, 2013 9:53am EST by 13 Comments
Porsha Stewart Divorce Kordell
Courtesy of Bravo (2)

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Posted at 8:09 PM on April 22, 2014  

When Porsha was under the attack of terroisim because it is exactly what it was on nation TV she had the flight/defense mode kick in. MAN-YA took it toooo far driving poor PORTIA there ! This is some fake azz BS she was high!
@ jay. No SH*T Genius. Exactly my point!
Hands are not a prop…but when an object / prop OR NOT is used as a WEAPON to taunt, intimidate, threaten, contol, manipulate, perpetuate fear /hate vilonence, restrict ones movement, control ones movement, …the PROP version no longer holds water & goes STRAIGHT out the window.
What started as a PROP did not end that way. Props are NO LONGER props when used as a weapon. The law will see it the same.
Andy made a big mistake letting Man-ya take control leading BRAVO over the cliff!
But Andy Pansy was so caught up laughing he got lost in ignorance of Kenya’s train wreck.
Actors, GUESTS of WHAT$ HAPPENINg LIVE with ANDY should all cancel making appearances on show until BRAVO & ANDY do the right thing.

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Posted at 2:14 PM on April 21, 2014  

Bravo allowed, condoned and encouraged Man-ya to bring a WEAPON on stage using it in threatening aggressive manner aganst Porsha waving & poking in her face as well as Cynthias! AT THE END OF THE DAY or THE BEGINNING ITS A WEAPON with a PRETTY crystal on it…but its a weapon Andy was loving it. Yes he was laughing. Of course Andy is just a puppet working under the powers that be so he goes along with BULLYING. Itsn NO LONGER A GAME when you are ruining someone’s life trying to get them a record. And Andy pansy is against bullying ONLY when its against GAYS,…other than that he don’t give a * UCK
If Kenya stays the cast should carry the same wand Man-ya had and talk down TO IT, profanities, verbal, mental, emotional, abuse as they wave it in her face non stop when Man-ya is around. If Man-ya enters room cast is in they in unison all need to get in Man-yas face ganging up on her nonstop until she leaves waving that wand in he face. Man-yas past behaviors makes her so deserving. Sounds fair to me!

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Posted at 3:03 PM on November 12, 2013  

People act like her grandpa Josea Williams was a billionaire. he was a Civil rights activist and not one of the huge ones. Most of you probably didn’t know him or hear of him. Portia (that’s the way is should be spelled) and her family received Grants for Fund Raisers, I believe. This girl is not rich but she believes she’s so beautiful because that Lurch, Kordell married her. She’s greedy and thirsty and green as hell too. She’d better stay on Housewives or she’ll be down in TJ Maxx. She acted so frantic sitting next to Nelly who gave her arms length. Imagine how crazy she’d get if he liked her. Instead he complimented her lil Sis which would destroy this ego-maniac Porsha. Yeah, get all upset and think I’ll receive your rants. I won’t.

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Karen Mallory

Posted at 4:08 PM on December 17, 2013  

Please don’t trivialize this mans contributions to the cival rights movement.
He took a stand at a time when many just accepted segregation.
He is one of the Hero’s that helped break the back of segregation in Georgia
Many of us remember, and still hold Mr. Williams in very high regard.
Bite your tongue.

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Jo Lee

Posted at 8:36 PM on November 4, 2013  

I feel so badly for her.. I had a husband that actually said.. during one and last meeting therapy meeting ..”she did not want to have coffee with all the strangers at a bed and breakfast.. ” honestly that was his reason.. he told the dr…. oh my god.. sorry for your sorrow.. but be glad you are out.. I am

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Posted at 1:05 PM on November 4, 2013  

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Posted at 11:15 AM on November 4, 2013  

Some of those women marry for wealth and celebrity. They do not think about the baggage some of those players have. Be careful what you seek, you might get it and it MAY not be what you really think it is or what you can be happy with. I think the women want to marry those sports guys, have kids and lock the $$$ in. They should alway REMEMBER how they got them in the first place.

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Posted at 8:58 PM on November 4, 2013  

She had her own money already so it was for love. FYI

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Cheri P

Posted at 1:06 AM on November 5, 2013  

Just because you have your own money doesn’t mean you DO NOT want more of someone else’s.. But if he is what is inferred.. his behavior is typical .. get a beautiful young girl as eye candy to put the rumors at bay.. especially if she is a Christian young girl with a strong faith.. he knew she was not going to leave him. That control is hatred for his own issues .. and regardless of his sexuality.. he is not content with himself, therefore nor will anyone who he becomes involved with. He needs to own up to a reality

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Posted at 10:47 AM on November 4, 2013  

I like her so much and he’s crazy she has those morals today that so many young people lack today and that’s his lost if he lets her go! I really like porsha so much I watch that Atlanta Housewives all day yesterday and its my favorite that and the Kardashians both are my favorites shows period on the TV Net work and I’ll be praying for that beautiful women! that everything works out for her! that’s his lost and someone else’s gain! Im with you porsha!

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Posted at 10:24 AM on November 4, 2013  

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Posted at 12:30 AM on November 7, 2013  

She was all about getting her fame off his name and he was like you not finna play me bounce and left her looking stpid so now she trying to humiliate him for it by claiming he gay and didn’t want her… just a hint when a woman find out a dude gay they aint gonna want to stay and try to work sh*t out that skank is dumb and playing games

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Posted at 1:57 AM on November 17, 2013  

You are so right. No way in hell would I marry a man that I had to question him first about his sexuality. She’s a stupid Gold Digger that got played. She came on to Nelly on that show, who has about four times more than Kordell and Nelly put up a wall. He’s seen a million skanks like her and since she talks about age all the time, she’s about 32 now so according to her stupid a$$ that’s really “old”.

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