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Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Announce First Fragrances — All The Details

Fri, November 1, 2013 2:00pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 6 Comments
Mary Kate Ashley Olsen Fragrance

Mary-Kate and Ashley have added one more thing to their seriously-impressive resume! The fashion moguls announced in a new interview that they’ve created their first ever fragrance line — and we’ll be getting a sneak peek just in time for the holidays!

It took Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen nearly two years to finish but they’ve finally announced that they’re releasing their first two fragrances — Elizabeth James Nirvana White and Elizabeth  James Nirvana Black. We can’t wait to smell the new perfumes!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Announce Fragrance Launch

“We always knew we wanted to have a fragrance for this brand, because it’s very lifestyle,” Ashley said in an interview with WWD. The sisters paired up with Sephora to develop their two fragrances, which will be available in an in-store preview for the holidays from Dec. 13 to Dec. 25, before the official launch in late January.

“There are many components to the brand. We felt that between the brand Elizabeth and James and Sephora that we were really speaking together directly to our customer,” Ashley continued. “We felt that was a really good place to start exploring the world of fragrance and beauty.”

While Mary-Kate added in that they’re “not perfectionists at all,” it did take two years for the scents to fully develop, after they were approached. It’s most likely due to their keen eyes for detail (as well as their insanely busy lives!).

The Olsens: We Didn’t Want To Create Another Average Fragrance

The sisters revealed that they actually flew in the key ingredients of the scents for the interview — Lily of the Valley from Holland and out-of-season peonies from New Zealand!

The two scents may be packaged alike but are very different, just as Mary-Kate and Ashley. While they considered doing one fragrance, of course they had too many ideas for just one — plus, there’s two of them!

“We wanted to keep things as pure as we could,” said Mary-Kate. “They also layer very nicely. We didn’t want to do another very average commercial fragrance where it could be anybody’s name on the bottle and a visual, which would be a model with a bottle. We wanted to offer more than that and we wanted to offer a choice. I don’t want the fragrances to wear [the customer]. Ashley and I are really into oils, and those were the notes we were really attracted to. It was fascinating to see how many different variations of ingredients there were, how many different types of sandalwood, for instance. That was one of the things I found most interesting, the quality issues of these ingredients, and also balancing all of the notes so that they would sit well together in the juice.”

What To Expect From The New Fragrances

The first fragrance, Black, is a “darker and more masculine” scent, Mary-Kate said of the perfume. It took a year and half to decide on the ingredients for Black — violet, sandalwood and vanilla were the final choices. The sisters went through over 50 different mixtures before deciding on which combination they liked!

“That’s 50 versions not including the various tweaks we made to individual notes,” Ashley said. Wow, that’s a lot of smelling!

As for White, it is completely different and contains a floral scent. Its key ingredients are peony, Lily of the Valley and musk.

“These fragrances are really about what everyone wants, which is intimacy,” Mary-Kate said. “It’s not necessarily meant to be either/or, but both [fragrances],” Ashley added.

The girls shared that they love seeing women (and even take photos of them) walking down the street wearing their clothing lines — which include The Row, Elizabeth and James, Olsenboye and StyleMint — so they would also love to smell people wearing their fragrance!

We’re so excited to smell their new scents! Aren’t you, HollywoodLifers?

— Emily Longeretta

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