Miley Cyrus Tweets Love Poem — For Theo Wenner?

Mon, October 28, 2013 3:19pm EST by 6 Comments
Miley Cyrus Tweets Theo Wenner
Courtesy of Twitter/Fameflynet

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Posted at 5:27 PM on October 29, 2013  

hahahahaha jealous people on here are making me laugh xD

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Posted at 7:17 AM on October 29, 2013  

Those are the lyrics from Roses Are Red, by Bobby Vinton. I guess part of Miley’s interest/job is to listen to a lot of music.

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Posted at 1:20 AM on October 29, 2013  

Desperate, bored and lonely Miley.

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Halloween Customs

Posted at 9:12 PM on October 28, 2013  

I think the poem was about her …she is a narcissist.

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Posted at 2:38 PM on October 31, 2013  

in your dreams haha! 4 years in a relationship? is that how you treat girls? cause you know this things? by the way little boy. or should i say little girl pretending to be a lil boy, fyi! for your info! Miley herself said it herself that she wanted to break up with him since Feb, but can’t cause they are still holding on to each other, which basically still inlove, but it was already complicated, until maybe they run out of love(duh! 4 years). i don’t care if you hate her to the fullest. but i just think you are pathetic, as your past time is to make fun of her, hahahaha. i am laughing how you manage to make time to make fun of her. not because your comment was funny, that is if you are trying to be, hahahahha. damn, i don’t give a fuk if she is a child star celeb! she isn’t even in my generation to even care if she acted that way now as an adult. the fact that when she was young, and her little racy pics started roaming around the web already did it by some hackers or whatever ( which of course was her mistake, due to naivety, gullibility at a young age, makes the people mocks and degrade her, saying “oh she is not a good example to our little children in the United stated of America or other countries, even if she did tried to correct her mistakes, or not she was still mocked by everyone, (when she wasn’t doing all the nakedness yet) and will be thought that way for the rest of her life, until she just break lose as a grown up/adult, and do it anyway. besides her reputation was already dented, ruined to many of you, so why not do it to the fullest, i bet that’s her thought. hahahaha. do you think she care? attention seeker? hahaha. she was already treated like an idol, and should be a role model at a young age, and just little or big mistakes, you made her think it was 100% percent her fault. hahaha no wonder she became like this as an adult. cause of your perfect lil world. as if she was the one taking care of your little childrens. and so, i bet she thought, why not do it to the fullest. i bet that’s what happening to Miley now…. and if you tell me, you hate her, and wish she just vanish, disappear etc. and such, cause she is annoying etc, nuh uh! its her dream from the very start, so why would she stop performing, acting and singing? just because of the haters? whether she does a good deeds, and be a good girl, to correct her mistakes from the past, she was still being mocked a lot! don’t deny,i read many threats and how some people hated her, as well as loved her. so no matter what her haters says, she doesn’t care anymore, i bet she was so fed up, that she just gave in, and mocked the haters, hahaha, besides. she is more inspired for her fans. to bad for you, nope she will not stop singing…. hahahahha social networking is making this celebs more famous, unlike in our generation. those who did a mistake can easily hide their skeleton in the closet. besides, i realized haters are curious in her life, and her mistakes and whats going to happened, and expectation to screw her life like what the others did., that’s why you guys are in here, cause you are entertained by her, thinking why the fk she is still around. denying that she entertained you guys in some ways, even if it was in a negative way,
hmmm… i had always thought as a little kid that in the U. S. of A that there are so many open minded people in there, and more laid back, unlike us in the 90’s and in our country, people were conservatives, (well that was back then, thanks to the nudity of the 70’s 80’s etc. films influence of the Usa or any other countries with those cartoon and films with nudity and hints of sexual stuff to us lil kids back then) i realized i was wrong, i guess we are more open minded than some of you are. hahahha. such hypocrites some of you are, lol…. i even used to watch an 70’s and 80’s film that has nudity in it, to think i was a little kid. aw…. even those japanese cartoon in the late 80s and early 90’s shows has them… you cant escape bad influence everywhere, that i tell ya. also, at least she is honest about herself, you think all celebs are saint? hahahaha dream on!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted at 3:32 PM on October 31, 2013  

before i forgot, i may have seen those films even at the wrong age way back then, but i doubt i break lose and acted that way like in those films as an adult now. don’t blame everything to the actress, or the show… its your life, and how you raise your children, and their choice as they grow older. blaming your mistake to an actress is just pathetic. rofl! damn! funny! if Miley acted that way, duh, she is an actress with a lot of pressure under her shoulders, and if you think she is super woman, you all are delirious, everyone could break lose. good thing about it, she is holding to the one who loves her for support. which makes her a happy person,despite the threats, hate, and whatever towards her. cause i doubt she would care if haters would keep on mocking her, its nothing new, when she was young, she did tried to correct those mistakes, and haters still think that way of her, thinking its her 100 % fault for everything. well, good for them. they just made her stronger anyway, hahaha. honestly, i find her more funnier now, thinking about the vma? while sticking out her tongue, i really thought it was crazy and funny. well unless you are a hater, i bet their minds are already super close as it is. which i respect if you do, but i’m not. i don’t care if you call her names and such. like i said from my earlier comments, hypocrites! cough cough! its not like everyone is super clean nowadays especially in this generation and even way back before, fyi, im conservative due to my surrounding, but its up to me if i should follow trends,pressures when i was in my teen years and what not, or whatever challenges i face in life, so i don’t believe you could get influenced by just one celebs in your life. i believe there is a lot! even by the friends you hang out with, its up to you, if you wanted to be influence, or not. its your choice, so i don’t understand this people lol, i mean, that’s why your kids go to school, and you as a parents to tell them whats reality and what is right from wrong. lol… but blaming a celebrity for her mistakes in life, just cause she is a role model is pathetic. im not that low to even judge her, lol…. cause i know she is an actress, in a lot of pressure, and i just happened to have more understanding towards the other people, . and i honestly think she has the most kindest heart deep within, as well as genuine, what you see is what you get. unlike other celebs who you think are all saints, when in reality, they are boiling and hiding from within, then one day you’ll just be surprise to their hidden mask, unless they hid it so well

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